Cute and Comfy Outdoor Picks for Any Budget

Summer is in full swing, and no matter your annual income, getting your yard ready for sun and fun is on everyone’s to-do list. Spending for outdoor recreation is a 374 billion dollar business annually, and now that we can finally get together in person, there’s certainly no slowing down on sprucing up our outdoor spaces. So, whether your budget is $100 or $10,000, there’s something for everyone to help bring the summer fun.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture accounts for millions of the outdoor furniture market and can include everything from tables and chairs to grills, patio brick pavers, plants, bench seating, smokers, and griddles.

No longer is the patio just for afternoon cookouts. Breakfast, brunch, a lazy afternoon tea engagement, or even cocktail hour can all be enjoyed on a well-appointed patio setup. So, here are some favorite picks for decking out your backyard patio this summer.

  • The Devoko 4 Piece Patio Set – This set comes with two chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee-table-style arrangement that is perfect for afternoon company. At under $100, it’s also a budget-friendly option for anyone on a tight financial leash.
  • Mainstays Belden Park 4 Piece Set – This seating furniture comes with two chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table of sorts. The chairs offer thick cushions, a must for a lengthy visit as the days get longer. At around $350, this set is climbing but still worth the investment if you’re looking to upgrade or redo your patio set.
  • Style Selections Melrose 5-Piece Patio Set – A bit pricier at $630, while this set advertises five pieces, it actually only comes with two chairs and a square table, despite what the pictures showed. More chairs and an umbrella are likely available at an extra cost.
  • Forever Patio Hambrick Teak 5 Piece Lounge Set – This lounge set is upscaling at $2951. With its baby blue cushions, slotted table, and overall chic feel, it’s certainly worth mentioning.
  • Laguna 7-Piece Sofa Set by Westminster Teak – This beautifully appointed 7-piece set comes with a 60-inch sofa and quick-drying cushions, which are great for a summer pool party. At nearly $8000, this is a set for luxury indulgence fit for premium guests.
  • Calypso Teak Conversation Set – Set at $15,300, luxury can come home with this gorgeous 9-piece u-sectional. The set includes two corner chairs, left and right armchairs, and five armless chairs that can connect together with steel clips to make a large seating area for all your summertime guests.

Smokers and Grills

  • Royal Gourmet 30†Charcoal Grill – This easy to use grill is perfect for anyone on a tight budget. Easy to assemble and spacious enough for any size get-together, this grill can handle whatever you have in mind for it. And with an offset smoker, you can really impress your guests.
  • Coleman Roadtrip Classic Grill – Coleman is a household name, trusted by millions for their outdoor gear. Their road trip grill, at just over $200, is a must-have for anyone heading out for adventure or hosting friends or family this summer. Large enough to handle platters of meat, this inexpensive grill can do it all and will serve your family for years to come.
  • RecTec B380 Bullseye Wood Pellet Grill – This smoking hot grill, which can get up to 749 fiery degrees, will outperform just about any grill on the market and is compact enough for any size backyard. Priced at $400, this little slice of summer luxury is priced to fit any budget.
  • Cal Flame Gourmet Gas Grill – A 4-burner propane grill, ready to handle any weekend party. With four separate burner options, you can grill vegetables next to your steak for heart-healthy options that will make your mouth water. If you like gas grills, you can’t go wrong with this option, priced at a healthy $1693.
  • Weber Summit Grill Center – Whether you like natural gas or propane, this grill center is ready to take on all your grilling needs to give you a tasty, satisfying meal for you and your guests. Priced just under $3900, this is a steal for such a great, well-known brand. And with rotisserie, sear, and side burners, this grill really can do it all.
  • Champion Tuff Grills TG48 – If you want to take your grilling to the next level, look no further than the Champion Tuff TG48. This heavy-duty grill offers two options, 4ft and 5ft of cooking surface space. Cast iron grids and stainless steel exterior walls with cool jacket technology keep the outside surface cool to the touch and safe for little helpers. Wood burning and gas log igniters allow for cooking of your choice, and with a price range of $9700-$11,000, this king of summer grilling is a must-have for any serious outdoor chef with a budget to match.

Lighting Options for Any Budget

When it comes to outdoor lighting and decor, no two styles are the same. But don’t let that get you down because this list has everything you’ll need to add a little ambiance to your outdoor space.

  • Sunthin Outdoor String Lights – String lights are a huge favorite for getting lights up quickly, efficiently, and on any budget. Classy and easy to use, these lighting options never get old. Amazon sells these for $34 a set; even a shoestring budget can justify this expense.
  • Traditional Shade Lamp-Bronze – This beautifully crafted lamp will give light to any seating area, providing plenty of light in a classy setting. Running at around $258, it’s great for any size budget.
  • Elliot Bay 28†Outdoor Table Lamp – This stylish lamp is great to use as the centerpiece for any outdoor table. Its contemporary design will offer light for any nighttime rendezvous. At $716, it’s an investment worth making for your outdoor space.
  • Livex 4-Point Light Lamp – An ornate lamp that's perfect for any entryway door. Tall and stately, it’ll light up any patio door and look gorgeous doing it. It’s a steal at $745, if you have the money to spend.

Patio Decor

Depending on your personal style, you can get everything from mosaic tiles and Bohemian-style mats to table and garden statues and everything in between. For a custom piece, prices range from $20 to $1000; the price is yours to pick. That being said, here are a few favorites that never go out of style.

  • Costway Indoor/Outdoor Spiral Planters – These earthy planters offer unique plant-like structures that will spruce up any deck or patio with their understated style. And at $136, they’re easy on any budget.
  • Rustic Potter 32†High Garden Fountain – What patio garden would be complete without a beautiful fountain to add tranquility and a sense of peaceful calm? This gorgeous offering from Lamps Plus runs about $270 and is well worth the spend if your budget allows it.
  • Double Helix Lyman Wind Sculpture – If you’re into ornately designed wind instruments, you can’t beat the Double Helix from Lyman. At $750 for the small version, it’s doable for lower budgets. And if you happen to really like this sculpture, you can order any size up to ‘X-Huge’ for a ballpark figure of $12,100. Pick the right size for your space and budget, and they’ll ship it out pronto.

No matter your budget, you can find easy-to-use options for all your outdoor patio needs. From seating and comfortable furniture to a modern grill and great decor, there’s always something that works to match your style and budget. So enjoy shopping for any of the options listed above and turn up the fun because summer’s here to stay.

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