Best Online Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Today, it's easy to find online jobs for 14 year olds. The days of “real traditional teen jobs” like paper routes are well behind us. If you’ve never earned a dime a day in your life, worry not! Now is the time to learn, and I’m here to help you do just that.

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Today, I will let you in on fun work-from-home jobs for teens. These jobs pay you to explore your interests with just the power of an internet connection, a computer, and your engaging personality.

Can 14 Year Olds Work Online?

Before you take any job, it’s imperative to understand the labor laws.

14 is the minimum age of employment in non-agricultural positions as per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This normally restricts this age group from taking physical jobs at brick-and-mortar businesses. 

Here is the good news: online jobs for teens don’t usually come under the ambit of labor laws because they’re non-hazardous and do not put a child’s health or life at risk.

Many online job opportunities open up at this age. I know of many places that hire at 15. And you wanna know the best part? You can set your own hours and have a little fun besides!

Unfortunately, some people try to take advantage of inexperienced young adults. That’s why I prepared this guide for all the awesome teens out there who have an entrepreneurial mind.

Pro tip: Before entering into any work agreement, check your local and state regulations regarding working as a minor. There are varying regulations for each, along with federal laws to comply with.

Online Jobs for a 14 Year Old (or Older)

Here are the top online jobs for 14-year-olds. Oh, and even though the online earning opportunities are numbered, they’re not in any special order. Make sure you go through the entire list and hopefully find an online job that will work for you.

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1. Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Companies, big and small, allocate a portion of their budget to seek out consumer opinions or get feedback from the public to help shape their future products or services. While some companies prefer conducting their surveys, others hire market research firms that look for people like you to fill out brief surveys.

Completing paid online surveys is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money online whenever you have a couple of hours of spare time. No previous experience is needed and you can do it almost mindlessly while watching your favorite program on TV. 

It isn’t an opportunity that I’m overly enthusiastic about because it’s hard to make much money this way. Also, most survey sites pay in-store credit, coupons or gift cards rather than cash.

Although filling out paid online surveys will never make anyone rich, it’s still a great opportunity to make a few extra dollars. And it adds up in a hurry, especially since you have no bills to pay.

Some of the popular sites that allow teens to take part in surveys include:


LifePoints wants to know your thoughts about the products and brands you use daily. Signing up takes under 5 minutes, and you can start making money right away.

In the last year alone, LifePoints paid its members over $22 million! You’ll be awarded virtual points (LPs) for completing surveys, which you can exchange for gift cards to retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and more. LifePoints also pay via PayPal. 

Pro tip: Set up a separate email account for surveys to avoid getting an avalanche of spam in your primary email.

Survey Junkie

You need to be at least 13 years old to use Survey Junkie. Answering surveys and getting points is the primary way to earn money in the online market research community.

After building your profile, Survey Junkie will match you to surveys relevant to your background and interests. You can share feedback on numerous topics, including video games, food, restaurants, makeup, and everything in between.

1,000 points equal a dollar that you can buy products via online shops or cash out via PayPal. I love Survey Junkie because even if you’re disqualified for a survey, you’ll still earn a few points. 


You can earn cash on Swagbucks by doing the things you normally do – taking surveys, searching the web, shopping online, and even watching entertaining videos.

You only have to be 13 to sign up for free and get a $10 welcome bonus. They have given out over $525 million to teens and adults to date.

Swagbucks will award you with SB points after every successful survey. Most surveys pay 40-200 SB points, with 1,000 SBs equaling $10.

Do as many activities as you can for the dollars and cents to add up. You can make even more cash by referring your friends to the site. Swagbucks will pay you 1,000 points for every referral.

You can exchange these points for PayPal cash or gift cards from online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. I recommend you join at least 2 survey sites to have more variety in the types of surveys to fill out.

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2. Sell Things Online

Do you have some valuable stuff lying around the house? Or maybe you’re the artsy type. Either way, you can sell things online and turn a profit.

The next step will involve figuring out the best outlets for selling particular items. Here are some online selling platforms to consider:


The first entrepreneurial money-making method you can try is selling your designs on CafePress. Here, you can create designs for T-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, tote bags, and coffee mugs from original designs, photos, or drawings.

