Passion Posts Review – Writing Service Review and Coupon (After Ordering $41,000 Worth of Content)

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When you visit any website on the internet, you are probably looking for something you have limited information about.

These websites have to keep their information as up to date as possible.

Even when you post on your blog, you need to have good quality posts that will bring in traffic to your sites.

In most cases, you might be compelled to write these posts as a blogger.

This is good because you learn how to write articles that bring visitors to your site.

However, you may have more articles than you can handle.

This is when you might decide to take on outside help for writing these articles.

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For many bloggers, it is hard to find writers that will give you what you want.

The most common places for you to find writers are freelancing sites.

These sites are a marketplace for writers that are looking for jobs.

There is no way to vet these writers and even if they were, quality control has always proved to be hard.

This is where dedicated writing sites come in.

They offer you writing services from experienced and talented writers. There are many on the internet.

However, the one that piqued my interest is Passion Posts.

This particular writing service gives you writers that are interested in their work as opposed to those that want to make money.

We shall explore more on Passion Posts as the article goes on.


What are Passion Posts?

Passion Posts is a platform that employs a team of experienced and devoted writers to help you write blog posts for your readers.

They specialize in writing but also offer other services like passion lists, passion designs, passion edits, passion press, passion pics and passion points.

All these are products that will be made available to users once the routine maintenance on the site is completed.

They boast a team of 62 dedicated writers to help you create the best blog posts possible for your readers.


How does Passion Posts work?

This is an experienced team of writers that help you create a good blog post.

When you check out the website, you find that these writers are split into different categories that match their own interests.

As the name says, “Passion”, you find that most of these writers do not write about things they know.

They usually write about their interests.


Keep this in mind as you may find a writer on this platform qualified as a professional in a different field yet delivering articles in another.

As I write this article, the website is mostly specialized in the following areas:



1. Animals.

Here, you get coverage on your favorite fury animals like dogs, cats, horses, farm animals and general wildlife.

You also cover their diets, welfare, first aid, training and management, healthy food and breeding.

This can suit blogs related to animals.

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2. Food.

Here, you get coverage on food related articles including healthy eating, recipes for vegetarians, general nutrition, food preservation, food to eat during pregnancy, home cooking, canning food, coming meals, baking, cake baking, coffee and organic eating.

This helps you to get attractive articles in this niche. This is a very marketable niche as the biggest websites attract an average of 82 million visitors per month.

This is a good place to get a portion of that coming to your blog.


3. Music.

In this niche, you get access to articles about audio productions, instruments and their maintenance, instrument repairs, music theory, musical equipment, gear and accessories, music history, production and educatio3.n, sound engineering, Ukulele, teaching music, piano amongst others.

This is a starting point for you to get interesting and unique articles in the music niche.


4. Business and finance.

This is one of the top 5 most popular niches for bloggers.

When you check out the platform, you get a lot of quality blogs relating to the following subcategories:

  • Aviation safety, security, health and service.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Branding
  • Business
  • Business management
  • Communication
  • Communication of ideas
  • Critical thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Graphic design
  • Home financial planning
  • Leadership
  • Managing a music school
  • Marketing
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Online marketing
  • Problem solving
  • Search engine optimization
  • Solutions focused psychology
  • Starting a business
  • Time planning and management
  • Web development
  • Windows and Linux
  • WordPress
  • Working from home.


5. Health and wellness.

This is the most popular niche as of January 2022.

You are sure to have a lot of visitors if you can upload good quality content on your platform.

This niche is sub divided into categories that include:

  • Addiction Rehabilitation
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Birth
  • Cannabis Skin Care
  • Diet
  • Essential Oils
  • Fitness
  • Gym
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
  • Healthy Eating for All Ages
  • Importance of Good Gut Health
  • Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Medical Ethics
  • Medical Health
  • Medical Law
  • Medicine
  • Medical Sciences and Scientific Discoveries
  • Medicinal Plants and Herbs
  • Meditation
  • Motivation
  • Musculoskeletal and Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Natural Baby Products
  • Natural Beauty
  • Natural Home Keeping
  • Natural Skin Care
  • Nutrition
  • Positive Psychology
  • Postpartum
  • Pregnancy
  • Running
  • Solutions Focused Psychology
  • Toxic-Free Childhood
  • Toxic-Free Living
  • Treating your health & body right
  • Veganism
  • Vegetarianism


6. Sports/hobbies/Outdoor

Here, you get posts that cover sports, hobbies and various outdoor activities that cover the subcategories below:

