15 Best Online Dollar Stores to Save You Money

Almost every local dollar store you have in your town also offers an online dollar store. These online dollar stores will help you save money from the comfort of your home.

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15 Best Online Dollar Stores to Save You Money 7

If you want to start doing dollar-store shopping online, you are in the right place. Here are the best online dollar stores to save you money. 

The Best Online Dollar Stores to Find Deals

Online dollar stores are a great way to find deals on everything from groceries to clothing. However, with so many online dollar stores, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, this list of the best online dollar stores will help you find the best deals on the items you need.

When choosing which dollar stores to shop online, a few stand out from the rest. Here are three of the best stores, according to our team:

1. Dollar General

At the top of our list is Dollar General. It may be no surprise that Dollar General makes its way to the top. The Dollar General stores offer everything from Easter Basket fillers to cell phone chargers to small tools and snacks. Whatever you think you may need, Dollar General probably has it. 

One of the best things about Dollar General is that they know you are shopping there to save money. There are digital coupons, weekly ads, and sale items to help make sure that you keep your costs down. It’s hard to complain when a store wants to help you try and save. 

  • Digital Coupons
  • Sale items
  • Buy in bulk to save on shipping 
  • The extensive and affordable pet supplies

2. Dollar Store

Dollar General and Dollar Tree tend to steal the limelight at times. However, Dollar Store should not be ignored. There are some great deals at Dollar Store, and their dollar store online is one of the easier ones to shop. Whether you are looking for baby supplies or some new utensils for your kitchen, you will be able to find them at Dollar Store. 

Another great thing about shopping at Dollar Stores is that you get free shipping after spending more than $25.00. Although $25 may seem like a lot to spend, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you can get in your shopping cart and still stay in that $25 range. 

  • Wide variety of products
  • Does offer free shipping after $25 
  • Easy online dollar store to browse and shop 

3. Dollar Tree

At Dollar Tree, everything costs $1.25. This is an excellent concept for many people, making them feel like they are continually getting a bargain. However, there are some great bargains for the $1.25 price; you also have to be careful about what you are getting. 

You will notice that not many high-quality items are offered at Dollar Tree. This is mainly because the quality can't be all you get when you pay $1.25 per item. Think about the production, logistics, and sales processes that went into you getting that product for a dollar. 

There are shipping charges at Dollar Tree, but you can avoid them if you pick them up in your local store. 

Can Canadians order from Dollar Tree? No. At this time, Dollar Tree only sells and ships to the contiguous 48 United States.

  • Everything costs $1.25 
  • Can pick up at the local Dollar Tree store
  • Wide selection of products 

4. Dollar Fanatic 

Dollar Fanatic is a unique online dollar store that may take a bit more of your shopping time,  yet you can find some great deals. With Dollar Fanatic, the big thing you will want to look out for is the 11 for $10.00 deals. You can get eleven products for $10, and sometimes these are great products; it all depends on what they are clearing out. 

We recommend Dollar Fanatic when you have time to browse and deal hunt, not necessarily when you need something specific that day. 

  • A smaller selection of products but a deeper discount
  • 11 for $10.00 deals are worth considering 
  • Better discount when buying in bulk 

5. Dollar King

Dollar King is similar to Dollar Tree in that everything in the store is the same price. At Dollar King, you will pay $1.99 per item. When you add 15 items to your cart, regardless of what the things are, you will receive free shipping. This is easy to do when you see the wide selection of products that Dollar King offers. 

Dollar King is a great option if you enjoy arts and crafts or are looking for some small toys to keep your kids busy. The pricing is fair, and so are the shipping minimums. 

  • Nicely designed and easy-to-shop online
  • Everything is $1.99
  • Low shipping minimums for free shipping 

6. Dollar Items

Dollar Items is an online dollar store designed to help people save money on brand-name items. You will recognize many top brand names at Dollar Items, yet the pricing will be significantly discounted. 

This is not an actual dollar store; many objects are priced well over $1.00. Since a lot of the pricing at Dollar Items is for wholesale customers, you will notice that there are many buy-in bulk discounts and deals. If you find a product you love and use it often, don’t be afraid to purchase it in bulk and save money. 

  • Good bulk discounts
  • Brand name products
  • Great sale and firesale sections 

7. 5 Dollar Fashions 

5 Dollar Fashions is a great place to start if you need clothing for a low price. This online dollar store will have everything from accessories to blouses to dresses for very low prices. You will have to spend some time sorting through the different styles and making sure they have your size in stock, but you can do quite well once you learn the website. 

