7 Legitimate Ways You Can Get Paid To Lose Weight

Discover how to lose weight and earn money doing it!

Do you know that there are more than 1 billion obese people in the world?

That number continues to rise.

In today's fast-paced society, it's difficult to remain motivated to work on yourself with effort and determination. But maybe a little bit of money can change your mind.

We are referring to apps and sites that you can use to get paid to lose weight and stay fit. If that sounds interesting to you, let's continue!

Here's How You Make Money For Losing Weight

While it seems too good to be true, there are apps that can help you make money for losing weight. Although some of these websites have been around for more than a decade, they have only recently caught the public's attention. 

While there are hundreds of “make money losing weight” apps, we decided to highlight the most popular ones. 

7 Apps That Pays You To Lose Weight

1. HealthyWage – Where You Get The Most Profits 

Founded in 2009, HealthyWage is, without a doubt, one of the best weight tracking apps.

How it Works

The way it works is that you place a wager on yourself and stake $100 on a certain amount of fat loss. 

You get double your money back if you are successful in meeting your goal. However, if you fail to lose weight by the deadline, you should be ready to forfeit your money. 

Alternatively, if you fail to meet your target within due time, you can extend the deadline by adding to the bet. 

Maintaining focus on your fat reduction journey is easier with the help of accountability partners or groups. Therefore, HealthyWage offers its users a team plan to lose weight. 

This weight loss money challenge takes place in a team environment for three months, where you pay a monthly subscription of $33 each. In the end, the team with the greatest weight loss percentage gets paid an enormous reward of $10000

The app will either assign you a team if you are interested, or you can get one yourself by asking your friends or family to join.  

Is This App For You? – Pros & Cons

HealthyWage is the go-to platform for people wanting to get paid to lose weight as it pays you out in cash. You will not receive any gift cards or points. 

Furthermore, if you stay motivated, you will surely win major cash payouts once you sign up.

The only notable downside to the app is its strict accountability. It is impossible to reverse a bet once you have placed it, even in an emergency. The only exception would be if you became pregnant. 

 2. DietBet – Weight Loss Done the Healthy Way

DietBet is another app that helps people lose weight for money. It has a model similar to the one discussed above. You sign up for bets or games with a team and set a goal. Ultimately, the total prize is distributed in accordance with each member's weight loss. 

The program stands out as it encourages healthy fat loss rather than rewarding huge weight changes. 

There are three different weight loss money challenges that you can participate in: 

  1. Kickstarter: short-term plan for 28 days to help you lose 4% of your body weight
  2. Transformer: a six-month-long plan to lose 10% of your body weight
  3. Maintainer: a long-term challenge to help you maintain your initial weight

It costs a minimum of $25 to place a bet on any program, and the prize money will vary depending on how many people are on your team. If you complete your goal, you will at least receive a return on your investment.  

Is This App For You? – Pros & Cons

DietBet's system is built to encourage long-term weight reduction plans rather than quick solutions. It is an app that pays you to lose weight effectively over the course of months.

Moreover, you do not receive gift cards or points to convert into cash. Instead, you receive money paid directly to your PayPal account.

The disadvantage of DietBet is that you make money for losing weight in humble amounts. It all depends on who you are competing against. 

Essentially, the more winners you have within your team, the less you will be paid. 

3. Evidation – More Than Just Weightloss

Evidation's business model differs from its competitors. While the app still allows you to make money-losing weight, it tracks your efforts instead of fat reduction

The app pays for your efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means you earn rewards for registering various activities in the data log, such as:

1. Doing physical exercise 

2. Sleeping patterns

3. Engaging in meditation

4. Sharing on social media, etc.

You can earn up to 80 points daily for entering your daily routine and efforts. Evidation has a basic approach of “$10 for every 10000 points”. You can receive your rewards in 5 to 7 business days. 

This weight loss app is available on IOS and Android and works with a number of sites and devices, including FitBit, Apple Health, etc. 