  • Acting
  • Animated Films
  • Basketball
  • Beekeeping
  • Bikes
  • Biking
  • Bodyboarding
  • Boxing
  • Bushcraft
  • Camping
  • Cars
  • Chess
  • Conventions
  • Cricket
  • Crochet
  • Event Planning
  • Exploring
  • Extreme Sports
  • Film
  • Firearms
  • Fishing
  • Gaming
  • Garden Planning & Management
  • Geocaching
  • Growing and Eating Organically
  • Growing Food and Vegetables
  • Hiking
  • Home Crafts
  • Home DIY
  • Homesteading
  • Hunting
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Kid’s Parties
  • Knifemaking
  • Knitting
  • Leatherwork
  • Magic The Gathering
  • Martial Arts
  • Outdoors
  • Photo Editing
  • Photography
  • Pottery
  • Power Tools
  • Prepping
  • Preserving Food
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sewing
  • Soccer
  • Sports
  • Surfing
  • Survival Skills
  • Tennis
  • Travel
  • Triathlons
  • UFC
  • Wedding Planning
  • Wool Work
  • Word Puzzles
  • Writing


7. Other

Here, you get access to articles that maybe not be considered under any niche.

They include:

  • Biology
  • Book Reviews
  • Cartoons & Animation
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Digital Art
  • Earth Sciences (volcanoes, geological formations, earthquakes, etc.)
  • English Literature
  • Folklore
  • Fountain Pens
  • French
  • Geography
  • Herpetology
  • History
  • History of Science
  • Horary Astrology
  • Human Physiology
  • Magic and Esotericism
  • Marriage
  • Metaphysics
  • Millennials & Generation Z
  • Mushrooms and Fungi
  • Mysticism
  • Mythology
  • Natal Astrology
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Positive Psychology
  • Science
  • Signs and Symbols
  • Solutions Focused Psychology
  • Stars & Planets
  • Stones & Crystals
  • Tattoos
  • Trees
  • Vaping
  • Weather
  • Wine


8. Education

Here, the subcategories include:

  • Education
  • Formal Schooling
  • Graded Music Examinations
  • Home schooling
  • Language And Auditory Perception
  • Managing a Music School
  • Managing a Music Teachers
  • Music Education
  • Special Needs Education
  • Studying Methods
  • Teaching Children
  • Teaching Children with Autism
  • Teaching Methods
  • Teaching Music


9. Lifestyle

This is another famous category for bloggers on the internet.

The platform gives you options that can be subcategorized in the following ways:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Beekeeping
  • Bushcraft
  • Cake Baking
  • Cake Decorating
  • Canning Food
  • Cars
  • Christian Lifestyle
  • Christianity
  • Coffee
  • Essential Oils
  • Exploring
  • Fatherhood
  • First Time Mom
  • Frugal Living
  • Garden Planning & Management
  • Growing and Eating Organically
  • Growing Food and Vegetables
  • Home Crafts
  • Home DIY
  • Home Keeping
  • Home Management
  • Home Organization
  • Homesteading
  • Household Decor
  • Indoor Plants
  • Interior Design
  • Knifemaking
  • Lifestyle Planning and Benefits
  • Living Disciplined
  • Low-Carb Lifestyle
  • Marriage
  • Motivation
  • Natural Baby Products
  • Natural Beauty
  • Natural Home Keeping
  • Natural Skin Care
  • Organizing
  • Outdoors
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy
  • Prepping
  • Preserving Food
  • Survival Skills
  • Toxic-Free Childhood
  • Toxic-Free Living
  • Travel
  • Vaping
  • Veganism
  • Vegetarianism
  • Wine
  • Women’s Clothing and Fashion
  • Women’s Make-Up & Beauty
  • Young Marriage
  • Youth Pastor


10. Tech.

This niche mostly covers articles dealing with the latest technologies in different fields.

The sub categories covered include:

  • 3D Printing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Alternative Energy
  • Camera Lenses
  • Cameras
  • Computers
  • Digital Art
  • Gaming
  • Photo Editing
  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Web Development
  • Windows, Linux

You can explore the various subcategories listed above so you can find an article that will suit your needs.

However, you should know that there are some sub categories that are listed in different categories.

This happens because of the creativity of writers combined with the interrelations of various topics that you come across on the internet.

For you to use this platform, you have to be a buyer of writing services or a writer seeking to join the team.

If you are looking to join the team as a writer, you have to apply for a position by sending your CV or writing samples to the email .

If you are a buyer, you have to follow these steps:

1. Place your order on the website.

This is done by selecting a package from the available pricing options on the website.

If you want a particular writer to write your posts, you can also include them in addition to your topic titles and requirements.

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You can then proceed to checkout.

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2. Receipt and confirmation of the order.

The platform has a person check the necessary requirements and topics you have selected to see whether they are in order so that it can be worked on.

This is to ensure that what you are asking for can be done by the platform.

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After the order is checked, you should expect to receive a confirmation email within 48 hours if everything is in order.

In some cases, you may be asked to clarify some details or provide additional information to enable you get access to a good quality article that will meet your needs.


