Outdated Boomer Wisdom: 14 Notions That Have Aged Poorly

Does good advice have an expiration date? Turns out it does. From household hacks that no longer hold up to financial advice that's lost its relevance, prepare for a journey through a bygone era of wisdom. These helpful life lessons may have been good 20 years ago, but that's not the case today.

1. You Won't Always Have a Calculator in Your Pocket

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The funniest part about this is that even way back when we could still find cheap calculator watches or small devices that we literally did keep in our pockets and book bags. 

2. You Can Rest When You're Dead

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Hustle culture never seems to end, and started with boomers. Burning out is so common these days because we were taught never to stop working.

3. Stay Away From People Walking on the Street Talking To Nobody

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Back in the day, if you saw somebody having a whole conversation while being alone, they were crazy.

Today, however, they're just wearing their AirPods and talking on the phone.

4. Buy a House, Even if It Seems Like You Can't Afford It

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If there's one thing we learned from the 2008 housing market crash, it's that banks will offer you a loan even if you're not actually qualified.

The cost of housing continues to rise in America, but that doesn't mean there isn't a risk involved.

5. You Need To Go to College

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We've been told all of our lives the importance of a college education. In today's day and age, however, going to a trade school can offer something just as valuable. In addition, some trade jobs even pay more than you realize.

6. Stay With the Same Company Forever

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The days of staying at the same company are over. Employers are, unfortunately, no longer showing loyalty. So if you want that promotion, it's best to look elsewhere.

7. Don't Forget To Print Mapquest Directions

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Remember when you were going somewhere new and had to ensure you printed directions?

Now it's just an app on your phone.

8. You'll Never Be Successful Spending All Day Online

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Twenty years ago, the internet was still this new-ish thing. Today, it's such an important part of everyday life. Many people have made careers out of being online.

9. Online Dating Is Bad

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It feels like meeting someone in person is the exception, and online dating is typical.

10. Don't Get In Cars of Strangers or Meet People Online

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It used to be sound advice not to take rides from strangers. Today, though, people use ride-sharing apps to request rides from strangers.

11. No One Takes Online Applications Seriously

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While there is a certain art and appreciation by some employers for an application and job interview process that happens entirely in person, that's the exception today. Instead, many recruiters prefer you apply online.

12. Memorize Now Because You Can't Access It Later

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To be fair, no one expected we'd have access to any information we want in our pockets 24/7.

13. Girls Shouldn't Pursue Guys

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One female dater recounts, “I remember when my dad told me as a teenager never to be the one to pursue a guy,” Maybe that was to keep me safe in my youth. But I've realized that most men worth being with are either shy or oblivious, and I have no choice but to make the first move.”

14. Let Your Phone Batteries Die

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Technology has changed over the past few decades. For example, phone batteries may have been stubborn before, but they can take constant charging today.

15. Don't Take PTO in the First Year of a New Job

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It used to be looked down on to take any time off in the first year of your new job, but people are prioritizing their own lives now and taking charge of their time off. Most jobs nowadays don't have any issue with time off!

16. Be Persistent With Dates

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Older generations will give out the bad advice to just keep trying to pursue the person you like, even if they're not interested. Not only is this annoying, but it can really worry and put someone's safety at risk. Best not to follow this advice!

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