Part-Time Sales Jobs: One of The Best Ways to Make Extra Money

If you're looking for one of the most legitimate ways to make $1,000 or more every month on the side, I would recommend a part-time sales job!

While this might seem a bit unorthodox considering the gig-economy and all the different side hustle options that are out there, in my opinion, one of the quickest ways to make money regardless of your profession is doing something that is commission incentivized.

In this article, we will quickly explore:

  • Why you should really consider part time sales jobs
  • The benefits of commission sales aside from just money
  • How to land a part time sales job

Why Part Time Sales Jobs Rock!

As a teacher, each summer I have off and because of this I am able to spend my free time working out, cleaning the house, but also making extra money!

One summer, I decided to take my communication skills and put them to the test – I landed a part-time sales job with a friend's roofing company.

By the end of my second week, I had made $500 in one day before lunch and had another $1,000 in commission by the end of the day.

Never in my life had I made $1,500 in one week, let alone a single day.

Now, let me first preface this with any time you are talking about making extra money you will need to dedicate energy and time in some capacity. You know this, but nothing happens by chance.

That being said, unlike normal part-time jobs, a commission based or “Sales Job” actually has many benefits aside from just money!

The Benefits of Part-Time Sales Jobs:

What most of us sometimes fail to recognize, is the fact that sales really get a bad wrap, largely in part to a few bad seeds.

No one want's something impressed upon them or wants to deal with high-pressure sales techniques that create buyer's remorse. Unfortunately, sometimes sales can get misjudged because of this.

However, it's vital to recognize that in life, most of what we do is in a sense selling.

  • The teacher sells students on education
  • A man sells his potential wife on marrying him
  • Most employees sell themselves daily to keep their job by doing a good job
  • The earliest humans sold their ability to hunt and gather to remain a part of the group

While this is a unique way of looking at sales, in the end, most of the big name entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Grant Cardone and even Bill Gates, were not only amazing visionaries – they are/were amazing at sales!

A part time sales job can actually help you in ways you could never imagine, here is how:

You Will Learn About Business

What most small business owners will tell you, it's not the knowing of what to do or how to do it, but it is the marketing and landing of clients that they always struggle with the most.

The best plumber in the world can quickly become the worst plumber if he/she doesn't have any clients to plumb for.

That being said, if you have ever considered starting a business of your own, a great way to get your feet wet before jumping all in the self-employed quadarant is to practice your sales!

Landing a part-time sales job can not only help you make extra money, but it can help you learn a trade, how to handle people, grow your communication skills, and get out of your comfort zone!

You Can Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don't be the person who immediately says I am not a “Sales Person.”

Keep in mind, no one is naturally. People confuse sales with having to go door to door selling people on something they don't want.

When I think of something that is commission based, I think of someone providing a service of value and receiving a percentage in exchange for their hard work and effort.

Those who immediately throw out the, “Oh I am not a salesperson,” or “I am not a people person,” ultimately miss out on TONS of opportunities for leadership and career growth.

Instead of denying self-improvement by using sales as a confidence builder, embrace sales!

Whether you want to overcome the fear of people, fear of talking to crowds, or maybe you just want to sharpen your communication skills, sales is a great way to do this.

Many sales jobs offer training and book lists to help you improve in many areas too! And with companies always looking for ways to increase their profits, you can be of service by offering yourself for a part time sales role!

Sales Jobs All For Flexbility

Unlike your traditional 9-5 or even part-time jobs that require you to be on-site, many sales jobs allow for flexibility.

Responding to emails, using your phone to call clients when your driving and booking your own appointments is necessary, but it's also flexible!

When you avoid common time wasters and manage your time correctly, you can capitalize on a sales side hustle whenever!

Most part time sales jobs can be:

  1. Flexible around your schedule.
  2. Most companies are always looking for more knowledgeable people to help scale their businesses.
  3. The commission is often more lucrative than an hourly wage.
  4. Is super fun to interact with people

So in no effort to “Sell You,” on why you should seriously consider a part time sales job, if you're sold – here is how to land a part time gig!

How to land a commission-based, part-time job:

The first step in landing a part-time sales job is to actually avoid the internet, but instead, tap into your “Power Base.”

Tap into your power base:

When starting a company most business coaches will say tap into your power base, aka your network. Let friends, family, and anyone in your network know you have started a business.

The same concept can be said for you landing your new sales side hustle. Make a list of all the business owners you know or even sort of know.

Now take that list and one by one see if you could add any value to their business in a part-time capacity by offering yourself as a sales liaison.

For example, let's say you know someone who owns a CrossFit gym. How could you add value to their gym?

Well, chances are they would need more clients. Reach out, tell them you would like to see how maybe you could help them with landing more clients for their gym. Or maybe they have clients, they just need someone to help renew packages.

After you have made your list and reached out to some business owners chances are you will find someone who is interested in hiring and training you so long as you have a good working relationship and a desire to do well.

From there the great separator is staying organized, following up, and being of service to the owner you work with and the potential clients you will work with and you will see commission come in!

Visit LinkedIn or Indeed

LinkedIn and Indeed are taking over the job recruiting world. They both offer countless lists of job offerings including part time sales jobs!

Simply visit Indeed or LinkedIn and see what is available. It isn't hard to find things that may interest you.

And since it's a part time sales job, you have negotiation power and the ability to say no since you have a full time gig!

Google “Part Time Sales Jobs Near Me”

Another way to find a part-time sales job is to simply search for it.

By pulling up your favorite search engine and typing in any of the following:

  • part time sales jobs with commission
  • part time sales job near me
  • part time sales job

Will net you plenty of results and opportunities. While I still personally prefer working for a friend simply because you can create expectations together, if you find a great match online – go for it!

Most companies aren't opposed to increasing their revenue and if you're solely commission based, the only thing the might lose is a little time training you!

Bonus: What Else is There Besides Part Time Sales?

If part time sales is really not something you dig, there are legitimate way to make a $1,000 or more per month.

For example, you can use this list of 18+ ways to make $1,000 per month in what would most likely be considered more of a “Side hustle fashion.”

That being said, recongize that the element of doing something different might initially scare you, but that is OK.

I constantly hear the fear of sales excuses, but let's face it we are all in sales in one way or another as stated earlier. Not being bound to a contract and having flexibility is nice and typically when you make sales, the commission is higher than a normal side hustle.

However, if you want to explore other options like working from home or tutoring, check these out here:

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Question: Would you ever consider a part-time sales job?

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