3. Uploading the topic.

The topic and requirements are uploaded to a project management system known as CLOE.

This is set to be done within 7 days of placing your order with the platform.


4. Working on your project.

The project is then assigned to writers so that it can be worked on.

When the project is too big, it may take up to 14 days for the writers to start working on it.


5. Writing and delivering the posts.

The posts are then written and delivered to you in batches until the order has been completed.

Since the normal turnaround time is tow posts per writer per week, you should expect to get good quality posts.

In case the posts do not match up with your expectations, the platform gives you a chance to make revisions for you for free so that you can get what you need.

This is done to satisfy the customers.

Visit Passion Posts


Passion Posts Pricing

When you visit their home website, you will come across a pricing section.

passion posts plans

This pricing section has product plans that include:

1. Response post.

This is the most basic plan available on the platform.

The plan includes 1 response post that is 1000 – 1250 words long.

You can also access revisions in case there are areas you need to change. It costs you $60.

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2. Staple post.

This is the second plan available to users of the platform. It includes 1 staple post that is 2000 – 2500 words long.

It also includes free revisions if needed. You have to pay $110 to access this platform.



3. Staple post plus post.

This is the third plan available to users of the platform. It includes 1 staple post that is 3000 – 3500 words long.

You can ask for revisions and corrections for free. This plan costs you $175.


In addition to the above plans, you can get access to packs that include:

1. Response pack.

This pack combines 10 response posts worth $550.

Purchasing this pack helps you save over $50 from purchasing 10 individual response posts.


2. Staple pack.

This pack combines 10 staple posts worth $1000. This helps you save $100 when compared to purchasing 10 individual staple packs.


3. Staple plus pack.

Here, you get 10 staple-plus posts for $1,600.

This helps you save $150 as compared to buying 10 individual staple plus packs.


4. Full pack.

Here, you get 50,000 words, 15 staple posts and 10 response posts at $2000.

Power pack. Once you purchase this pack, you get 100,000 words, 30 staple posts and 20 response posts at $4000.


5. Ultimate pack.

Here, you get 150,000 words, 45 staple posts and 30 response posts. It costs you $6000.


6. Passion pack.

This pack entitles you to 200,000 words, 60 staple posts and 40 response posts.

It costs you $8,000.

This is the most expensive pack available on the platform.

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All payments are made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Refunds are also issued through PayPal within 7 days from the date that the refund was requested. Refunds can be issued in all items that you are not happy with.

This only applies if the refund request was made within 5 days of receiving the items.

Get Started With Passion Posts


Passion Posts affiliate program

This program was created to benefit the users whenever they refer someone to the Passion Posts platform.

The earnings are paid through the lifetime-based commission structure.

This means that whenever you refer a client to Passions posts, you will receive commissions every time they use any of their services for life.

The payments are made through PayPal.

When you join the program, you can benefit as described below:

  • 5% lifetime affiliate commissions for every client you refer.
  • 10% personalized coupon code to offer your audience.
  • Direct link tracking
  • 30-day cookie
  • Monthly payouts.


Pros of Passion Posts

There are many ways you can benefit while using this platform.

They include:

1. Affiliate program.

You have access to an affiliate program that can earn you some extra money from for a lifetime.


2. Great content for a blog.

The writers on this platform are well suited to deliver quality content to you.

The good thing about the platform is that the writers that write the articles for you are writing about their own interests as opposed to writing for money.

This means that they give enough time to their work.


3. Free revisions.

You have the chance to ask for revisions on any package that you are not contented with.

At times, you may need corrections in areas you think do not match up to your expectations.

This is done so you can get the best quality posts on the platform.


4. Online support.

You have the team at Passion Posts to help you out in any areas that may prove a disturbance while using the platform.

This helps improve usability of the platform.


Cons of Passion Posts

Despite the good work done by writers at Passion Posts, there are a few areas that could be worked on and they include:

1. Long turnaround time.

If you have a lot of work to be done in a short period of time, you may need to wait a little longer than usual.

This can take you up to over 6 weeks until your entire batch is completed.


2. No content optimizers.

There are no integrated platforms to help you add more value to the content so that it can reach the largest possible target audience.

This is something that could make this platform almost perfect.

However, there are no optimizers for now.

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Conclusion: Passion Posts Review – Should You Buy From Them?

I advise you to try out this platform. Although it is still fairly new, they provide you with the best possible content to upload on your website. To

In my opinion, they still have room to improve but they are already offering great value for money to all their subscribers.

With Passion Posts, you have a group of writers that are passionate about what they do.

They keep improving on the quality of content you get and they also offer free revisions to all your posts until you are satisfied with what you get.

All in all, you will surely get the best service from this platform.

I hope you found this Passion Posts review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which content package offered by Passion Posts are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends and family.

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