Nichijou Season 2: Is It Release Soon?

Nichijou Season 2 is coming back? Nichijou is one of the best slices of life mixed with the comedy anime genre. This series is produced by Kyoto Animation and drawn by Keiichi Arawi with his drawing talent. Nichijou Season 1 successfully aired in Japan from April through September 2011. Now, almost a decade later, we in 2021 are still waiting for the next season of this ordinary life of three best friends with their robot friends Nano. In Nichijou Season 2, we can expect a similar storyline of ordinary high schoolers girls, of course always with their ridiculous and funny behavior. 

Now fans are demanding for Nichijou Season 2. This highly requested anime is still on fire because it gave such a light, easy-absorbent story and comedy for all the fans out there. There are some rumors of cancellation and another period of postponement for Nichijou Season 2. So we are here to end the rumors and give you the next information of Nichijou Season 2

Little Flashback: Nichijou Season 1

Nichijou Season 2
Nichijou Season 2: Is It Release Soon? 4

Kyoto Animation’s Nichijou is an anime adaptation of a manga illustrated by Keiichi Arawi and directed by Tatsuya Ishihara. The anime was 26 episodes and have an OVA episode premiere one month before the television series. This anime started with the daily life of three friends, Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami. Also, there are side characters like Hakase Shinonome and her human form robot, nano Shinonome. We also can’t forget Sakamoto, the black cat with her unique big red scarf on his neck. 

Mio is a talented manga drawer. Her skill is shown when she draws her hobbies, yaoi, and yuri scenes. Mio is very popular with her wooden cube hair tie. There are no characters in anime using that except Mio. This wooden cube perfectly secured her twin tails. Yuuko on the other hand has short brown hair. She loves to make people laugh with her jokes and sometimes the crack jokes that she makes cringe to others. Just like a regular high schooler, she sometimes failed the test and loves to say Selamat Pagi which is morning in the Melayu language.

Mai, the girl with glasses, is the most serious one among the others. She was often unmoved with her friend's jokes. She is very intelligent and sometimes we wonder why she still stands hanging around with Yuuko and Mio. They all live in a small and peaceful town known as Tokisadame. 

Hakase, the young scientist is known for her knowledge and childish behavior. Her uniqueness comes from her Nano, the human-robot that happens to be friends with Mio, Mai, and Yuuko. Nano has a dispensing arm that can turn into a machine-gun and swiss roll. Strange right? Don’t expect something normal in this anime because it will fill you up with comedy, technology, friendship, and just the daily life of young teenagers

Nichijou Season 2 Announcement

Nichijou Season 2 Trailer?

This series actually has no update at all or has not been planned yet. There are some conditions where the Japanese market is tough to sell this anime sequel.

But there are hopes, where Arawi Keiichi uploaded the Nichijou short anime videos in May 2020. There are two short videos about characters in Nichijou. Keiichi later makes the announcement on Twitter that he made that video all by himself. The purpose of the video is just for entertainment and the result of his desire. 

A lot of fans interpreted this short video to be signed off the next sequel of Nichijou 2. Or is it time that Keiichi does the warmup for his next manga? We still can’t confirm yet. But all we know is this highly-rated series still has massive followers that are constantly waiting and showing interest in the sequel.

There is a possibility that if the fans internationally gather and demand the mangaka or Kyoto Animation (Myriad Colors Phantom World, Free) for the next series, there are chances of Nichijou season 2. But so far, the series in the manga has already ended. That means the adaptation also has no content to promote. So we just know that Nichijoi season 2 has no purpose to return.

But we never know, right? If there are signs or official statements coming up, we will keep you updated. For now, if you want to watch season 1, you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Nichijou Season 2
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