10 Best Online Thrift Stores

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Do you love thrift store shopping? Have you considered visiting an online thrift store?

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect piece of clothing for you, and finding it at a steep discount is even better. You may love scanning the racks of clothing in vintage shops or poring over cases full of fun, unique accessories.

However, it’s hard to go thrift shopping while at home – or is it?

There are plenty of online thrift stores. Many have specific themes to help you find the perfect items for you. For example, there are online thrift stores dedicated to juniors' clothing, vintage items, or even sporting goods.

Additionally, if you are looking to make some extra money without doing a lot of work, many online thrift stores will accept items on consignment or buy them directly from you. Read on to discover some of our favorite online thrift stores.

Vintage Clothing

One of the most popular genres of thrift stores is vintage items. If you’ve been looking for a designer pair of shoes or the perfect pair of 80’s style Levi’s, vintage shops are likely your best bet. While there are plenty of Instagram shops and Etsy options, these are a few of our favorite online vintage thrift shops.

The Ten Best Online Thrift Stores

1. Depop

Depop is known as the ‘creative community’s online marketplace.’ They have both a website and an app that allows users to buy and sell used items to their community. While they have plenty of other sale items, they have lots of unique items such as vintage tracksuits, attractive fanny packs, and more.

Depop is an excellent option if you want to sell secondhand items. Sellers can create shops on the platform and upload photos and descriptions directly to the website. Then, when someone buys your items, you print a shipping label and send it to them. You can receive your earnings through PayPal or use the money to purchase other items on the website.

2. Etsy

Most people use Etsy to shop for handmade items, but there are plenty of online thrift shops that use Etsy. You can find nearly anything on the site, but some of the best shops are vintage clothing items. Each seller sets up an Etsy store and can sell anything they want within the store. Therefore, there are many vintage shops or secondhand shops that sell their items online through an Etsy store.

If you want to sell items on Etsy, signing up is free, and you can immediately start making money from home. You can set up an online shop and be immediately connected with buyers from around the country and world.

3. Omnia

Omnia is a vintage boutique in Brooklyn, New York. Even if you aren’t located in New York City, their online store ships around the world. Omnia specializes in women’s vintage clothing, especially those that appeal to metropolitan women.

Their niche is vintage clothes that are both form-fitting and functional. In a world where vintage clothing can be costly, most of Omnia’s offers are less than $100. If you are in New York and interested in selling your clothing, contact Omnia directly.

4. The Break

This vintage online shop has items for older items that do not look dated. The shop only stocks items that are trendy now but are vintage items.

You can use this website to shop for workwear, neutral tones, and other timeless pieces.

5. Mirth Vintage

Like The Break, Mirth also focuses on timeless items. Although the pieces were created years ago, they seem to fit seamlessly with modern items.

The curated selection is a bit on the pricier side, but users say it’s worth it to have unique, well-made vintage items.

6. Awoke Vintage

When you think vintage, you may think about more fashionable items from yesteryear. If you are looking for the perfect item to wear out on the town, then Awoke Vintage might be the ideal shop for you.

Awoke also has an Instagram that has nearly 40,000 fashion-lovers as followers. Additionally, if you see something you like on their social platforms, you can send the shop a direct message to arrange the purchase.

7. Modern Clothing

If you’re looking for a more recently made item or something a bit more fashion-forward, then you may want to check out some of the sites that cater to more modern clothing. Additionally, you can often find deals that cost less than vintage items but still offer the novelty of being unique.

Additionally, if you are looking to sell some of your existing items, these sites might offer a few more options for you.

8. Thredup

ThredUP is one of the most popular resale sites on the market. They offer women’s clothing, children’s clothing, designer items, and even maternity wear. The website offers 20% off on every shopper’s first order and free shipping over $79. Not a bad deal if you’re looking to bring several new items home.

Selling on ThredUP is also easy. The company offers an option called a ‘clean out kit.’ You may request the bag online, and they will send you the materials to ship your used items back. Then, you send items via FedEx or USPS. The company then evaluates your items and sends you either cash or store credit for your items. People love selling through ThredUP because they do not have to post and ship each item they sell.

The only catch is that if they don’t choose to sell your items, they will donate them rather than send them back to you. ThredUP is a great way to make some extra money from decluttering but may not be an ideal option for creating a long-term income.

9. Poshmark

Poshmark is another store that sells gently used women’s clothing and accessories. Thousands of sellers curate looks to sell via the website’s online marketplace. While many designers and high-end brands are sold on Poshmark, people also sell common brands such as Forever21, H&M, and Old Navy.

If you are looking to earn money online by selling your clothes, Poshmark might be a good option. When you sign up for the app or website, you take photos of your items, add descriptions, and post. When someone purchases an item, you ship it to them and then receive your payment once the item is received. The buyer pays for shipping, and Poshmark takes a small percentage of the sale price. You can use your earnings to make purchases on the website or choose to cash out.

10. eBay

It seems like people can buy and sell almost anything on eBay, and plenty of people have made lots of money selling clothing and accessories on the website. You can sell practically any genre of the item you want and can create your own eBay store.

If you choose to sell on eBay, you will upload your item to the website and wait for someone to purchase it. Once you sell an item and the recipient has it, eBay will pay you for the item. You can choose to receive money directly into a bank account or via PayPal.

Want To Start an Online Thrift Shop?

If you want to start an online thrift shop, it is wise to use a platform that already exists rather than starting a new website. If you have vintage items, it might make more sense to use some platforms, whereas if you have more modern items, it is more advantageous to use others. Here are some tips for how to maximize your online selling:

Decide What You Will Sell

Just as you wouldn’t open a store selling several random items, your online store should have a curated list of items. This will help you find a niche and attract buyers interested in what you have to offer.

Keep Excellent Records

Oftentimes, online sellers are sourcing from both local markets and online shops. They are also selling all over the country and world. Be sure to keep your listings organized so that you can streamline your earnings and provide excellent customer service.

Advertise Well

When you open your online store, you can advertise on social media or sometimes pay to boost your item’s placement on the website. You can also post for free in Facebook groups or targeted audiences. Just be careful to advertise to the correct people and follow any group guidelines not to get marked as spam.

Practice Great Customer Service

When you pay your consignors on time, ship things promptly, and reply to any customer questions quickly, people will enjoy working with you. They will rate you higher, and you will then have a higher earning potential long-term. Practicing excellent customer service will help you to build your online thrifting business.

The Bottom Line

Many people are shopping online, even for secondhand items. There are plenty of specialty shops that you can order from or use broader websites like eBay to search for items. If you want to start a shop, be sure to know your niche and use the right online shop platform for you.

If you are looking for other ways to earn money by selling things online, there are plenty of options available. You can sell electronics, housewares, and more to help you achieve your financial goals.

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