O2TV Series Review – Is it Safe?

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There are numerous ways to watch your favourite movies or TV shows or series or comedy shows. Whatever source of entertainment.

Some people like to watch these shows while they are showing on live TV. Some record the shows and watch them later.

There are however the rest of us, the third lot that get around to watching these shows, movies or series years after they have been released and are no longer available on live TV.

The question then is what do we do? Do not be alarmed, we always have a way. Today, there are so many streaming services of which I have lost count.

The most popular of these of course being Netflix. There are others however such as Hulu, Disney, Amazon prime video, HBO Max, Paramount +, Peacock, Tubi, Apple TV +, YouTube TV, Showtime, Pandora etcetera.

They are so many. So, this is option one, watch the series on such streaming services or option two which is where O2TV series comes in. some of us prefer to actually download the series and have it in a portable format where we can access it anytime we want.

I mean what is better than have unlimited access to your favourite series whenever? Nothing.


What is O2TV series?

02tv series

Okay. So, O2TV series is a website easily accessible with a simple google search that allows users to download their favourite series.

The user can also watch the shows online according to what they prefer. It is free and it also provides the videos in a compatible mobile format such as HD Mp4, Mp4, 3gp etcetera.

It should not be confused with O2TV which is an actual television station in Russia.


Who Owns O2TV series?

Well it is quite hard to discover who the owner of the site is or even the simpler question of who controls the site?

The only information I have discovered doing my research is that 02TV series is indeed a private company.

It was founded in 2007 and apparently, its estimated revenue is about I million dollars. Anyway, I will soon discuss how the money is made if the site is free under my next question.


How Does O2TV Series Work?

O2TV series is not a streaming site. It offers free downloads of English television series.

I do not know all the shows in the world but when I checked the site, they do have most series I wanted so they probably have a vast collection.

How they get access to these series, I do not know. I am not going to sit here and act like I do. But, I appreciate the services.

It is not clear how many employees they have and the issue of how their system operates to give us access to these shows is unclear. It is not public information. It is a bit suspicious and weird, isn’t it?

Most companies do tell us how stuff happens behind closed doors. Anyway, I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe, because it is a much smaller company, it is protecting its trade secrets. I am just thinking out loud anyway.

Just to add spice to it, this site is free. It makes money by running advertisements on the site. So, if you want to use the site, be prepared.

You remember those annoying YouTube ads? Yes, they are like that but worse. It does however seem like a fair price to pay for downloading series for free.

I mean it is pretty simple, if you do not want the ads, pay for Netflix or Hulu or HBO. There are so many other options.

So, here is how it works. Google the term ‘o2TV series’ and you will see the website. Tap that website link and then you will access the site.

On the page of the site, there are names of various series there. Take your pick and tap on the name of the series.

Yes, there will be an ad. Simply close the ad page and go back to the page of O2TV series. Then, you will see a link that says download with various formats displayed.

Click on the one you want and it of course sends you ton another pop up ad. Like I said earlier, all you need to do is close that page and go back to the series.

Click download and it will send you to a new page with the video of the series you want. Click on those three dots at the bottom right or top right for some and download.

Then you will have unlimited access to your favourite series.


Is O2TV Series Safe?

Here comes the million-dollar question. We are all usually curious about such things, aren’t we? I for one am deeply intrigued by a site that seems selfless.

Who allows free access to numerous series for a vast number of people with no pay? It is very unbelievable.

I know that every single thing in this universe is quid pro quo so what is this? Well, contrary to what it seems like, it is not free completely otherwise why would they have numerous intrusive ads on the site from time to time?

I do not think that the site is safe entirely. Once you try to access the content on the site, there are so many pop up ads and intrusive ads. However, it does not have any harmful content as far as I know. I hope you get what I am saying.

The site is not entirely safe in that it can be a gateway for harmful content online because it is not protected in anyway.


Is the website a scam?

No. it most definitely is not. You can test it by trying to download any of the series that they have available. As long as you have a stable internet connection and time on your hands, you will be able to download entire seasons of your favourite series.

Just a tip for you: do not give up because of the ads. I already told you that the ads are intrusive. All you need to go is go back to the page that has O2TV series.

Leave the new page that pops up with the ad. Enjoy your download and later, enjoy watching your favourite series.


Pros of the site.

a) O2TV series is a free site. There is no subscription needed. You do not have to pay a dime as you do for the streaming services.

You can download whatever they have on the site at zero cost. All you need is a stable internet connection until the file is downloaded fully then no internet connection is needed from then onwards.


b) O2TV series is a really fast site. You can download series in whatever format you choose in a very short time period. It also depends on your internet speed though.

The website does its part and all you have to do is meet it half way. Do not have unrealistic standards with a shitty network.


c) The website is also very versatile. There are so may genres available on the site including sitcoms, comedy series, dramas, adventures, and actions to mention but a few.

The site also has the latest series and even those from years ago. It therefore provides a wide range of entertainment all on one platform.


d) It is also a downloading site unlike Netflix or Hulu or whatever streaming sites are out there. Downloading gives you on – the – go digital consumption without having an internet connection. So, you can still have access to your favourite series even when your data runs out.



a) It has a lot of intrusive ads and you might therefore not enjoy the experience as much as you would like to. Anyway, patience is a virtue and good things do come to those who wait.

So, be patient throughout the constant interruptions and download the series.

Then, you can enjoy it indefinitely.


b) Well, using download sites is also not completely safe as I earlier mentioned. One can easily download a virus and/ or malware.

Therefore, while using the site you must be wary of such. Hike up your gadget security by using malware and virus scanners to avoid such and to ensure that the file being downloaded is completely safe.


c) It is also scary using a site whose owners you do not know. What if your phone or laptop is hacked? I have never seen it happen to anyone but what if it does?

What if you wake up one day with your private information sent to random people or publicly shared online without your consent?

Whom do you hold accountable? You do not know because the site owner or owners are not known.

All I can say is be careful.

Free things usually come at a cost. Make sure you use the virus scanners and whatever you can use to protect your phone or laptop or other gadgets.


Conclusion: Is 02TV Series a Scam?

Well I can tell you for sure that the site is not a scam. The series are available. You just need to dig through all the ads on the site and then you can have constant access to your favourite series whenever after downloading it.

You can also watch it on the site if you prefer that. Anyway, I personally would consider using the site after protecting my gadgets with virus and malware scanners.

I hope you found this review of 02TV Series helpful.

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