One thing to keep in mind on the 5 Dollar Fashions website is that the quality will vary quite a bit. You may purchase something for $3.00 that fits better and feels better than something that was $11.00. That’s one of the difficult parts of shopping for clothing online. 

  • An excellent resource for low-price fashion
  • Wide selection of products
  • Sometimes has mixed quality 

8. Dollar Days

When the back-to-school time comes around, you will want to remember the Dollar Days website. Although Dollar Days has plenty of categories to help you save money, we find some of their best deals on school supplies. 

However, in addition to the supplies for your kids, you can also purchase their shoes and other items on Dollar Days. This is a well-rounded discount store with plenty of selection and discounts for those that need wholesale products. 

  • Big discounts for bulk purchases
  • Good selection of products
  • Has something for the whole family 

9. DHgate

DHgate is an interesting choice because you will actually be shopping in more than one discount store at once. This is a website where wholesalers can go on and sell their leftover products. You can look at seller ratings before you purchase, but you can take advantage of some great deals and save extra money on products. 

Shipping fees and shipping times will vary depending on where the products are coming from and where they are going. DHgate has lots of helpful information and resources to ensure you get your money’s worth out of your purchases. 

  • Large selection of product
  • Can be deep discounts
  • It takes a bit more time to figure out shipping costs and times

10. Five Below

If you want products for a low price but still want some quality, Five Below is a perfect option. This store has some great gifts and household items, and although they are priced low, they will have a bit more quality and longevity than some of the other stores you will see on the market. 

Overall, Five Below has a good name, and it is a place that people have come to trust and rely on when it comes to great discounts. Although Five Below does not have the same product selection as Amazon, it can be a bit like shopping on Amazon when looking for a new product. 

  • Plenty of physical location stores as well 
  • Known for better quality products
  • Great selection of nice-looking products 

11. Miss A

Miss A is a one-stop shop for all feminine-related hygiene and care. You will find everything from beauty products to hair care on this website, and most of the products are priced right at the $1.00 mark. You will see some products priced higher than $1.00 but rest assured, Miss A is very interested in donating a portion of all proceeds to charities. 

If you can break away from specific brand names, you will find some great products and resources on the Miss A website. 

  • Most products are just a dollar
  • A portion of proceeds go to charity 
  • Significantly reduced pricing on hygiene products 

12. Dollar Shave Club

Razor pricing has gotten a bit out of hand. The Dollar Shave Club allows users to purchase razors for very fair pricing and are on a monthly subscription. When one of your razors needs to be replaced, the Dollar Shave Club will have one ready for you. 

If you look at what you are spending over the course of the year for razors, it is almost guaranteed that the Dollar Shave Club can save you some money. 

  • Very low-priced razors
  • Still high quality 
  • A simple system to sign up for 

13. H&J Closeouts

H&J Closeouts is an excellent spot if you are looking for a bargain but are not sure what you need! Spend time on this website enjoying their different closeouts, and you will be almost guaranteed to be happy with how much you can save. 

H&J works with stores throughout the country, so you will notice that their supply and product continually change and improve. Don’t be afraid to check out their bulk discounts and sales; there are some impressive deals. 

  • Continually changing product selection
  • Good bulk discounts
  • Fairly priced 

14. Rosegal

Rosegal is one of the online dollar stores that primarily specializes in women’s clothing. Although there are some other options for household products and even men’s clothing, the women searching for high fashion outfits tend to do the best. Although this is not a true dollar store, you will see that some of the deals are too good to put Rosegal in the category of a traditional department store. 

Rosegal is a fun and unique place for online shopping. Since the deals and the product selection are constantly changing, this is one we would consider checking a few times a week. 

  • The website is up-to-date and fun to shop 
  • Easy to seek out deals
  • Highly fashion-forward 

15. Family Dollar

Family Dollar is another store that offers amazing deals on various items. You can find anything from groceries to office supplies at Family Dollar, and their prices are almost always lower than what you would find at other dollar stores online. 

Family Dollar's only downside is that they only offer free shipping on orders of $49 or more. However, if you take advantage of their sales and shop smart, you can easily get your order total to $49. 

  • Has a wide variety of products
  • Offers free shipping on orders over $49
  • Prices are lower than in most stores
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Hopefully, you can see that you can shop for deals at online dollar stores without going to physical stores. Of course, you will want to pay attention to the shipping prices and discounts for bulk products.

The bulk discounts could make a lot of sense for larger families looking to try and save money. Always use your savings and rewards programs to make the deals even sweeter when shopping online

Don't have enough money to shop at dollar stores right now? Try one of these buy now, pay later options.