Nichijou Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Nichijou season 2 might be one of the most requested anime series from the fans. Not only is it funny but also relatable that always manages to bring a smile to anyone who watches it. Even if you watch it for the first or the second time, it is guaranteed that you will be smiling and laughing through each episode. But it has been a few years since the last episode of Nichijou was aired and fans seemed to not get enough of this anime just yet. Without further ado, is Nichijou season 2 possible?

Nichijou, A Quick Recap

Nichijou tells the simple life of various people living in the town of Tokisadame. From the energetic Yuuko Aoi, the cheerful and bright Mio Naganohara and the silent, deadpan Mai Minakami, who are three high school students who happen to be friends with each other too. Not only does it tell about the story of these three friends but also a talking cat named Sakamoto, there are a couple of characters present too that have their daily lives revolving indirectly to our three friends. 

Will There Be Nichijou Season 2?

Nichijou Season 2 Teaser

Nichijou is a 26 episode anime that aired from April 3, 2011 to September 25, 2011. It is produced by Lantis (Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions,& Bungou Stray Dogs), Kadokawa (Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-,& Neon Genesis Evangelion), Rakuonsha (Naruto Shippuden,& Seraph of the End) and animated by Kyoto Animations. Its licensors are Bandai Entertainment and Funimation (Attack on Titan,& Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood).

The anime is based on a comedy manga series illustrated and written by Keiichi Arawi that began its serialization in December 2006.  It is first issued in Kadokawa Shoten manga magazine called “Shonen Ace” and also serialized in Comptiq magazine too. The manga has ten volumes in total, with its tenth volume published on December 10, 2015 which included a 120-paged companion book to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series. Later in October 20, 2021, Arawi announced that Nichijou will continue its serialization in Monthly Shonen Ace magazine. 

Despite the series continuing to be serialized again, the studios or producers have yet to make any announcement regarding Nichijou season 2 just yet. While Nichijou finished its anime series in 2011, it is still one of the most talked and recommended anime series by fans when it comes to a light hearted, comedic anime. Though it is still too early to draw conclusions about the possibility of Nichijou season 2, fans can still hope for the possible renewal.

Nichijou Season 2 Release Date

Nichijou Season 2 Visual

As mentioned above, there has been no news or announcement regarding Nichijou season 2 just yet. With the popularity and the news of the manga being serialized again, there is a high chance that Nichijou season 2 can happen. But for now, fans will have to wait a little bit longer for the continuation of the stories happening around the city of Tokisadame. 

Based on MyAnimeList, Nichijou has gained an impressive rating of 8.46 from over 250,000 users and ranked in 167 on popular anime. Despite the anime having finished airing back in 2011, the popularity still stands up until this moment which proves that people and fans alike are still waiting for Nichijou season 2. It also stands at rank 127 on the top anime page in MyAnimeList, which is again an impressive feat for an anime that has been released a few years ago. Nichijou is available on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll for fans who like to revisit the anime once more. 

Nichijou Season 2 Character and Cast

Yuuko AoiHonda Mariko (Tower of God)
SakamotoShiraishi Minoru (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
Hakase ShinonomeKonno Hiromi
Mio NaganoharaAizawa Mai (Future Diary)
Nano ShinonomeFuruya Shizuka

Yuuko Aoi: an energetic 16 year old girl and also one of the main protagonists for Nichijou. Her goal in life is to make her daily life more interesting and fun beyond normal. She usually is too lazy to do homework and prefers copying her friends’ instead. Her catchphrase is “selamat pagi” which is translates to “good morning” from Malay and Indonesian language whenever she greets people. 

Sakamoto: A talking black cat that wears a red scarf made by Shinomone Hakase. 

Hakase Shinonome: an intelligent, 8 year old scientist who likes sharks and made Nano. She doesn’t go to school as she has already graduated and mostly spends her time in the house. 

Mio Naganohara: A bright and cheerful girl who has a crush on Kojiro Sasahara, her classmate. She has a short temper and is prone to violence in order to avoid humiliation. 

Nano Shinonome: An android created by Hakase Shinonome, she is a school girl and just one year old. Despite that, she has the appearance of an average teenager.