Onlyfans Influencer Creates Massive Wealth in Only Three Years Staying True to Herself

Imagine picking a career path that you’re passionate about, paying for college or taking out loans, earning your degree, and taking a job that turns out to be a complete… letdown. For Courtney Tillia, that’s sort of how her early adult years panned out.

After working as a teacher for special needs children in Phoenix, she was so stressed out by the atmosphere and ‘underappreciated’ approach to teachers that she quit and tried pursuing a different passion. As it turns out, she excels at what she does now.

In 2019, hoping to make a little extra cash and needing a platform to express who she was coming to know inside herself, Courtney started an OnlyFans page. This allowed her to continue to work on her life coaching business while simultaneously letting her express more and more who she was as a woman.

OnlyFans Influencer Creates Massive Wealth In Three Years Staying True to Herself
Image Courtesy of Courtney Tillia

Finding great pleasure in her ability to grow and evolve, Courtney now works with her husband and other content creators to fulfill requests and passions for her OnlyFans subscribers and herself. And as her influencer status grew, so did her incredible wealth.

Courtney was such a sweetheart to answer a few burning questions to help our audience understand her passions and how she accumulated such an incredible feat of making a million dollars in just three short years by following her passion and staying true to herself.

Courtney Tillia in Her Own Words

RH: You’ve become an OnlyFans sensation, earning a cool million in just three years. Is that specifically to OnlyFans, or were there sponsorships that came along as you gained a following?

CT: That’s just what I’ve made on OnlyFans. I have sponsors and brand deals as well that both send me products and add to my total revenue. There’s also revenue from modeling gigs and appearances, and I also have a life coaching business.

OnlyFans Influencer Creates Massive Wealth In Three Years Staying True to Herself
Image Courtesy of Courtney Tillia

RH: Being an influencer online always comes with a positive side and a negative one. What is one big positive you’ve been able to do since earning a living on OnlyFans? What’s the biggest drawback of your newfound fame and financial position?

CT: It’s mostly positive. Obviously, the attention, the money, and the doors that are opened as a result are wonderful. My favorite aspect is always the impact and influence, though. I love being able to demonstrate what’s possible for other women.

That they can be expressed and be all of themselves and still be loved and accepted. Liberated and empowered women then show up for their lives, relationships, and families differently. I love knowing that my influence and impact are rippling throughout the world in such great ways!!

The only drawback is that you can become a target for scams. People create fake profiles using my likeness and content and then try to scam other people. That upsets me, and I try to do everything I can to report fake accounts and protect people. I’ve also now been targeted by scammers who have gotten 3 large accounts disabled – including my verified one.

I don’t think this necessarily has to come with the territory, I just think that platforms can do a better job of protecting creators who drive traffic to their platforms.

OnlyFans Influencer Creates Massive Wealth In Three Years Staying True to Herself
Image Courtesy of Courtney Tillia

RH: I think it’s great that your husband supports your OnlyFans work. Is there anything as a couple that you’ve disagreed on when choosing what to post to your account? If not, is there a boundary that you won’t cross when choosing what to post?

CT: No. Never once. He’s in full support and celebration of everything that I do. He’s usually the one encouraging even more and more of my expression while also helping me to clear any resistance, judgment, or shame I may still have about being all of me. He supports me in whatever I want to do, so my level of comfort, my desires, and my boundaries are always reflected in what I create and post.

For example, I create content with other girls pretty regularly. He supports and celebrates that. He’s given me his blessing to create with other men if I want, but it’s not something I desire at this time. That’s my boundary. There’s something so sexy and safe about a man that is so comfortable in himself and our relationship that he allows me to do whatever I desire.

OnlyFans Influencer Creates Massive Wealth In Three Years Staying True to Herself
Image Courtesy of Courtney Tillia

RH: Is there one obstacle you came across in your first days on the platform that surprised you? Were you shocked at the amount of money coming in during those first months?

CT: No, it’s been pretty amazing since Day 1. I didn’t really have high expectations to start. I thought it would be great to make an extra $500 or so per month. I exceeded that and made $1700 my first month on the platform. I already had a big social media following, so I was able to convert that pretty easily. I never expected it to be this profitable. I just wanted a place to post what other platforms were banning and hoped to make a little extra cash.I was surprised at how kind and genuine subscribers were from the beginning. I guess I expected some people to be demanding and ask that I show more than what I was comfortable with – but that’s never been the experience!

My subscribers are wonderfully understanding and so sweet! It gets overwhelming sometimes after media stories bring in a lot of new subscribers, and I’m trying to introduce myself and connect with everyone personally. But I’ve gotten better at managing that over time.

OnlyFans Influencer Creates Massive Wealth In Three Years Staying True to Herself
Image Courtesy of Courtney Tillia

RH: When it comes to building an audience on OnlyFans, did it happen organically for you, or did you have to advertise? If someone is looking to start an OnlyFans account, what would you suggest as their first steps to success?

CT: For me, I already had a large following on social media that I’d built over many years, who really wanted me to start an OnlyFans. So, it was pretty easy to get people over to the platform once I started. Obviously, I also advertise as much as certain platforms allow and do a lot of collaborations that allow us to share audiences and have more people discover us.

For somebody just getting started, it helps to identify how you’re going to market. How are you going to capture people’s attention? You want to capture your audience’s attention in a way that has them praying that you have a link in your bio to sign up and see more. Think about it as a way of funneling people from engaging content that makes them want to see more into enrolling in your OnlyFans.

It helps to have a unique niche or theme. I’m obviously the hot teacher and MILF. That’s my thing. Identifying yours helps you to stand out and market to the audience that’s drawn to your thing.

Getting It Right From the Start

OnlyFans Influencer Creates Massive Wealth In Three Years Staying True to Herself
Image Courtesy of Courtney Tillia

Courtney might describe herself as the ‘hot teacher,’ but she has so much more depth to who she is, and it shines through when you have the chance to talk with her about how she became the millionaire she is today. She and her husband, Nick, along with their four children, spend the majority of their time in Los Angeles, California, where they soak up the sun and enjoy every minute life gives them.

You can find more about Courtney here, and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and of course, OnlyFans!

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