Escape the Hype: 13 Overrated Films You Should Definitely Avoid

Some people love these classic movies. Others, however, don't, and they're going to recommend you skip these 13 overrated movies that aren't worth your time.

1. The Great Gatsby (2013)

The Great Gatsby Carey Mulligan
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

While The Great Gatsby is a phenomenal film, especially on the heels of two prior adaptions and the ever-growing popularity of the book, it's actually a little long and lotta cheesy. Thus, the hype around this film was too much, despite it being great standing alone. 

2. Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

Perks of Being a Wallflower because of a Tumblr classic. Its popularity hit a niche, cult-like audience. However, as a result, a lot of its more important messages become overlooked and suddenly cliche. The over-hyped nature of it became its downfall, despite being incredible in its own right.

3. Inception (2010)

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

I don't get the hubbub over Inception. I've watched it three times, and I still do not understand why so many people (husband included) obsess over the greatness of this film. Nonetheless, we can all agree it's a highly discussed film.

4. The Godfather (1972)

the godfather 2
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The Godfather is one of the most popular movies of all time, but for some people, this epic crime drama about the mob doesn't land. When the movie came out, a lot of viewers didn't love the portrayal of Italian-Americans as criminals since they already were thought of as bad people in some circles. 

5. Scarface (1983)

Scarface Al Pacino
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

One person noted it received terrible reviews, and they didn't understand how it became a cult classic. Others say that the film can be sadistic and exploitative, but that's up to the viewer to decide. 

Scarface became a cult favorite for a lot of different types of people and it still taps into some of that 80s nostalgia, too.

6. Rosemary's Baby (1986)

Rosemary's Baby (1968)
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

A lot of people feel like Rosemary's Baby is slow and the plot twist isn't all that exciting. The movie is pretty predictable and by the time you get to the ending, the baby has just been born and you find out its true nature. A lot of people also don't love this movie because it's a Roman Polanski movie, as he's a controversial figure in Hollywood.

7. Titanic (1997)

titanic movie 1 e1668725996382
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

While Titanic still has a legion of dedicated fans, the movie can be really slow in a lot of places, especially after the ship hits the iceberg. It feels like too much of the movie is spent in the few hours of the disaster and not as much in the days before. Others feel like the movie shouldn't have been a flashback and just stayed in 1912 to tell the full story.

8. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson
Image Credit: Miramax Films.

While Pulp Fiction is often talked about as one of the best pieces of cinema ever, a lot of people online feel a different way. For one, some feel like the acting is good, but it's not these actors' best work. Others feel like the movie is good but it's nothing that should be praised as highly as it is nowadays.

9. Black Panther (2018)

Michael B. Jordan Black Panther Marvel Studios
Image Credit: Marvel Studios.

Black Panther means a lot to a lot of different people across the globe, and the movie took on another level for the Black community. But some people online think that while this movie was good, the acting wasn't all that great and that it fell short for some. 

10. Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Image Credit: Miramax Films

It's still a bit of controversy that  Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture. While many loved the movie, a lot feel like there are better movies, especially Saving Private Ryan. But in the modern age, it feels like Shakespeare in Love has been forgotten about while Saving Private Ryan still has a loyal fanbase.

11. The English Patient (1996)

english patientresize
Image Credit: Miramax Films.

A lot of viewers seem to agree that this movie is slow and boring. While many loved the book, the movie adaption fell short and they were extremely disappointed with this wildly loved movie.

12. The Notebook (2004)

the notebook
Image Credit: New Line Cinema

There was a time when hating this movie was cool because it was a romance movie and those were gross for a while. But now when others watch this film back, they realize how unrealistic this love story is and how frustrating the characters can be, not able to make a decision about their futures and who they love.

13. Avatar (2009)

Sam Worthington in Avatar (2009)
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

A lot of people either love Avatar or hate it. Some people just couldn't follow the plot line while others just weren't too keen on the blue aliens presented in the movie.