To start earning a royalty on each item that you create and sell, simply sign up for an account for free, upload your designs and CafePress will display them for purchase by customers on the site. The site advertises for you, but you can also promote your work through social media.

Payment is made via check or PayPal within 60 days of when the money was earned.


Get creative and design merchandise to sell to a global audience. Redbubble is a great community of talented individuals looking to sell their art printed on high-quality products.

A good technique to use is “print on demand.” It lets you create a design that you can use on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, water bottles, coffee mugs, and even pens customized to your design and brand.

You can put art on 70+ unique products. Just ensure your designs are original and eye-catching that people will be excited to buy!  Once you learn the ropes, consider transferring your business to a bigger marketplace like Amazon.


Maybe you’ve got an excellent artistic flair and are very creative. You can make money online by selling your handmade creations to potential customers on Etsy.

Etsy is a platform dedicated to all things handmade and vintage. They boast over a million visitors looking to buy unique items.

You’re allowed to sell on Etsy if you’re at least 13 years old, but you’ll be required to disclose your status as a minor. You will also need access to or permission to use your parent’s or legal guardian’s credit card or PayPal account. Here’s the full list of requirements for minors selling on Etsy.

The best way to start as a teen seller on Etsy is to specialize in a few items that you can craft really well. Consider creating an Instagram page to promote your custom-made t-shirts, sweatshirts, Scrunchies, pillows, tote bags, wine bottle bags, coffee mugs, and laptop covers. 

It’s free to join Etsy, but it costs .20 cents to list items for sale and a 3.5 percent sales tax on sold items. There’s also a 5 percent transaction fee for each item sold.

Minors aged 13 years or younger need direct supervision from a parent or legal guardian.


Digital printables are all the rage right now. These are downloadable documents that people can buy online, download, then print off. As long as you’re creative and possess the required graphic design skills, printables are easy to create. 

Printables come in various forms, including daily planners, calendars, and meal and workout plans. The good thing about printables is that once you’ve decided on a design, you can sell as many copies as you wish without any extra cost. 


eBay is popular among teens, so you probably know how it works. The online marketplace lets you sell stuff that you no longer need. They can be old toys, out-of-print books, discontinued board games, old Blu-ray DVDs, collectibles, ink and toner cartridges, vintage trucker hats, and comic book collections. 

To sell on eBay, you’ll need consent to use an adult’s account. When you add a listing, you either let people place bids or set the price. You can set a starting price for auction-style listings. I recommend this style if you’re selling something that’s not common on eBay.

If you don’t have your own products, you can upload products for other sellers, wait for the auction to close, and then ship items once they are sold. It is an easy task to complete once you learn the uploading process. Dealers are ready to pay good cash for this job as it is hard to find an adult to do such jobs.

Another way is to buy cheap stuff from eBay and resell them. For most product categories, you can list up to 50 items per month for free. eBay typically takes a 10 percent cut of your final sale amount. 

If you use PayPal to receive payments, they will also charge a processing fee.

Sell Shoes

There’s no shame in admitting – you probably have some pairs of shoes you never wear as you’re reading this, right? If you’re willing to part with some, either because you’ve outgrown them or you no longer find them fashionable, some sites will connect you with a wide array of customers.  

Ever heard of Poshmark? It’s a shoe haven for people who want to buy or sell pre-loved shoes from a variety of different brands. Other sites you can try include ThredUp, Dealo, Flyp, Grailed, and

Make Money with Photos 

Do you like to take photos in your pastime? Are you the one your friends trust to take the perfect shots?

Smartphone cameras are giving DSLRs a run for their money. Everyone has a camera on their iPhone, but not everyone has an eye for breathtaking shots.

You can make an income licensing photos through stock sites. This involves selling your photos to apps like iStock, Foap, Shutterstock, Stockimo, and Picfair.

Content marketers know the importance of high-quality, relevant stock photos and visuals. This means that photos are always going to be in demand, no matter the niche!

You’ll get paid for each download. The best way to increase sales is to take unique photos of subjects that are in high demand.

Pro tip: Don’t just use your phone for stock photos. If you’re going to make this a job, you will need some half-decent equipment and know your way around a professional camera.

