Tesla Just Leaked Their Fully Redesigned Model 3 ‘Highland’ and Here’s What We Know So Far

red Tesla redesigned

Tesla has been consistently lowering the prices of their older electric models, and it all seemed weird until yesterday when they announced their fully redesigned Model 3, which has several epic upgrades that EV fans are raving over.

On August 31, 2023, Tesla released their “Project Highland” in Europe, which featured leaked photos of the Tesla Model 3 design refresh.

Tesla claims the Model 3 is completely redesigned, but what makes this refresh so significant?

For starters, the range on both the AWD and RWD has increased. The AWD range increased by 24 miles, and the RWD increased by 31.

According to the photos, the interior has a new steering wheel, and the backseats have a screen that can control the backseat climate. The exterior was redesigned, including narrower headlights and a sleeker front end. They also changed the wheels, choosing a 19” aerodynamic option that looks pretty sweet.

Other upgrades include ventilated front seats that the app can control to get the temperature right before you get in your electric car. They added three more speakers, bringing the total to 17. And they added customizable interior lighting so that you can set the perfect mood.

The trunk is also significantly bigger than the previous model 3, with 594 liters compared to 561.

Tesla said that 50% of the parts will be replaced and upgraded in the Highland model, which is a lot and also a number that is hard to calculate, so we are curious to see the final product and all the official specifications. As with all new electric models, there will surely be a few bugs, but Tesla has always been good at addressing and finding solutions to these concerns.

The only downside is that, for now, this new Model 3 is only available in Europe. I’m sure it will be announced soon for the United States, but for now, deliveries will begin in October for the lucky folks in Europe.