One Piece: How Kaido was originally supposed to look like

The One Piece anime and manga are currently in the Wano Kuni ark, which has been received very positively by most fans. While the manga slowly approaches the end of the Ark, the anime is in its climax, the fight between Luffy and Kaido.

The main antagonist of the Wano Kuni arc is Kaido, one of the four emperors in One Piece, who is also referred to as the “strongest creature”. This title comes from his devil fruit, the Fish Fruit – Model: Blue Dragon.

Its zoan fruit has two forms. While he can transform into a full dragon, he also has the ability to transform into a dragon-human. Its hands and feet become claws, dragon fish scales appear on its skin, six horns protrude from its head, and it grows a long tail.

Even outside of his dragon or dragon-human form, Kaido looks very intimidating. He is gigantic in height, broadly built, and fights with a huge kanabo (translated: metal mace), with which he has been able to knock out Luffy several times.

One Piece: Kaido Native form

But anyone who can remember knows that Kaido didn't always look like this. In one of the earlier episodes, the four emperors were presented as silhouettes. Blackbeard and Shanks were clearly recognizable because they were already in the story.

Kaido and Big Mom, on the other hand, were shown as minimalist silhouettes. Both emperors ended up with a very different design than what was shown in this short scene. But what would Kaido look like if the anime had stuck with this silhouette? A fan asked himself the same question and mixed his old design with his current one.

Here is the scene from the anime:

One Piece Yonko Kaido

Here is the fan art:

One Piece Kaido