Best Online Side Jobs For Teachers In 2022

Discover how to make extra money online as a teacher. 

The money made from on-site jobs might not be enough to cater to all your needs and responsibilities. Hence, there are many part-time hustles for teachers to make money online. When things get difficult, you can always turn to additional jobs for teachers to help reduce the financial strain on you.

The good thing about online side jobs for teachers is that you already have the needed qualifications and expertise to carry out these tasks. There are many good second jobs for teachers, with a wide range of selections. The next step is to pick the specific job that suits you and start making good money.

How Can You Make Money Online As A Teacher?

There are many opportunities to make good money on the internet. Due to the world evolving daily, more and more methods of utilizing the internet to make money are being discovered. Teacher-side jobs are part of the methods discovered to be very lucrative and in high demand. 

With your skills and qualifications, there are many online works you can pick from to earn extra cash. Some of the best-paying side jobs for teachers include freelance writing, proofreading, online tutoring, and writing ebooks. These side hustles are effective ways of making extra income for teachers.

Finding good side jobs for teachers is very easy. You only need to identify your strengths and skill set and match them with a supplementary job that perfectly complements your skills. For example, an English teacher can easily find side work as an ESL teacher, online tutor, or freelance writer.

Nowadays, online side jobs for teachers are in high demand, and various platforms can be used to find these opportunities easily. With online platforms like Upwork, Linkedin, and Fiverr, it is very easy to find teacher-side jobs online. Once you register on these platforms, you can have access to a wide variety of second jobs for teachers to pick from.

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How Much Extra Cash Can You Earn As A Teacher Online? 

There are many part-time jobs for teachers online. However, the pay is dependent on the nature of the work. For some supplementary jobs, the income is not too large but comes in higher frequencies. While in some, the pay is hefty but appears in lower frequencies. That said, about $15 to $4000 can easily be made from remote work.

As a tutor online, you can earn about $10 – $40 per hour. Other second jobs for teachers online can earn you around $4000 a month. The money you can earn from various part-time jobs for teachers depends on the nature of the job, your professional qualifications, and the demand for your services. Some of the best-paying side jobs for teachers include:

Work From Home Jobs For Teachers 

1. Online Adjunct Professor

Becoming a remote adjunct professor is very easy. All you need is previous teaching experience or a college degree. Due to the advancement of technology, online courses have become a regular occurrence. This makes it easier for professors to work from home and have a side hustle.

As an adjunct professor, you might not earn money in large amounts as you teach English online, but it has the advantage of flexibility since you can work easily from anywhere.

2. Online Tutor

Becoming a tutor online is one of the best part-time jobs for teachers. This side hustle is especially suitable for individuals with knowledge of math, biology, and history. There are various platforms where you can get opportunities to tutor students, and it is a very popular side work for teachers.

By teaching online, you earn money depending on your knowledge of the subject and your experience teaching. Individuals can be paid hourly rates ranging between $15 to $100 from private tutoring. For example, you can be paid $50 for teaching math as an online course.

3. Freelance Writing

Most teachers enjoy writing. Especially when you have experience teaching the English language; hence, it is very easy for them to find freelance writing jobs as a side hustle. Freelance writing jobs are a popular method of making money from home, and there are many platforms to get writing tasks from.

The amount you can earn from writing depends on your expertise and negotiation with your client. Your quality of work will also determine the kind of payment you will receive. As you work on your own hours, this is one of the best-paying side jobs for teachers.

4. Virtual Assistant

As the name implies, a virtual assistant assists people through the internet. Many businesses use virtual assistants to perform tasks for them and pay them for their services. It’s just like having a secretary and doesn’t necessarily require an educational background.

Virtual assistants can perform numerous tasks like research, editing, project management, and data organization. These are general tasks that almost anyone can perform, which makes it one of the most suitable side jobs for teachers online.

5. Freelance Proofreading

Like online writing, freelance proofreading is one of the best side hustles for teachers. Proofreaders do the final editing of a write-up and ensure there are no grammatical errors in the text. 

