Oxford Club Communiqué Review (2023)

There are plenty of places to find investment ideas. Leveraging a trustworthy investing newsletter to guide your financial growth is wise, yet you also want to ensure it's affordable so you have plenty of cash to invest.

The Oxford Communiqué is a monthly publication that offers stock picks for various industries. It's also very affordable, with annual memberships as low as $49. This is much lower than competing newsletters, often costing over $100.

With its intriguing name and bargain pricing, you may be curious to learn more about this newsletter and its legitimacy. This Oxford Communiqué review covers the strengths and weaknesses of this service.

What is the Oxford Communiqué?

The Oxford Communiqué with Alexander Green is an entry-level newsletter providing subscribers with one monthly stock pick.

It is the flagship publication of the Oxford Club, which produces newsletters for various investing strategies like income, small caps, and trading. In addition to monthly stock newsletters, your subscription provides several free stock market digests and invitations to in-person events.

This newsletter is a good fit for most investors as analysts try to recommend stocks from many industries. In addition, these picks have high liquidity and are easy to trade with most investing apps.

Who is Alexander Green?

While several analysts contribute to the monthly issues, the senior editor is Alexander Green. He is also the Oxford Club's Chief Investment Strategist (CIS) and is at the helm of :

  • Oxford Microcap Trader
  • The Momentum Alert
  • The Insider Alert

Communiqué subscribers can get a preview of more advanced investing strategies through the monthly recommendations, as the newsletter has several model portfolios of different risk tolerances.

Mr. Green receives credit for the iconic Gone Fishin' Portfolio, the foundation for many investment portfolios. This sub-portfolio recommends funds that give exposure to many asset classes. As a result, you can hold long-term, even when there are no ideal short-term trading ideas.

Oxford Communiqué Stock Picks

Credit: Oxford Club

New Oxford Communiqué issues release on the third week of each month. Many picks include large-cap stocks – some of them being household names, like Verizon Communications (VZ) and CVS Health (CVS).

But they also include companies and ETFs that you might be less familiar with.

Mid-month portfolio updates dispatch as necessary. For example, a stock recommendation may hit its stop loss, the buy-up-to price is adjusted, or readers should invest now instead of waiting for the next publication date.

There are four model portfolios to take inspirations from:

  • Oxford Trading Portfolio: This is the core stock-picking portfolio for the monthly editions. These recommendations use stop losses to minimize downside risk.
  • Gone Fishin' Portfolio: A long-term, all-weather investing strategy that includes stock and bond mutual funds. You can rebalance annually and don't have to use trailing stops.
  • Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow: High-risk biotech companies that can earn significant gains if successful.
  • Oxford All-Star Portfolio: Individual stocks you can hold long-term and don't use stop losses.

Each portfolio has approximately 5-10 active recommendations at any time. As a result, you receive more investment ideas than most investing newsletters.

Oxford Communiqué Subscription Cost

A digital-only annual subscription costs $49 for the first year and then $79.

Additional subscriptions that include more features, such as mailed newsletters and exclusive research resources, can cost between $99 and $249 per year.

If you the Oxford Communique valuable, a lifetime membership costs $395 upfront plus a (very reasonable) annual $15 maintenance fee.

These costs run slightly less expensive than most entry-level newsletters. You can also receive more stock picks as there are several model portfolios.

365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Your annual subscription is accompanied by a 365-day refund period. If you don't like the service, you can request a refund.

(Note: You may be required to return the printed book they send you upon joining before receiving the refund.)

Double-Your-Money Guarantee

High net worth investors that invest at least $100,000 in the recommended stocks can get one year's subscription for free if their portfolio doesn't double.

Unfortunately, the newsletter won't reimburse your potential investment losses.

Only some stock recommendations will be profitable, but you may appreciate this backstop if you have enough cash to take up the challenge.

Is There an Oxford Communiqué Scam?

No, the Oxford Communiqué is a legit stock-picking newsletter. However, it's important to realize that not every pick will make money, so investing in several is essential to improve your odds of success.

At the same time, it has an affordable price, as similar newsletters charge as much as $199 per year, yet with Oxford you can receive similar recommendations for half the cost.

These additional Oxford Club benefits help readers understand the company's investment philosophy and provide additional value.

Pillars of Wealth

Oxford Wealth Pyramid

There are four core pillars that Oxford Club recommends to help reduce downside risk:

  • Oxford Wealth Pyramid
  • An Exit Strategy
  • Position Sizing
  • Cut Investment Expenses

The service wants to ensure investors have a diversified portfolio of individual assets and funds that fit their investment strategy. At the same time, the service seeks to recommend investments with minimal fees to optimize potential investment returns.

