Netflix Fans Are Furious After They Canceled This Popular Show

While news of the cancellation of the Netflix fantasy-action series Warrior Run spread last month, social media users are now using a call to action to make their voices heard.

“Netflix Correct Your Mistake” is overwhelming Twitter's servers today as fans of the newly-cancelled show are attempting a grass-roots campaign to save one of the most beloved Netflix shows is recent memory.

Warrior Run, which fan for two seasons, follows the story of “a 19-year-old orphan who wakes up on a slab in the morgue with a divine artifact embedded in her back. She learns that she is now part of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, an ancient league of warrior nuns who have vowed to fight demons on earth,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

The show's fans have not been shy about their love for the show, as response to its cancellation has been overwhelmingly negative.

Twitter user GleekSophi credits the “Netflix Correct Your Mistake” trending phrase entirely to the show's fandom, which has come out of the woodwork recently in support of the show:

Some users, like this one, have one simple dream, and it's for Netflix to bring back one of their favorite shows:

Some users lament the fact that Netflix gives high priority to politically-charged documentaries and ignores “perfect” shows like Warrior Nun:

Twitter user camillarighetti thinks that Netflix wouldn't necessarily be the best choice to host a third season of Warrior Run:

“It's okay. We all made mistakes,” says user hazel_lwin95, signaling that Netflix can easily escape the wrath of the shows fans by reversing the cancellation:

Fans of the show feel like they “deserve” more seasons and even bring up past Netflix's tweets to help bolster their case:

Warrior Nun truly had a diverse cast, and this user believes that bringing the show back would be a huge step forward for representation in television:

This user has ignored Warrior Nun entirely while hijacked the trending phrase for their own benefit, namely to ask Netflix to add a certain comedy to the streaming service:

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