10 Must-Watch Netflix Shows for Fans of Game of Thrones

Recently an HBO Max subscriber admitted that they love Game of Thrones and wondered what shows on Netflix are similar. Naturally, many die-hard GoT fans became defensive, insisting nothing was like it. However, others offered up these ten Netflix series for those who love GoT. 

1. Dark (2017 – 2020)

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Dark for the win, the best show of all time, in my opinion, just based on how they were able to tie everything together and end it well,” shared one. “Dark is on top of the show across all streaming platforms, alongside The Wire,” another expressed. “It's foreign, though, and it's a complete departure from your typical action drama or high fantasy.”

2. The Last Kingdom (2015 – 2022)

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One person shared, “The Last Kingdom is probably what you're looking for to scratch the GoT itch. A solid epic tale of a displaced lord raised by Vikings seeking to reclaim his birthright in a semi-historical setting.” Another user added, “Unlike GoT, the ending is fantastic and satisfying. And there will be a movie; Seven Kings Must Die.”

3. The Witcher (2019 – Present)

The Witcher
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“I think The Witcher has the same vibe,” one stated. “I just started season two. I like it, but GOT was better, in my opinion.” Another added, “The Witcher is going the way of Game of Thrones, where it had a strong first few seasons and then starts botching it near the end sort of way.” “The drama surrounding The Witcher show is at an all-time high right now,” suggested a third.

4. Stranger Things (2016 – Present)

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“In my opinion,” one said, “The equal on Netflix is Stranger ThingsStranger Things is not as bleak a narrative as Thrones. It has a massive budget, ensemble cast, and similar episode structure, especially with Season four.” Another replied, different genre, but I'd say the GoT of Netflix because their big flagship title would be Stranger Things.”

5. Sense8 (2015 – 2018)

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“I loved Sense8 and was devastated when they canceled that Netflix show,” one user confessed. Another admitted, “Sense8 was pretty popular for what it was, but it's a little different and only lasted the two seasons plus one episode that was basically a Firefly type of send-off to appease the fans.” 

6. House of Cards (2013 -2018)

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House of Cards was ELITE for a few years. Obviously, the ending is just as bad as GoT, given the Kevin Spacey circumstances,” one said. A second said, “To be honest, the character he plays on House of Cards is so evil that it doesn't hurt to go in already hating Spacey. Lastly, one said, “It doesn't have that type of story that draws everyone. However, the writing is excellent up to the last seasons.”

7. Ozark (2017 – 2022)

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“If you're looking for family drama, homicide, and money on Netflix, I'd recommend Ozark,” someone replied. One user argued, “Ozark feels like every situation is super contrived. Why does nobody talk about anything in real sentences?” Finally, a third answered, “That's how people talk. Maybe it's a regional thing, but it applies in every region I've lived in, Midwest, plains, and west coast.”

8. Kingdom (2019 – Present)

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Kingdom,” one person shared. “It's a Korean show. It's like Game of Thrones but with zombies. It's an excellent show, and I highly recommend it.” Another agreed, “Korean drama Kingdom has GoT vibes to it even though it is a show about zombies. It's a period piece so set in the old days of Korea, back when there were kings. The cinematography is good. I especially like the opening credits.”

9. Outlander (2014 – Present)

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Outlander. I've looked at all the other recommendations, and none are even close to what you are asking for,” one user suggested. “It's a time travel show but done excellently. You get so vested in the characters and the story that it's a hell of a show, and it will stick with you.” Another warned, “Massive trigger warning on that show, though. It should have been called Rapelander.”

10. Norsemen (2016 -2020)

The Norsemen
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One person exclaimed, “Norsemen is the right answer! It's a hilariously dark show about Vikings.” Another agreed, “Norsemen is the best Netflix show ever. I still quote the Viking fashion scene when someone says something about my clothes.” 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of Netflix shows to watch if you love Game of Thrones. Of course, Amazon Prime Video has House of the Dragon for die-hard GoT fans. Also, check out these twelve Netflix shows that are awesome and ended without being canceled.

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