Still, investors must perform their due diligence as the service doesn't provide personalized advice.

Free E-Letters

There are four different electronic newsletters that you can subscribe to:

  • Liberty Through Wealth
  • Wealthy Retirement
  • Oxford Insight (Paid subscribers only)
  • VIP Trading Circle

As you can see, these publications cover many investment topics. Of course, you won't receive in-depth stock recommendations as with the paid services, but they can expand your investing knowledge.

These newsletters can also be an excellent supplement to free stock research tools.

Oxford Club Pros and Cons

Like any service, the Oxford Communiqué has pros and cons, and reviewing them can help you determine if it's a good option.


  • Four model portfolios: You can get new monthly stock picks in the trading portfolio. The Gone Fishin', All-Star, and Ten-Baggers portfolios also provide long-term investing ideas for conservative and aggressive investors.
  • Low subscription cost: Charging only $49 for the first year and $79 for each renewal makes the Oxford Communiqué one of the cheapest stock newsletters.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: You have a full year to test this service and decide if it's a good fit for your investment strategy.
  • Bonus reports: There are several bonus reports that can focus on a specific investing trend. Other reports can help you maximize your portfolio allocation to minimize taxable gains.


  • Not every stock pick makes money: It goes without saying but investing isn't risk-free. This publication can help you avoid bad investments, but sometimes the stock market is unfriendly even to good companies.
  • Marketing emails: Like most investment research platforms, expect daily marketing emails encouraging you to upgrade to their premium newsletters. However, the entry-level Communiqué is a great starting point and will probably have you deleting most of these reminders unless you're waiting for a special offer.

Who Should Subscribe to the Oxford Communiqué?

This service is ideal for investors with any amount of experience who want to buy individual stocks and hold them for several months or years.

Because of its low annual cost ($49 and then $79), investors with a small amount of money can easily recoup this fee with investment gains.

This is an entry-level newsletter, so the monthly recommendations won't be too aggressive for most investors, like an expensive, specialized newsletter.

Alternatives to Oxford Communiqué

These starter stock newsletters can also be worth considering.

Oxford Income Letter

The Oxford Income Letter is likely a better option if you're specifically interested in dividend stock exposure. However, there are many similarities to the Communique as you get four model portfolios:

  • Instant Income Portfolio
  • Compound Income Portfolio
  • High Yield Portfolio
  • Fixed Income Portfolio

You will receive a monthly issue and only pay $49 for the first year ($79/renewal). However, if you're not ready to commit to a  premium subscription, the free Ultimate Dividend Package provides several one-time reports with a few stock picks.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is probably the most comparable investment newsletter, as you get multiple investment ideas.

The best features include the following:

  • Two monthly stock picks
  • Weekly “Best Buys Now” updates
  • Starter Stocks portfolio for long-term investment ideas (similar to the Communiqué All-Star portfolio)

A new subscription costs $99 for the first year and then $199 annually and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee period.

Read our Motley Fool Stock Advisor review for more.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers

If you have a high-risk tolerance and a long-term investing horizon, you may also enjoy Motley Fool Rule Breakers.

This service provides two monthly stock picks of up-and-coming companies, mainly operating in the United States or coming from emerging markets.

The Oxford Club Communiqué offers similar suggestions with its Ten-Baggers model portfolio. So you may prefer to stick with the Communiqué as its subscription cost is significantly less.

Rule Breakers costs $99 for the first year and then $299 for each renewal. Because of its higher price, only consider this service if you're very aggressive and already have an established portfolio of “stable” individual stocks before dabbling in smaller companies.

Read our Motley Fool Rule Breakers review for more.


Use Zacks if you prefer in-depth research for short-term trades and analyst reports for just about any stock or ETF.

There is also a long-term investment portfolio for recommendations for at least one year.

This service is free for the first 30 days and costs $249.

As Zacks is somewhat expensive, use this if you want interactive stock research tools.

Curzio Research Advisory

Curzio Research Advisory is another affordable newsletter. You receive a monthly stock pick with monthly video updates. Paid subscribers also get access to a weekly podcast.

This service costs $99 per year.


As you can probably tell from this Oxford Club review, the Communiqué is an effective tool for helping investors find stocks and funds. Its low price and multiple investment ideas allow investors to access many investing ideas quickly.

The service may keep their better stock picks with more potential upside in the more expensive premium newsletters. However, the Oxford Communiqué is a great starting point for new investors.

Experienced investors with more cash flow may also use it as another research tool to expand their portfolio along with other services.

Josh founded Money Buffalo in 2015 to help people get out of debt and make smart financial decisions. He is currently a full-time personal finance writer with work featured in Forbes Advisor, Fox Business, and Credible.