Our Top Ten Favorite Star Wars Moments

There's a lot to love about Star Wars movies. They've provided us with some spectacular, heartfelt, exciting, and iconic moments since A New Hope in 1977. Here are ten of our very favorite moments in the franchise:
  1. When Luke Skywalker defeated Darth Vader during their final fight in Return of the Jedi but decided not to kill him on the grounds that he was a Jedi, like his father before him. If you were a child in a movie theatre, that moment was particularly awesome. The moment was then topped by Vader actually being a good guy and killing the Emperor to save his son. You were right Luke, you were right!
  2. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke gets lost in a snowstorm (why did he run out of the cave, he’d already killed the Wampa?) which led to Han Solo putting Luke’s hypothermic body inside of a Taun Taun – which is a pretty cool trick.
  3. Luke’s trench run. This was the epic finale of A New Hope. It was filled with dogfighting spaceships, explosions, noble deaths, and WOAH! Luke turned off his camera thingy on the wise advice of the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Woohoo!
  4. When the Millennium Falcon escaped from the giant space worm in The Empire Strikes Back. Enough said. 
    darth maul with hood
    Image Courtesy of Lucasfilm


  5. When Darth Maul drew his double-ended lightsaber. You saw it in the trailer and thought it was cool, it didn’t matter you’d already seen it when it happened for real, you knew it was gonna be awesome. And it was. We miss you Qui-Gon Jinn.
  6. Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker going at it with each other in the fight of all fights of the Star Wars series in Revenge of the Sith. You knew it was coming, you knew Obi-Wan was going to win, but you didn’t know how – and it was Anakin being blinded to his own arrogance. Obi-Wan gets the higher ground and, with a swift swoosh of a blade, causes Anakin's final transition to becoming Vader to be completed.
  7. The pod race in The Phantom Menace was a prime example of pure fun in a movie. It was a thrilling ride. It topped the race Leia and Luke had against the Storm Troopers on Endor in Return of the Jedi.
  8. When Anakin murdered the Younglings in Revenge of the Sith. This was the most chilling moment to ever happen in a Star Wars movie.
  9. When Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb flew the Millenium Falcon right at the viewer in Return of the Jedi. Watch it here on youtube. It's right after the infamous “It's a trap” from Admiral Ackbar.
  10. It’s a given that we have to include the moment when Vader says to Luke, “No, I am your Father.”  That blew everyone’s minds, didn’t it?

Special mentions:

  • When Yoda died in Return of the Jedi.
  • Luke Skywalker’s amazing flip to catch his lightsaber as R2-D2 fired it into the air from Jabba’s Sail Barge in Return of the Jedi.
  • When Han Solo said “I know” in response to Princess Leia's “I love you” in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • When Yoda stepped out of the shadows to fight Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones.

This list could have easily been another 90 moments long – what are yours?

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