Nikki Haley Defeated by ‘None of These Candidates’ in Nevada

Nikki Haley

As the Presidential election draws ever closer, the race for the Republican nomination is growing tighter, with only Donald Trump and Nikki Haley vying for the GOP candidacy. The GOP race has seen exciting and unique primary results in big delegate states.

Trump has won the Iowa and New Hampshire delegates and will likely win South Carolina, having garnered a 26-point lead over Nikki Haley. Haley is the former governor of South Carolina and former U.N. ambassador under Trump's administration during his first four years as President. 

Haley's Hiccups

Nikki Haley
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Haley's run for the White House hasn't been without its share of peculiar outcomes. Her losses in Iowa and New Hampshire put her in a tricky spot for Super Tuesday, which occurs on March 5th. 

While she doesn't seem deterred by the disparity between Trump's string of primary wins and her failure to pick up delegates, she knows that her campaign rests on the success of Super Tuesday, especially if South Carolina doesn't land in her favor on February 24th. 

Nevada's Media Circus

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This last week saw a primary vote in Nevada where sitting President Joe Biden won the Democratic delegates with ease. Haley admits she didn't focus on Nevada but wasn't overly concerned about the outcome. As such, Haley was the only active Republican candidate on the ballot, as her opponents had all dropped out of the presidential race before last Thursday's election.

Haley stated, “We have not spent a dime nor an ounce of energy on Nevada. Nevada is not and has never been our focus.”

Primary Caucus

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Politics can be confusing under the best circumstances. Even informed voters might need help understanding how primaries and caucuses work, as people may think they mean the same thing when they do not. In a state with a primary and a caucus, the primary is mainly symbolic, offering no delegates to the winner. 

However, a caucus is the determining vote that denotes which candidate will receive the more significant portion of the delegates available. In Nevada, that number stands at 26. 

Trump Cleans House

Donald Trump
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On Tuesday, Nevada held their state primary, showing their dedication to the candidate of their choice. Unfortunately for Nikki Haley, she was not the candidate most Nevadans wanted. Her 30-point loss to “none of these candidates” indicates that the state doesn't see her as a viable choice for President.

Eric Levine, a New York-based lawyer who donated to Haley's campaign, said he was sticking with her. “My rationale remains the same. She's the best-qualified candidate.” Levine added Haley needs to “keep accumulating delegates and either persuade primary voters to support her or be there when Trump stumbles.”

If Trump stumbling is picking up Nevada's caucus delegates and those of the U.S. Virgin Islands two days after Nevada's primary snub to Haley, she's taking the man's advice to heart. However, it's likely different from what he meant. 

Current Count

Nikki Haley
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Haley and Trump are both clamoring for the magic delegate number of 1,215. That's the number they'll need to secure the Republican nomination for the GOP and a clear run against President Biden. Currently, Trump has secured 63 to Haley's 17.

Nine and three delegates went to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. Both men have since dropped out of the Presidential race. 

Haley and Trump will now turn their attention to South Carolina and Michigan, where they'll campaign to win 105 delegates in the critical battleground states. Haley has planned a bus tour in her home state before the February 24th primary. And while Trump leads her significantly in the southern state, he's trailing in Michigan. 

new poll out of Michigan suggests that in a theoretical head-to-head election with President Biden, Haley would secure the vote by a ten-point margin, her 44% to his 34%. Haley received a massive boost when Charles Koch founded Americans for Prosperity and offered its “full support” to her presidential campaign. 

Election 2024

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Like religion, politics is a hot-button issue for many people worldwide. Other countries' politics can cause arguments, opposing perspectives, and long-standing disagreements. Perhaps none more so than the upcoming election for President of the United States in November 2024.

The best way to deal with the political landscape is to be informed and vote for the candidate you feel will do the most to further American enterprise. 

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