“New COVID” Is Here, Are You Ready?

A new COVID-19 sub-variant is now the dominant strain in the United States, and Twitter is having a field day with jokes as “New COVID” is one of the top trends on January 5.

The latest strain, officially named XBB.1.5, originated from the UK and has made its way across the Atlantic, where it is responsible for 40% of U.S. COVID-19 infections at the moment. After nearly three years of COVID-related topics trending on social media, ranging from vaccine-related topics to conspiracy theories, it seems that Twitter users are burnt out on COVID trends. In predictable Twitter fashion, its users have taken to posting some timely-yet-funny tweets on the “New COVID” phrase trending today, proof that if there's one thing Twitter does well, it's comedy.

User Pizza_Dad used a famous gif from The Simpsons to get his point across about seeing “New COVID” trending this morning:

It's a big day for fans whenever their favorite musical artists unexpectedly releases a new track or album and you excitedly tell your friends about the news. But when “New COVID” drops? Not so much:

Undoubtedly inspired by the product launches that will be unveiled at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show this week, this user had fun with the news of “New COVID.”

“Hey, if there's a new strain of COVID-19, that means that the rest are all on discount now, right?” jokes Twitter user Technibility:

This tweet by PatrickWalts gives a callback to failed product-rebranding efforts like “New Coke” which was launched in 1985:

This was another funny tweet by AngryBlackLady referencing the fact that “New COVID” will be doomed to fail because it wasn't “market tested:”

Twitter user KlarkProMax gives a tongue-in-cheek suggestion as to how COVID variants should be named from now on, a reference to iPhone nomenclature:

Finally, this user points out what many millennials are surely thinking with this spot-on tweet about the variant's official name:

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