Ozark: Why did Agent Miller arrest Navarro?

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Ozark season four, part one, ended with a cliffhanger as Maya Miller arrested Omar Navarro, which is understood more as a storytelling device than a rational decision.

Ozark made the first part of its season four series finale available in January 2022, and it did not disappoint with its plot twists and suggestions of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

As the series makes way for part two, on-going story arcs were subverted just as the narrative was starting to give viewers hope.

This is as for the best part of season four, part one, it seemed that the family was getting closer to getting their freedom from laundering money for the second largest Mexican drug cartel, the Navarros.

However, it took a confusing decision by FBI Agent, Maya Miller to subvert all of that, making way for part two of season four.

What did Maya Miller do in Ozark, season 4, part 1?

Ozark season four, part one dealt with the aftermath of Ben’s death, Wendy’s brother, which resulted in the family being called on by the head of the Navarro cartel, Omar.

He wanted Wendy and Marty to help strike a deal with the FBI that would enable him to travel between the United States (US) and Mexico freely, despite his long list of crimes.

While a tall order, the Byrdes managed to secure a deal with the FBI and ensured their freedom through the facilitation of FBI Agent Maya Miller.

However, the first part of season four ended with Miller deciding to renege on the agreement, choosing to arrest Omar at the airport.

Ozark: Why did Agent Miller arrest Navarro?

Considering that Agent Miller was part of the deal made between Omar Navarro and the FBI, that he would work as an informant for them in order to earn his freedom, she seemingly changed her mind at the last minute, putting her life, that of the Byrdes and those that are members of the cartel in danger.

The motivation for her decision is not clear, which has opened up discussions as to why she made the decision.

One of the most corroborated conspiracy was that her decision was fuelled by the manner in which her superiors spoke to her. Therefore, in an act of defiance, she decided to ruin the whole plan.

On the other hand, it has been suggested that it was her self-righteousness that spawned the idea, considering that there are crimes committed by the Byrdes that she has overlooked. Neither has been confirmed, as season four, part two is not out yet.

The real reason Agent Miller arrested Navarro

Ozark is known for its surprising and thrilling plot twists, which continually take the viewers on unexpected journeys with the characters of the story.

Considering that the hit Netflix original is set to end with the current fourth season, which has been divided into two parts- what better way to get fans hooked on a story by teasing the end ahead of the actual conclusion of the show.

Therefore, Agent Miller arresting Navarro is more a storytelling device, rather than a decision motivated by the character. Navarro’s arrest has opened the story up for the countless possibilities the second part of the series finale will take.

Why is Ozark season 4 in 2 parts?

Ozark season four is being released as a two-part instalment, with seven episodes each.

The decision was spawned from the producers of the show, who knew that they wanted to end the series with season four. However, they would need more episodes to succinctly tell the story properly.

Therefore, instead of creating a 10-episode season four and five, the producers opted for creating a 14-part series finale, which would be made and released in two parts.

Is Ozark season 4, part 2 returning in 2022?

Ozark released the first part of its season four series finale in January 2022, on Netflix.

Filled with plot twists and a cliffhanger, as the decision taken by Agent Miller to arrest Omar Navarro propels the story towards the second part of the season four series finale, the question is, when will it be released?

To date, Netflix has yet to confirm the release date of season four, part two. However, it is most likely that the second part of the season finale will be released during the second half of the year.


Ozark is now only seven episodes away from the end of the thriller-crime drama series, which followed a financial advisor and his family as they get involved with the second largest Mexican drug cartel. Season four, part one was released in January 2022.

Moreover, it provided all the thrilling, high stakes and plot twists that Netflix subscribers have come to expect.

Like Agent Miller unexpectedly arresting Omar Navarro, after a deal was struck between him and the FBI, which would have guaranteed the Byrde’s freedom.