Surprise, Nick Cannon’s Family Headcount Is on The Rise, Baby #12 Announced

Just one week after Nick cannon announced he had an eleventh child on the way, he's announced number twelve is on the way with Abby De La Rosa! Good, Lord. That's five children in the year 2022 alone. So naturally, the internet is having a field day.

Initial Reactions

After Uber Facts shared, “The human population is set to cross 8,000,000,000 next week,” several people begged Nick cannon to STOP! Another user shared, “The nurses in Nick Cannon's maternity ward” with four images of exhausted nurses.

One user joked, “Next time I hear a screaming baby in public, I'm going to blame Nick Cannon.” Another said, “Nick Cannon is on his 12th kid, and I'm on my 12th sleeve of Oreos. We are not on the same path in life.”

“Nick Cannon is having another kid? I only put my phone down for like three minutes,” another joked. Finally, a fourth shared, “Memo from God: Go out and multiply and subdue the earth,” while sharing the Michael Jordan meme, “And I took that personally.

Women React

“Let's regulate women's bodies. Meanwhile, Nick Cannon is out here impregnating 1/3 of the population,” shared one. Another added, “Nick Cannon is living proof that men are the ones that need to be on birth control, not women. I cannot help but be outraged that Nick Cannon has had 9+ kids in the last two years, but it's still women's bodies that we're policing.”

Someone did the math, “A week has 168 hours. So let's say Nick Cannon works 8 hours a day =128 hours. Sleeps 6 hours a day =80 hours. Doing other activities for two hours daily (therapy, showers, whatever) = 66 hours. That means, AT THE MOST, every kid gets five—five hours with this mentally ill dad a week.”

“Nick Cannon is expecting his 12th child Elon Musk has ten children. Women everywhere are vilified for wanting the right to make their own reproductive choices. Meanwhile, some men are setting up biological franchises like McDonald's,” one woman stated.

People Got Jokes

Several users made jokes about Nick Cannon populating the Earth. One said, “All Thanos had to do was give Nick Cannon a vasectomy, and his goal of halving all life in the universe would have been achieved.” Another noted, “The year is 2543, and 1 in 200 people share a unique DNA marker descending from Nick Cannon.”

Others shared the sentiment, “In 2045, people are going to say ‘you know, there's a 90% chance you share ancestry with Nick Cannon' in the same way we say that about Genghis Khan today.”

The Nebraska Human Society suggested, “Guys, we've found the solution to shelter overcrowding. Nick Cannon should simply adopt a dog for each of his children. Nick, our DMs are open.”

Another person shared, “Nick Cannon FaceTiming his kids,” with a hilarious photo.

Cult Response

One user asked, “People are so focused on what's wrong with Nick Cannon, but I really would like to know more about the mothers of the children. Is it a cult? What is the selling point? What is the compensation package? There has to be a perfect selling point.”

Someone said, “Nick cannon has to have a Google doc at this point.” Another joked, “In about 18 years, elections will be solely decided by the children of Nick Cannon.” Finally, someone reported, “How bout you let me know when Nick Cannon is *not* expecting a baby.”

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