Never Aviation and Mint: Ryan Reynolds’ Humorous Ad Campaign Warns Against Drinking and Texting Your Ex

Planning to unwind this weekend with a gin and tonic? Ryan Reynolds has a dire warning for you. 

It's not often that you come across a brand owner that's cautioning you not to use their product, but Ryan Reynolds consistently breaks the mold when it comes to marketing. In his latest co-branded ad campaign for Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile, he warns consumers not to drink and text, lest they send that saucy text to the wrong person. Like his mother who accidentally texted his brother to join her in the bath after drinking just a half of a gin and tonic. True story? One never can tell with Ryan Reynolds.

Don’t Aviation and Mint 🚫🍸📱

In the past, Reynolds has rolled out ambitious and clever marketing tactics for both of his brands. Who can forget the faux rivalry between Ryan Reynold's Aviation Gin and Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee Company? In 2019, their “truce” video saw Ryan Reynolds taking the high road and creating a thoughtful ad for Laughing Man, while Hugh Jackman took the low road and poured out a bottle of Aviation Gin.

And who could forget the fan-favorite “Match Made in Hell,” which featured Taylor Swift's “Love Story” as the backdrop to Satan finding love with 2020 on Satan's doing well too. He got himself a “Dream Job” at Big Mobile trying to bring down Mint Mobile. He can't stand that cheap coverage.

Ryan Reynolds Warns: Don't Aviation and Mint

Walking through the clouds, Reynolds is surrounded by text bubbles thirsty for something other than Aviation Gin. Peaches, eggplants, and “you ups?” are never a good sign when you're drinking. I guess we should all heed his warning.

So what is Ryan Reynolds' secret for creating such memorable ads for his companies? Well, he owns his own ad agency and he actually writes his own stuff. Having his own ad agency also allows him to create ads quickly. For instance, last month, he capitalized on the internet's desperation to see Levar Burton as the host of Jeopardy and brought him on as the “New Aviation Spokesperson” in a quirky ad. The man is a marketing maverick.

This is, after all, the same man who is basically Deadpool all the time. It makes sense that he's hilarious.

Last year, Ryan Reynolds sold Aviation Gin to Diageo, but as part of the deal, he will remain the face of the brand for the next decade. Even that he handled with a clever marketing strategy and a witty “Out of the Office” email. Reynolds purchased Mint Mobile in 2019. I wonder if he knows that the Mint Fox only considers him their third favorite Ryan?

Mint Mobile offers premium wireless for as low as $15 a month. To find out what plan is right for you, check out their website.

Looking for a laugh? You can't go wrong with Ryan Reynold's YouTube channel. Just, don't drink and comment.

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