Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things Comes Out As Gay “We Know”

Late Thursday afternoon, a star of one of the most well-known television shows in the world came out as gay – and the support has come flooding in.

Noah Schnapp – known to fans as Will Byers in the hit show “Stranger Things” – came out via a selfie TikTok video today, sending social media into a frenzy. Schnapp has been part of the cast of “Stranger Things” since he was 10 years old.

Today marked his 18th birthday, and Schnapp celebrated the occasion by revealing to the world that he is gay. Predictably, fans flooded to social media, causing “Noah Schnapp” to trend worldwide.

Many Twitter users are thrilled not only with the news itself, but the way Schnapp announced it – via TikTok. This particular user calls it “such a gen z thing to do.”

Although this user doesn't necessarily like or dislike Schnapp, he still expresses happiness over the situation:

Noah Schnapp has won over “Stranger Things” viewers for years with his stellar acting chops, and Twitter user cutesope theorizes that perhaps Schnapp wasn't acting as much as we thought during certain scenes:

User hellfirelover admits that the way that Schnapp came out is very on-brand for the talented actor.

This Twitter user is taken by surprise by the news that Schnapp is gay, noting that it wasn't what she expected so far from the new year:

User seobskz takes a step back to put Schnapp's career in perspective, noting that it took a lot of “courage and vulnerability” to take on his role in “Stranger Things” while dealing his own identity:

Queer representation is important for many people, not just for users like cherbearsz who is passing on some heartfelt sentiment:

Of course, some people can't help but turn the news into an attempt at comedy, as Twitter user manupz8 attempts to nail the perfect joke:

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