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3. Start Your Own Business

You can start your own business with little skill or experience, and it sure beats lawn mowing or shoveling snow. Consider your talents and interests when brainstorming business ideas.  

Some ideas to consider include babysitting, car detailing, selling baked goods, running errands, dog walking, pet sitting jobs, and holiday decorating. A small business can be excellent training for a future full-time job.

4. Become a Virtual Assistant 

Sometimes businesses become busy and need help with some administrative and organizational tasks. Due to budget constraints, these companies can’t afford on-site administrative assistants.

A VA Job is where you work as an online personal office assistant. Becoming a virtual assistant isn’t just providing basic administration assistance. This online job covers a wide spectrum of tasks that you can do online and they can be fun too. 

From creating engaging social media posts to using your design skills to create pins on Pinterest to editing videos and audios for vloggers and podcasters, these are all things you can get paid to do. Companies that hire VAs include Fancy Hands, Virtual Office VA, Zirtual, Assistant Match and Virtual Gal Friday.

5. Start a Blog

Are you passionate about something? You’re never too young to blog about it! Set up a personal blog that centers on just any niche or topic on platforms such as WordPress and you’re in business already!

Okay, maybe not that fast. You need to have a good plan. At a bare minimum, you’ll need a domain name and hosting. Sites like Namecheap and NameMesh can help you look for a domain name. You can find hosting on Hostgator.

Your blog can be about sports, food, fashion, health, fitness, travel, video games, etc. You can also share your daily routine with other kids who lack a social life. To grow and keep your audience engaged, you have to add content regularly, and this can include articles, videos and podcasts.

When you gain a certain number of followers, you can start making money by:

  • Participating in affiliate programs (linking out to productsand getting a commission whenever people buys them)
  • Offering services related to your blog
  • Selling digital/physical products
  • Selling some ad space on it

Remember, a blog you start when you’re a teen can turn into a serious money maker by the time you’re an adult.

6. Make Money on Pinterest

I receive a ton of emails from people who want to know how to make money on Pinterest.  With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest has more monthly users than Snapchat and Twitter combined.

People use Pinterest for home décor ideas, makeup tips, travel tips, minimalist living, etc. You can make money by doing:

  • Pinterest affiliate marketing
  • Selling your products
  • Becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant
  • Creating “shop the look” pins

It’s a great platform to start a side hustle as a teen.

7. Get Paid To Play Video Games Online

Are you an avid gamer? Why not get paid for your hobby?

Your parents might have told you differently, but it’s possible to earn extra cash as a teenage video game tester or player. Some gaming companies and developers let you be first in line as a beta tester for upcoming games. 

These companies need kids to try their new games before commercial release. Teens like you know the taste of their own generation and can analyze games on a personal level.

You’ll be asked to determine whether a game has any glitches, continuation and rendering issues that need to be addressed. You’ll then give a detailed report so the company can fix any problems.  

The game testing industry is a lucrative one. You could make up to $20 per hour. Besides the money, you could be the envy of your pals as you would be the first to learn the inside scoop of the gaming industry, play and get free games, and possibly find out cheat codes.

To start, head directly to the above link and apply directly to any video gaming company. Another way to earn by gaming is to teach others how to play a game by recording yourself as you play. 

You’ll be surprised by the number of kids your age willing to learn that game and pay for it. As you get more and more people to watch you play, you’ll start making money through ads, sponsorships and fan donations.  

Gaming could also become a future career that you might wish to pursue. Kick start your gaming career by creating video game tutorials on YouTube and hosting PC game servers.

8. Buy and Sell Things for Profit

If you’ve got an eye for a bargain, flipping things for profit can be a great way to make money regularly without a lot of money needed upfront. I’m talking about the age-old practice of buying low, selling high. Technically it’s called “online arbitrage.”

There are different ways you can do this. The most popular one is to track down gently used, brand-name clothes from thrift stores and garage sales and sell them at consignment stores.

If you don't want to sell clothes, you can purchase just about anything you can think of at the same sources and put them up for sale online (think eBay and Facebook Marketplace). Try asking your neighbors. You can find a lot of stuff for free that people are throwing out.

