9 High Paying Online Jobs for College Students

So you're going to college or at college, and it's expensive, right? 

You are juggling lectures, papers, and deadlines making your head spin. 

On top of all that, the question of money is there – how to afford your time in college but keep the balance, so you achieve your goals.

You'll be pleased to know that as the internet grows, so do the number of opportunities to work remotely online. 

Why not try a role online in between your studies? 

Benefits of having an online part-time job as a student

  • You can work from one place, rather than taking time to travel to work. 
  • The flexibility of fitting work around your studies. 
  • Cheap to set up in most cases. 
  • You can earn more. 
  • Roles can develop into a career you never even considered before. 
  • Develop skills that are transferable to other positions after college. 

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If you are curious (or in a hurry): 

My main recommendation would be to become either: 

With this training, you can work as many or as few hours as you choose. 

You will be paid more, even though you will pay for the course initially. 

What do you need to get started for a work-from-home job

 Here are a few of the things you may need:

  • A computer or laptop with an internet connection
  • An office suite such as Microsoft Office (with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) or open-source LibreOffice (with LibreOffice Writer and LibreOfficeCalc)
  • A Paypal account
  • A bank account for money transfers or checks
  • An email account
  • Skype (optional but helpful)
  • For any graphic design tasks, a graphics editor, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, is not required for other jobs. 

1. Freelance Writer 

There are many roles you can do as a freelance writer, from content writing for blogs to writing email sequences promoting a product. 

Elna Cain, a very successful professional freelance writer, defines a freelance writing role under the following sections: 

‘There are many names you can call yourself depending on what service you want:

  • Freelance Bloggers focus is on blog writing.
  • Content Writers focus on different types of content (white paper, blog posts, eBooks‚¦)
  • SEO Writer focus on providing highly optimized content for search engines as a way to rank in Google
  • Content Strategists focus more on creating and managing content.
  • Freelance Web Content Writers focus on providing content for the web.
  • Ghost Writers focus on providing ghostwritten (not in your name) for eBooks, blog posts, website pages, emails, white papers, and more.
  • Professional writers ‚once youve worked as a freelance writer for a while, you can officially call yourself a professional writer.'

So as you can see, with so many types of freelance writing come many opportunities.

And you don't need to be the best writer ever, either. 

One recommendation I have for you is to give Filthy Rich Writer a go. 

It covers all sorts of copywriting skills and enables you to avoid low-paying job-bidding sites like Fiverr.

Nicki Krawczyk, the creator, helps you avoid all the pitfalls she experienced as she was learning exactly how to write copy. 

One of the things most people need help with is actually HOW to write copy – only a few courses give training on this exact thing. 

She believes you need to be earning a higher amount and value yourself and your service. 

Read my insider's post and learn more about copywriting and how you can break into it. 

2. Become a Transcriptionist

What it pays: $20 – $45 an hour

The Transcription Certification Institute defines a transcriptionist as: 

A documentation specialist who listens to recordings of voices and converts them into written reports.

For example – if you wanted to create a script from a podcast video, a transcriber would write down what the person in the podcast said. 

You could transcribe court reports and legal or medical documents if you have a background in this field. You could choose to transcribe for business and corporate clients. 

There will always be a need for transcriptionists because entrepreneurs and organizations don't have time to do this kind of work. 

For further information and companies who accept beginners, read my article about getting an online transcription job

Transcribe Anywhere will help you hit the ground running, earn more, and avoid beginner pitfalls.

Janet Shaughnessy, an expert transcriptionist, offers a free seven day course to get you started and see if this is for you. 

Check course fees for the Transcribe Anywhere Course

3. Virtual Assistant

What it pays: $15 – $200+ an hour

According to the Balance Small Business, a virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. Virtual assistants are especially in demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help but don't want to bring on staff at their location. However, many small and mid-size businesses use virtual support, especially for specific tasks like social media management.

Source: thebalancesmb.com

As technology advances, you no longer have to be in the same office as your boss to provide their needed services. 

Jobs VAs do: 

  • Social media management
  • Event management
  • Managing calendars, appointments, and emails
  • Preparing reports
  • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Simple digital marketing tasks

The job list and variety are endless and will develop a wide range of skills. 

Again, I firmly believe in starting any new online career with coaching. It stops you from ending up accepting low fees for your work. The race to the bottom is where everybody is undercutting everyone else for work. 

Kayla Sloan offers a course called 10K VA. Within this, she educates you on how to make the most money for the least amount of time. Perfect for a busy student who is trying to balance studying with working. 

4. Proofreader

What it pays: $20 – $45 an hour

A proofreader makes sure that content is free of errors. So you would be correcting mistakes like these: 

  • grammar errors
  • punctuation errors
  • spelling errors 
  • errors with the flow of the writing 
  • translation errors
  • errors with the formatting of the document. 