Proofreading goes hand-in-hand with writing and is a perfect way to make money on the internet. The average pay of an experienced proofreader ranges between $25 to $45 per hour.

6. Ebook writing

Writing ebooks is a very lucrative way of making money, especially if your content is relatable to your readers. Teachers with creative minds can take up ebook writing as a side hustle to make extra money.

Ebook writing might seem like it takes a lot of time; however, with the right content, ebook writers can make a lot of money. You can also create your own teaching materials, but there will be a need for self-publishing.

7. Educational Consultant

An educational consultant works with various educational organizations like schools and publishing organizations. They provide services such as tutoring, assessments, and counseling for people who need it.

It is required for you to be able to analyze and grade the aptitude of a student to become an educational consultant.

8. Online Coaching

Coaching is a task that involves helping people bring out their inner potential. Thus, in a way, it is very similar to teaching. Coaching people remotely can be a very resourceful side hustle that teachers can make more money from. 

Coaching work takes more time than regular side hustles for teachers and is more suitable for people with flexible schedules. This method is not really as prevalent as other ways of making passive income, but it is very profitable when successful.

9. Online Researcher

Many teachers love discovering new things and breaking things down into simpler terms. Teaching personnel can easily make a living by researching topics and educational materials and providing simplified answers for clients.

There are various platforms where individuals can register as researchers and start making more money. An example of such a platform is Wonder.

10. Transcriber

A transcriber’s work is to convert audio into the text from recordings or videos. This task is especially fitting for people who are familiar with teaching English as they can easily identify words and act accordingly regarding grammar.

Many platforms exist on the internet that help individuals work as transcribers while picking suitable hours. Such platforms that offer you a flexible schedule include TranscribeMe.

Part-Time Work From Home Jobs For Teachers

Part-time work-from-home hustles are teacher-side jobs that can be picked up for a short period to make more money without affecting your regular teaching job. These jobs include: 

1. Test Grading And Evaluation

Many schools and institutions outsource their test grading. If you are the type that loves scoring tests and exam papers, this side work is a perfect fit for you. You can grade papers as a third party for institutions after the school year and make quick money.

This kind of opportunity occurs occasionally and cannot really be considered a full-time job. However, during test periods, it is a chance for teachers to make some extra money.

2. Lesson Planner

Selling lesson plans is one of the many profitable part-time jobs for teachers. During the summer break after an academic session, educational personnel spends time writing up plans for the next academic calendar.

You can sell lesson plans to other teachers with tighter schedules and get paid for them. This part-time task can also be called curriculum development and is a good way to make extra income for teachers.

3. User Tester

Teachers are known to offer constructive criticism, which is really helpful for many organizations. Experienced teaching staff can test out different client products and websites and offer useful opinions to make quick money on the internet.

User testing can be said to be the best-paying job for teaching staff as it is very easy to execute and can be done during your free time.

4. Admin Support

Are you a lover of planning? Then admin support is a suitable side job for you. Many companies and organizations require extra personnel to help them manage some of their administrative tasks. Such tasks include booking arrangements, schedule planning, and email drafting.

If you are familiar with planning courses for new academic years, earning extra money as admin support will be an easy task for you.

5. Homeschool Consultant

Homeschooling is rapidly becoming a regular occurrence in the world today. Many guardians with free time decide to educate their kids at home instead of sending them to school. However, sometimes they require professional assistance.

Becoming a homeschool consultant is a very suitable second job for teachers. It can be easily fitted into your own schedule while making extra money for yourself simultaneously. Homeschool consultancy jobs are usually seasonal.

Bottom Line

Teaching is a very good profession as it offers a wide range of skill sets that can be used to make money remotely if used efficiently. There are various online side jobs for teachers to make money without affecting their daily schedule.

Teachers can take up supplementary jobs like admin support, online tutoring, and proofreading to have an extra source of income. Part-time hustles like lesson planning and test grading are also ways for teaching staff to make quick cash. Are you looking for an additional source of passive income? Try any of these opportunities today.