Overlord Season 5: When will the new episodes start?

Overlord Season 5 does not have a start date yet. For this, the fantasy anime will be continued elsewhere for the time being.

Starting ten years ago as a light novel, Overlord has now developed into a massive franchise. At its head is the anime adaptation of the same name. Since its Japanese television premiere in the summer of 2015, four seasons have been released. What's the status of Overlord Season 5?

Overlord Season 5: Sequel Must Wait For Theatrical Release

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Overlord Season 5: When will the new episodes start? 4

Before the series continues, a new movie will be released. The movie is called “Overlord The Movie: The Holy Kingdom” and follows the fourth season. After season 4 adapted volumes 10,11 and partly 12 from the novel, the movie will retell the story from volumes 12 and 13. This will be followed by Overlord Season 5 with the remaining volumes.

Possibly, the next season could even be the last. Kugane Maruyama, the author of the light novel, has already announced that he wants to end his series with volume 17. Each season so far implemented three volumes. If we assume that the fifth season will cover a similar or slightly larger amount of content, this should then be the series finale.

Bridge The Waiting Time: Anime recommendations like Overlord

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Overlord Season 5: When will the new episodes start? 5

There is no word yet on when the new film will be released. Possibly the theatrical premiere will take place at the beginning of next year at the earliest. Until then, you can bridge the waiting time with similar anime series. An alternative would be, for example, the fantasy epic Sword Art Online, in which the young Kirito has to conquer the virtual world “Aincrad”.

The anime GATE is also a clear recommendation on our part. The plot begins with a huge gate appearing in Japan out of nowhere, from which various mythical creatures pour. In response, the government sends a small troop of soldiers through the gate to solve the mysterious circumstances. You can watch both of these titles at the streaming provider Crunchyroll.