9. Earn Money Watching Videos

Watching ads is another fun money-making option. If you can spend hours watching videos, you could get paid for doing this.

So how does it work? Brands pay advertisers to promote their producers. The advertisers share the revenue with you. Depending on what you like, you can watch news clips, fashion, movie trailers, parenting, entertainment and more. 

Notable sites that offer money for viewing ads include InboxDollars, MyPoints, GrabPoints, AppTrailers, National Consumer Panel and CheckPoints.

10. Start a YouTube Channel 

Do you have a special hobby or interest that the world needs to know about? Why not share your expertise by starting a YouTube channel? 

Young stars are made on YouTube every day. There are many teens, including your favorite YouTubers, minting dollars online by monetizing their YouTube Channels.

You’ll first need to pick a niche to focus on your content creation. The videos you create can be on any subject you can think of. They can be how-to videos, gossip, or specific topics, like product, movie and music reviews.

I should mention that this gig might require additional hardware for video and audio capturing and editing. But you can start with your smartphone. As you grow and learn, you’ll be able to produce better videos and increase your opportunities.

Taking the YouTube route may be slower than the other ideas discussed, but if you already have a large following on social media, you can ask your followers to subscribe to your new channel. To grow your channel quickly and turn this into a steady revenue stream, you have to upload regular content.

Your channel needs to have over 1,000 subscribers, at least 4,000 public watch hours in the last year and a valid AdSense account before you can apply to the Partnership program. But it is worth the time and effort if you enjoy doing it.

When you monetize your channel, ads will be placed on your channel. Every time someone watches or clicks a displayed ad, you’ll get paid. 

You can also earn from getting sponsorships from companies, commissions from products you review and getting freebies of products you regularly use and enjoy.

11. Social Media Marketing

If you don’t want to have your face in front of the camera but have a significant social media following, you may be able to snag some cash as a brand ambassador. This can be a serious money-making opportunity if you partner with reputable brands.

How it works is that when your followers click through special links that you post and complete a purchase, you earn a commission. You also get a commission when you refer your friends.

12. Become a Freelancer 

If you have certain skills that others might pay for, freelancing sites like Fiver, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, iFreelance and UpWork give you a platform to make money doing microtasks. 

Computer-related gigs like coding, voiceovers, graphic design, marketing and social media work pay a few dollars per gig. Rather than working on a specified regular salary basis for one employer, you can choose to be paid per hour, day, or even month.

The idea is to complete a task you’re comfortable with from the comfort of your home and earn some extra money.

13. Sign Up with a Direct Sales Company

Direct sales companies are quickly growing to become a major player in the marketing world. Direct sales is simply the process of selling products and services face to face away from a brick-and-mortar store location. It’s mostly done through presentations, catalog sales and in-home parties.

A direct sales company will give you a starter kit for a minimal fee. The kit will include everything you need to start your own business. For every product you sell, you’ll get a commission (usually 20-35 percent).

Your first customers will be your family, friends and neighbors. Getting referrals and marketing your business will help build your customer base.

Other Online Jobs for Teens to Make Money Online

Depending on your skills and experience, you can earn extra cash or even a full-time income without leaving your home or dorm. Here are additional online jobs for 14 year olds.

14. Do Online Transcription Work

Doing online transcription work is one of the brilliant online jobs for 13 year olds. Transcription isn’t as complex as it sounds. Actually, it’s fairly simple if you have attention to detail.

Your job will be to transcribe and interpret dictations into simple language, aka listen and then type what you hear. You’ll transcribe diagnostic test results, operative reports, referral letters and other documents. 

Apply for these types of jobs on sites like Rev and TranscribeMeif you have enough skills and knowledge. There is still a high demand for transcribers as the world moves to become more digital. 

For this job, you need a laptop and good pair of headphones. Oh, and being fast and accurate at typing will help.

15. Online Tutoring Jobs

Are you good at a certain school subject? It’s time to put those book smarts to the test.

Many parents want their middle school or late-elementary students to get individual tutoring support, meaning there’s usually constant demand for this type of work. Online tutoring became popular with COVID-19, as many schools switched to online learning.

