15 New iOS17 Features You Need To Know About

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Calling all #TeamApple users, get ready to experience all the wonders of the highly-anticipated iOS 17 update. With a sleek and intuitive interface, enhanced privacy features, and exciting new app functionalities, iOS 17 is here to make your everyday tasks smoother and more enjoyable.

Let's dive in and discover what's in store for your Apple device!

1. Live Voicemail

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This feature allows you to see a live voicemail message transcription and pick up the call as the person leaves it. You can also send unknown or spam callers directly to voicemail without ringing your phone.

2. NameDrop

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NameDrop lets you share your name, photo, and Memoji with your contacts or anyone you call. You can also customize your contact poster with different effects and styles.

3. StandBy Mode

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StandBy Mode turns your iPhone into a smart display when you set it down on a flat surface. You can see the time, date, weather, notifications, and more on your screen. You can also interact with widgets and Siri without unlocking your phone.

4. Stickers

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Check out the stickers feature that gives you a new way to express yourself with animated stickers. Create stickers from Live Photos, Memoji, Animoji, emoji, and third-party apps, and jazz them up with cool effects like Shiny, Puffy, Comic, and Outline.

You can also react to messages with any sticker by tapping the plus button or the Tapback menu. They're all conveniently located in one place, which is the iMessage app.

5. Improved Autocorrect

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Improved Autocorrect makes typing more manageable and more accurate with better suggestions and corrections. You can also swipe to reply to messages inline, pause and resume audio messages, and delete one-time verification codes after using them.

6. Changes to Siri

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There's no more ‘Hey' for Siri activation! Now you can activate Siri by just saying “Siri” without the “Hey” prefix. You can also customize the voice and accent of Siri to suit your preference.

7. Interactive Widgets

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This feature makes widgets more useful and fun with new actions and animations. You can play games, control music, check the news, and more right from your Home Screen or Today View.

8. Mood Tracking and Journaling

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The mood tracking and journaling feature helps you monitor and improve your mental health with the new Mood app. You can track your mood, emotions, and energy levels throughout the day and write journal entries to reflect on your feelings. You can also get personalized insights and tips to boost your mood.

9. Contact Posters

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Now, you can create customized posters that represent you when you make calls to others. Make it uniquely yours!

10. Check-In

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Safety first! Automatically let a friend or family member know when you've arrived safely at your destination, and share important info in case of delays.

11. Audio Message Transcription

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iPhone users can now read audio messages in the moment and listen later. No more guessing!

12. Enhanced Search

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Finding messages is a breeze with improved search filters. Combine keywords, people, and content types to pinpoint exactly what you need.

13. Swipe to Reply

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It's easier than ever to reply to messages inline – just swipe right on any message bubble.

14. One-Time Verification Codes Cleanup

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Your Messages app will tidy up and delete verification codes automatically after you've used them with AutoFill in other apps.

15. FaceTime

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Here are the most recent facetime changes:

  • Don't fret if your FaceTime call goes unanswered. Leave video or audio messages to convey what you want to say.
  • Also, you'll be able to take your FaceTime calls to the big screen by using your iPhone as a camera on Apple TV 4K (2nd generation and later).
  • Add some fun to your video calls with 3D effects like hearts, balloons, and confetti that react to your gestures.
  • Customize your video with Studio Lighting and Portrait mode adjustments.

These are just some of the fantastic features in iOS 17. There's something for everyone, from improved autocorrect in the keyboard to better privacy options and so much more!

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