5 New Game Studios You Should Look Out For

Of the mainstream forms of media, video games are by far the youngest.  However, that has not prevented the industry from exploding in a plethora of diverse ways. There are tons of new studios popping up, and there are new developers entering the industry and creating their first games on a near-daily basis. The video game industry thrives on new talent and studios to bring new ideas and games to players worldwide. Thus, today we will look at 5 new studios that players should pay attention to going into the future.

Humanoid Studios

Starting us off is the new studio led by Casey Hudson, Humanoid Studios. Humanoid Studios was founded in the summer of last year following Hudson’s second departure from BioWare in December 2020. For those unaware, Casey Hudson is the co-creator of the Mass Effect series and led the series as creative director for the first three games. Now, Hudson and his new team are taking his learnings from the Mass Effect series and applying them to a game.

Just recently Hudson announced that the studio was working on a brand new science fiction IP, and that it will have a character-driven narrative to it. While still very early on in development, the studio has released concept art of the game on their official website that gives some hint at the world Hudson and his team are creating. The studio is also hiring for a variety of positions to come help work on the new game. While we only have a little information on what exactly Human Studios is working on, it will be interesting and exciting to see what one of the minds behind the Mass Effect makes next.

Haven Studios

Next up is the newest studio from Jade Raymond, Haven Studios. Haven Studios was first formed just a few short months after Raymond left Stadia Games and Google at the beginning of last year. The announcement of the studio also came alongside the announcement that they would be partnering with PlayStation for their first game. It has come to light that the studio is currently working on a live service style of game. This makes sense as Sony did announce recently that there are 10 live service games being developed under their umbrella.

Haven Studios’ live service game has really drawn the attention and belief of Sony. This is because, earlier this week, Sony announced that they had outright acquired Haven Studios just a little over a year after the two sides first announced their partnership for the game. Though it may be a strange acquisition with no game to actually see yet along with a co-founder of the studio leaving less than a year after the studio opened, with Sony’s full backing, gamers should keep an eye on the studio to see what they develop.

The Initiative

The Initiative is the oldest new studio that made our list today. The Initiative is Microsoft’s newest first-party studio in terms of a brand new studio being opened when compared to their recent new first-party studios being acquired by the company.  Led by Darrell Gallagher, formerly of Crystal Dynamics, the studio was first formed and announced back in 2018 at Microsoft’s E3 press conference alongside the first batch of studio acquisitions that the company had made. Since then, we have learned that the studio is working on a new game in the Perfect Dark series.

Unfortunately, not all have apparently been going well at the studio since its inception. First, it was announced last year that Crystal Dynamics had been brought in to help aid in the development of the game. Then, recently, a report came out that the studio had lost half of its senior design staff over the course of the last year. Though that is a scary thought, The Initiative is still set up to be one of Microsoft’s premier studios in the future. Thus, fans should still keep an eye on the studio to see how things turn out down the line.

Nagoshi Studios

Nagoshi Studios, and its namesake and founder Toshihiro Nagoshi, may not be a name many are familiar with. However, Nagoshi is the creator and leader behind one of Sega’s longest-running franchises in Yakuza. The Yakuza series had been huge in Japan and intimately tied to PlayStation over the years. However, the series recently saw a surge of popularity in the West and has become one of Sega’s biggest franchises.

Reports of Nagoshi’s plans to leave Sega first started circulating in the summer of last year. Then, Nagoshi officially left the company towards the end of last year. At the beginning of this year, Netease officially announced that Nagoshi had joined the company and would helm his own studio, thus Nagoshi Studios. With such a creative force from the Japanese game scene now on his own, and gamers should be on the lookout to see what he creates now that he is no longer tied to the same franchise anymore.

Raccoon Logic

To finish up our list today is a studio that basically revived itself. Raccoon Logic is a new studio that was formed last year made up of former members of the defunct studio Typhoon Studios. Typhoon Studios were really known for their game Journey to the Savage Planet released in early 2020. Prior to that, the studio was acquired by Google and brought into its internal Stadia Games division.

However, when Google shut down the Stadia Games division, Typhoon Studios was no more and it left the developers with only so many options. This led to the team almost completely reforming under their new name, Raccoon Logic. Luckily, the studio also got to retain rights to the Journey to the Save Planet IP. Thus, the studio can continue to work on and develop an IP they already care for or move on to something new. Gamers should keep an eye out for Raccoon Logic as a success story for bringing a team back together in light of their original team being dissolved.

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