Previously known as Achievement, Evidation gained quite a reputation among users wanting to make money for losing weight. 

Is This App For You? – Pros & Cons

It is refreshing to see a weight loss platform that does not blindly check your body weight. Evidation helps its users to develop a healthy lifestyle while rewarding them for it. Thus, you are not only losing weight, but you are also becoming a better person. 

Moreover, it is a free app that rewards you in cash and not unwanted gift cards. 

Unfortunately, the first payout can take up to several months as it is a slow process. It would take at least four months to earn your money by earning 80 points a day. 

4. STICKK – Fight For Your Dollars

STICKK is another fitness platform not limited to a weight loss challenge for money. It rewards its users for completing any fitness goal, including regular exercise or marathon participation. 

Upon signing up for the app, you're asked to sign a Commitment Contract, which details that if you fail to meet your goals, you forfeit your money. 

You will be assigned a “referee” to keep track of your progress. Usually, your accountability partner will be your family or friend.

A short-term plan requires a report when it's completed, and long-term plans require weekly reports. It is this referee who decides whether you have successfully completed your journey. 

If you don't achieve your goal, you can choose whether the money you bet goes to Stickk, a charity, or any other individual. 

Is This App For You? – Pros & Cons

Essentially, in STICKK, you decide the money you want to bet on yourself. There is not a specific amount set by the app developers. 

One of the unique and perhaps discouraging aspects of the platform is that you do not get paid to lose weight. You are forced to fight for your money by having it bound up in a contract. 

If you fail to reach your weight loss target, you lose the money. 

5. Walgreens – A Change In Your Lifestyle

There isn't an American who hasn't heard of Walgreens. Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy corporation, operating for around a century. 

Now it has a website that pays you to lose weight. Or at least something similar. 

MyWalgreens is a Balance Reward Program that rewards its users for healthy life choices. The program is aimed at helping its customers have a lifestyle around fitness. You can sign up for free, and it lasts four weeks. 

Walgreens allows you to monitor your progress with a fitness device or app linked to your account. It rewards participants for completing the program every week.

You are awarded for various tasks such as running, walking, cycling, etc. Those rewards can be redeemed at Walgreens stores.

Is This App For You? – Pros & Cons

The MyWalgreens weight loss program is free of risk since there is no signup fee. Additionally, if you are a regular shopper at Walgreens, you can easily take advantage of the benefits that you earned. 

The biggest shortcoming of this app is that you can only earn a limited amount of money. Furthermore, you can only use the rewards in Walgreen’s pharmacy stores. 

6. FitCoin – Because Crypto Is The New Trend

Yes, there is an app that rewards you in crypto for staying healthy and fit. 

I'm talking about FitCoin, the ultimate balance between fitness and cryptocurrency. The app basically rewards its users for taking a few steps while walking toward work or school. 

It measures your physical activity and converts the energy used into cryptocurrency via an algorithm. You can then cash out these virtual tokens once you have amassed enough. 

Unlike other apps that pay to lose weight, the outcome of FitCoin might not be as impressive as you might expect. Avid gym freaks will earn quite a lot, no doubt. However, this might not be of much benefit if you use it as a side income. 

As the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is slowly taking over, it might not be such a bad idea to join the trend. 

Is This App For You? – Pros & Cons

One of the most appealing features of FitCoin is that it rewards you with the most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. If you're a beginner trying to join the virtual cash industry, this seems like a good start. 

Moreover, the platform rewards enthusiastic users generously for their efforts. If you spend at least an hour at the gym, it's time to start making money from it. 

Unfortunately, FitCoin relies on external sources to track your exhaustion. In other words, if you didn't have a tracking device such as FitBit or Samsung Band, you will have to get one now.

7. SweatCoin – Make Your Exhaustion Count

SweatCoin is a modern take on the weight loss money challenge. It has the basic structure of “get paid to walk.” By tracking your steps and monitoring your walk distance, it rewards you for staying fit. 

