The Party’s Finally Over: Party City Declares Bankruptcy

The largest party supply chain in the United States has filed for bankruptcy protection in Texas today, casting doubt over the company's future.

Citing decreased customer spending and increased competition from big-box stores like Target, Party City has experienced several consecutive years of losses. One of the biggest reasons for the chain's struggles was a recent nationwide helium shortage, which led to their highly-important year-round balloon business suffering.

Party City has since gone on record by saying that their balloon business is the “focal point of our growth strategy and are a key driver of our differentiated brand experience.”

With Party City seemingly going down the same road as retailer Bed Bath & Beyond, social media users have expressed their opinions on another American company possibly going under – by using humor and sarcasm in their Twitter posts.

Twitter user SupermoonPics laid down some heavy sarcasm with a tongue-in-cheek explanation for why Party City has declared bankruptcy:

This user uses an apt Marvel Cinematic Universe reference to express the feelings she's currently going through:

MrAlexisPereira really seems like he's speaking from personal experience as he theorizes how Party City is in the position it's currently in:

Spirit Halloween stores may be standing at the ready to jump on any vacated commercial space left over by Party City, as this user suggests.

There seems to be a story behind this particular tweet that the internet would love to hear:

Twitter user adgirlMM brings politics into the conversation by suggesting Americans haven't felt like partying ever since Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election:

This particular user doesn't seem to mind that Party City is in danger of going out of business, citing environmental benefits if the company doesn't survive:

There were some users – like hipstermermaid – who will miss Party City, proclaiming the company taught her it was “okay to be weird.”

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