Some online tutoring services hire academically minded teens as young as 14 to teach in a wide array of subjects. These services include SameSpeak, SkimaTalk and Enroll.

You’ll need to connect with your students via video chat. This way, you can easily communicate, guide and impart wisdom. Expect to earn 60-80 percent of the tutoring fees charged by the site.

Almost any academic subject can qualify, but English, Math and Science are usually the most in-demand. Skills needed for this job include patience, excellent communication and time management.

With the increasing influx of immigrants into the United States, there’s a big market for people who want to learn to speak English. This is especially true of the kids of immigrants.

To generate wider interest, market your tutoring services by providing flyers to local schools. So how much can you earn? You can start charging $15-$20 an hour.

16. Get Paid to Write 

Do you know how many websites exist? Millions! One of the best ways for companies and online magazines to generate traffic to their websites is by writing and submitting articles.

These website owners are busy people who may not have the time or desire to craft compelling articles – that’s where you come in!

By now, you have written compositions and short stories at school as part of your studies. If your assignments look anything like mine did in high school, you’re almost certainly overloaded with essay after essay.

Put your creative writing skills to use by becoming an online content writer in a niche you’re passionate about (it helps with speed and enjoyment!).

Offer to help small website owners with content writing and copywriting. Ask if they need a writer on their team. You don’t have to be the world’s best writer to earn a cool $50 per article.

The best part about getting paid to write articles for cash? You can even do it from your bedroom in your PJs!

17. Do Data Entry Online

You can work as a data entry clerk and get paid for it. Here, you will be required to enter or update data into a computer system.

Companies will ask you to enter data from different paper documents using a keyboard, an optical scanner or a data recorder. To excel in the role, bolster your skills in computer programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.

This is a job that you should be able to secure work for fairly fast, especially if you’re looking in the right places. Some of the companies that offer genuine data entry jobs without investment include Axion Data, Accutran Global, Capital Typing, Glassdoor, Click Worker, Indeed and Mturk. 

Data entry gigs are not the most interesting as you’ll be doing repetitive tasks, but they are a quick way to make money online.

18. Get Paid to Read Books

Yes, you read that correctly. But how? You wonder. You can get paid to review books, read books aloud, design book covers and do copyediting.

If you’re an avid reader, this is quite an easy way to get paid for doing something that you enjoy. Click the link above to see the different sites that let you get the most from reading books.

19. Review Songs for Money

Now this one is pretty awesome. Teens and music are inseparable. I’m yet to meet a teen who’s not into music. 

How about getting paid to listen and review different genres of music? Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X are some teenage stars that shot to stardom because of the helpful reviews they got from fellow teens.

Other upcoming young stars and record companies look for real people to listen to and review new songs before releasing them to the public, so they pay you to do just that.

Slicethepie is one such site that pays you from $0.05 to $0.20 to listen, give honest feedback to music tracks and judge them on a scale of 1 to 10. No special skills are necessary for this job and 13 year olds are welcome to apply.

You can earn more based on factors like the quality/length of your reviews and your membership level. Payment is made via PayPal, and the minimum payment is $10. Another site for music lovers, MusicXRay, will also pay you $0.05 to $0.20 to listen to and rate songs of aspiring new artists.

How it works is they send new music to your email and you get paid to review the songs. You can increase your earnings by offering high-quality reviews. 

So What’s the Best Online Job for a 14 Year Old?

Online jobs for 13 and 14 year olds need to be flexible. Go for jobs that don’t require set schedules or a specific number of hours per week.

In most cases, freelance and entrepreneurial types of jobs are the highest paying. However, these online jobs are also the ones that take the longest to make a decent income. If you need quick cash, try online paid surveys or reviewing songs for money.

So, there you have it – 19+ online jobs for 14 year olds in 2022. Even better, you don’t have to pick just one job. You can try two or three, or even more. You can even decide to do one for a while, then move on to the next. There’s always another way to make money online and you never have to get bored.

Need more help finding a way to make money? Check out this guide to help teens find their first job.

Thank you for reading our recommended work-from-home jobs for teens. Feel free to share this article with your peers; they will be forever grateful to you.