These points are redeemable for memberships within the platform or even as Paypal cashouts. In addition, the brand partners with Save The Children. You can thus donate SweatCoins to a worthy cause. 

Unlike its other counterparts, this “get paid to lose weight” app is a recent release. Currently, SweatCoin has more than 860 million coins in circulation since its launch in April 2022. 

Is This App For You? – Pros & Cons

SweatCoin became immensely popular thanks to its simple rewards system. You just take your phone when you go out and earn money! No matter what chores you do or where you walk to work, you'll now earn points for every step you take. 

However, it is not without flaws. The app does not give a significant reward. You can collect points but it takes quite some time to fill your wallet. 

Moreover, SweatCoin is a one-dimensional earning system. This means there are not many earning opportunities besides walking. You may make money for losing weight, but you cannot get paid for exercising or any other physical activity.

Tips and Tricks To Help You Stay Motivated

It is not easy to lose weight. Attaining a healthy body weight takes years and months, and yet it is not the most difficult part of the regime.

The key and the most challenging aspect of weight loss is staying committed and maintaining an active lifestyle. You will always face challenges and distractions. Thus, we decided to help you stay motivated during your weight loss journey.

1. Discipline – Motivation Doesn't Last Long

The reason why short-term commitments are easier to complete than long-term initiatives is that motivation eventually wears off. It is part of human nature. However, what remains behind is discipline. 

When you are losing weight, it is imperative that you establish a routine and regime that you stick to and follow. This may include a daily goal to accomplish and a schedule to adhere to. 

You will be more likely to achieve your goal if you force yourself to follow the targets, even if motivation wanes along the way. 

2. A Workout Plan – What Works For You

Weight loss is an individual pursuit. Hence what is effective for the rest of the world may not work for you. Even if you hope in make money for losing weight, the first step to your weight loss journey is figuring out what exercise plan works for you

Running daily might be more effective than going to the gym, or vice versa for some people. The key is to figure out your favorite physical activities and stick to them until you reach your ideal weight. 

You may quit before you have settled into following a plan that only exhausts you. Take baby steps towards weight loss by choosing something that helps you relieve your stress and something you are familiar with. 

3. Accountability Partner – Oldest Trick In The Book

Having someone cheering you on and motivating you to complete your exercise is possibly the most fun way to stay on board with your plan. 

This accountability partner may be someone who shares the same goals as you. It is also more beneficial when you are working in the same direction and taking efforts together to work towards it. 

Therefore, seek out a partner within the weight loss community. It would be even better if they are willing to join you in the weight loss challenge for money. 

4. Social Media – Let The World Cheer You On

Losing weight is a journey fraught with wins and losses. As a result, you feel special when there are so many people celebrating your success.

Track your progress and let your friends and family know when you reach major milestones. Support from those you love can motivate you to reach even further than you imagined. 

You might even inspire some struggling individuals along the way if you are open about your progress. Nothing motivates you more than to help someone set out on a difficult journey. 

5. Practical Goals – Knowing Your Limits

Setting extreme weight loss goals will only benefit you for a short period. Staying motivated for an extended time is difficult when you push yourself daily. You should therefore start small.

Start with a small, achievable goal, especially if you are new to “get paid to lose weight apps.” As you invest more time in them, you will get accustomed to the exhaustion and eventually move on to a larger one.

It is better to gradually increase your workout program rather than exhaust yourself immediately. Be consistent rather than focusing on high levels of accomplishment for a short time.

Time To Start Earning Dollars!

Losing weight is not an easy endeavor, but it can be more enjoyable if you know you are earning a little money from it. It is time to adopt a healthy lifestyle and be paid for it. Thus you should take complete advantage of the apps and platforms that pay to lose weight. 

If you cannot figure out what your favorite app is that can help you get paid to lose weight, try the best one and work your way around from there.

Sure, it will be exhausting at first, but once it gets established, you'll gain a steady side-income source for a long time.

Earn money from home by starting your weight loss journey today!

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