Usually, the proof reader will get involved in the final editing stages before a document or piece of content is published. 

Essential qualities you will need to succeed as a proofreader

Do you have the eyes of a hawk

Are you irritated when you see errors in a text? 

Have you got lots of patience

These are the essential qualities proof readers need to be successful. 

Interested? Go to Proofread Anywhere for a free seven-day course on getting started. 

Caitlyn Pyle started her own proofreading business and used it to make a living online to fund her travels. 

Set up a freelancer profile online and begin to book clients. There‚” s so many opportunities on Upwork and Freelancer.

5. Blogger

What it pays: varies (some bloggers earn up to $100,000+ a month)

As a blogger, you will write quality content to help your readers. The best way of doing this is to help solve their problems. 

Before you start your blog, choose a topic that you really would enjoy writing about.

Pro Tip 

The internet is becoming vaster and vaster. It's a good idea to figure out a narrow niche before you begin. That way, you have more chances of being found by your audience. 

Once you have your niche idea, figure out 20 ideas for posts you could write. Then write your first five posts. Still, loving writing? So this niche will be fun for you to write about. If not, have another think of niche ideas. 

Once you‚” re ready to start your blog, choosing a host for your website is next. Bluehost is a popular option for beginner bloggers.

 It‚” s not free ‚plans start at $3.95 per month ‚but it‚” s an essential first step.

 Starting a blog is one of my top recommendations and favorite ways to earn extra income.

Just 18 months ago, I started this blog, Budgeting is a Challenge, as a fun hobby while working my main job.

I was looking for ways to improve my money situation, and starting this blog allowed me to share my financial journey while learning how to earn extra money online. 

To learn more, you can visit my step-by-step tutorial on:

 How to start a blog for beginners

6. Search Engine Evaluator

What it pays: $13 ‚$15/hour. 

As I said above, Google is getting bigger and bigger as the internet grows.

So, it just could be better. Search engines need checkers to find errors and give feedback so they can be fixed. As a Search Engine Evaluator, you will also give your opinion on the accuracy of search terms and phrases. 

If you have a busy schedule, this is great to fit around. Hours vary from about 10 -30 per week. 

These are the main legitimate companies that will hire college students: 

7. Take Surveys 

The Swagbucks survey and cashback app has been in business since the early 2000s and always has great offers.

You can choose between cash and other stuff like gift cards.

You can opt for PayPal money, but I usually select my rewards in gift cards because they offer a range of good selections to the stores I shop at regularly. 

You can start earning cash immediately when you sign up for Swagbucks today for FREE.

 Survey Junkie is another popular online survey site. You can sign up for this survey site if you live in the US, Canada, or Australia. 

Pro tip 

They have one of the highest payouts for their surveys. You can earn up to $45 per survey. Try them today to make PayPal money instantly!

Sign up today and start making cash from Survey Junkie!

Pinecone Research pays up to ‚£3 per survey. 


Other survey sites that pay well are Prolific.

The optimal times for surveys are the hours of the working day.

So during vacations, when I'm just sitting, I can watch TV and I‚ “ll do whichever surveys appear.

Last week, I earned $20 to supplement my income! So then I made an extra payment for my student loan! 

Mr. Budget, over the last couple of months, has had days where he has earned at least $10. 

These survey sites could be a great way to build cash between lectures. 

Read my article about making money from Prolific.

8. Online Tutor

I have found this to be highly successful. These websites vary in terms of what qualifications they ask you to have. As a qualified teacher, I have used Tutorhub. However, the sites are still enthusiastic to hear from students because people always need specialist knowledge in certain areas. Your subject is your specialism. 

Read my post below on how I got started, kindly hosted on the Humble Penny:

How to make an extra ‚£1000 a month as an online tutor

Other good sites, that pay a decent amount include Tutorful

 The great thing about these guys is that they ask that you are knowledgeable about the subject you want to tutor on. You don‚ “t need any formal teaching qualifications to get started.

Other tutoring websites you could have a look at include:

9. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is the voice of the company. They need to be able to build relationships with new and existing customers, build new leads and also build brand awareness. 

Your first steps could be contacting and talking to local businesses in your area, e.g., fitness studios, cafes, bars, and restaurants. 

Focus on which social media platforms you‚ “re most comfortable with. Talk with them about how you could help grow their customer base and business using social media.

Another post worth a read is dollarsprout's take on landing a social media manager role

Learn to become a freelance social media manager course is a bargain buy and will help you with these initial steps. 

Online jobs for college students are the perfect side hustle!

So there you have some ideas for online jobs you could do as a college student. Not only that but high-paying jobs that you can use to balance your income with your studies. You can only sometimes need experience to succeed. 

Remote jobs for college students will offer them opportunities to learn new skills and deepen existing ones. Who knows – you will develop this side income into a full-time career! 

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