Paul Pelosi Attack Bodycam Footage Released and It’s Horrifying

Police bodycam footage from the October 28, 2022 attack on Paul Pelosi inside his San Francisco home was released today, sending social media into a frenzy.

In the graphic video, Paul, husband of Nancy Pelosi, is shown being struck in the head by a hammer wielded by David DePape.

The video was released thanks to a state of California court order. Audio footage of DePape's post-arrest interrogation has also been released, with audio of DePape saying, “Well, I was going to basically hold her hostage, and I was going to talk to [Nancy Pelosi].”

Conspiracy Theories About Pelosi Attack Remain

Sentiment across Twitter has been nearly unanimous in regarding the footage as horrifying, but that hasn't stopped many conspiracy theorists to continue to push their theories on what really happened on October 28.

The footage is graphic and users like atrupar are openly wondering why news organizations across the United States have shared it widely even though it “basically amounts to a snuff film.”

User CollinRugg is wondering why a family as powerful as the Pelosi's seemingly have no home security system in place to prevent something like this:

Twitter user kylegriffin1 has gone on the record by saying people like Elon Musk should be “ashamed” for spreading conspiracy theories about the attack:

Users like rising_serpent makes sure to point out that both men in the attack video were, “in shorts or underwear,” a reference to a conspiracy theory revolving around Paul Pelosi's sexual orientation:

Some ‘Amazed' Paul Pelosi Survived The Attack

Tragedies can occur in a split second, users like marklevinshow think it's “amazing” Pelosi survived given the circumstances:

MrReaganUSA thinks that the Democrats will use this instance to “call for gun control” even though a gun wasn't used in the attack:

This particular Twitter user is dumbfounded by the lack of accounts recanting their alleged conspiracy theories before the video was released:

Coming off the heels of Facebook's reinstatement of Donald Trump, this user hopes Facebook “feels good” with allowing Trump back on, believing the former President had radicalized Pelosi's attacker:

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