Marvel Overhauling ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Before a Single Episode Airs

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Marvel seeks new writers to revamp Daredevil: Born Again before a single episode airs on Disney+. The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Daredevil, starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil aired for three seasons on Netflix from 2015 to 2018; Daredevil: Born Again — also starring Cox — will debut on Disney+ sometime in the future.

Variety reports, “The Disney+ series from Marvel Studios has recently parted ways with head writers Chris Ord and Matt Corman and is currently seeking new writers to revamp the show. Ord and Corman will still be credited as executive producers. And with less than half of the series’ 18-episode order shot prior to the beginning of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Marvel has also released the directors for the remaining episodes of the season. Some elements of the already shot material will be used going forward, but Marvel is looking to take the show in a new creative direction.”

Daredevil: Born Again Features Other Returning Actors from the Netflix Series

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Image Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney+.

According to Variety, Disney+ had Daredevil: Born Again scheduled for a spring 2024 premiere but paused production due to the WGA strike. The show remained on indefinite pause when the SAG-AFTRA strike began shortly after and cannot resume production until an agreement is reached, although negotiations are ongoing right now. Daredevil: Born Again features returning actors Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin and John Bernthal as Frank Castle/Punisher. Similar to DaredevilThe Punisher aired for two seasons on Netflix before those seasons migrated to Disney+ after the House of Mouse regained licensing rights.

“We've only just started shooting,” said D'Onofrio to Newsweek earlier this year. “I think we're a couple weeks in, and the show is going to be very, very different than the Netflix show, and it's so exciting because what we're doing is quite something.” He continued:

“I think it's something that people are not going to expect. But, always with these Marvel old comic stories that are being revisited and reinvented by us actors, and the writers, the main thing is to answer the fans. To give them what they want but try to be original in some way at the same time, and so that's what we're doing on the show. It's definitely an original way to look at this, and it's really deep, really emotional.”

Although the first season of Daredevil: Born Again is already undergoing a significant makeover before production wraps, D'Onofrio is already thinking ahead to season two. He told Newsweek, “And, by the second season, there are gigantic, gigantic payoffs—in the first season, too, but I can't say much about that—but the fans are gonna really get what they want. It's really quite cool to be doing it.”