How to Find Pawn Shops Open Near Me

I asked myself once how can I find Pawn Shops open near me

But why? I think about those who are in need for cash right away

Without relying on a financial institution like a bank to apply for a loan

Then wait for an approval that can take a couple of business days and you may get your loan request rejected

I already have a home equity line of credit that I can use right away

Otherwise I would have looked for the closest pawn shop to my location

closest pawn shops near me

In this post, I will discuss all related topics to pawn shops if you need cash right away

What is Pawn shop

Pawn shops are stores that offer collateral loans to any step in customers

Collateral items are something pledged as a security for repayment

It can be anything that has a value like jewelry, gold and silver

That's why I always see Pawn shops called Cash for gold

But wait, there are other pawn shops that consider items as electronics or appliances as a collateral too

You have to ask the pawn shop by either calling or stepping in to confirm

Pros of using Pawn shops

When dealing with Pawn shop keep in mind the following

You don't have to worry about having a good or bad credit score

Actually there are no credit checks of any kind on you

Also you don't have to provide a proof of your employment

You carry your pledged item to the store and get the money

This means you get back instant cash

Cons of using Pawn shops

On the cons side, their loan term is very short like 42 days or less

If you negotiate with the pawn shop to renew it, this means adding any additional extension as long as you keep paying the interest


How I found Pawn shops open near me

By using Google maps, It was so easy to find Pawn shops open near me

I followed the steps below to find the nearest pawn shop to me

I went to Google maps by using this URL

If you don't have a gmail account, please create a new one and add your address with postal or zip code

This will help Google maps find your location as shown below

Pawn Shops open near me

Top Pawn shops in the US

I am referring to the top in terms of convenience dealing with

You will never get a pawn shop that can lend you more money

In terms of convenience with a mobile app cash america wins

Followed by Money Mizer with many stores in the south

Top Pawn shops in Canada

Cash Canada with multiple stores covering Saskatchewan, Albert and British Columbia

The above site has a tool to evaluate how much you will get for every piece of

What items do Pawn shops lend you money for

Pawn shops will never say no to Jewelry like diamond, gold and silver

What helps you to finalize the deal is having the original certificate for your Jewelry

Also there are so many pawn shops that accept electronics, musical instruments, laptops and weapons as long as you provide its licenses


What happens if I don't pay back my loan

The inevitable action of not paying back your collateral loan is you lose your pledged item

You cannot do anything about it

But you only have an option which is to negotiate for an extension if you are sure that you can repay back your loan plus incurred interest

Again if you are in doubt of repaying back then consider selling it to the pawn shop

Before you commit selling your item, I recommend to know the price of what you are selling very well

Also you can list it on so many free online markets like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or even eBay, who knows may be you get a better price

Things to keep in mind before you deal with Pawn Shops

If you are desperate and you say to yourself how can I find pawn shops open near me

1- Make sure to check for any other option for a quick cash

You can ask first degree family member, friend or even a close relative

Who knows maybe he/she can lend you the money for a good term

2- Look around your house to see if you can sell unused items like appliances, a brand new cell phone if you have an old phone to use temporarily

Keep in mind that there are so many items you can get rid of and still be OK

3- Make sure you are not living paycheck to paycheck when proceeding with a collateral loan

Otherwise how you would pay back your collateral loan if you don't have a vision of paying it back

4- You should have paid all of your debt or at least have few debt remaining

Or you are accumulating more debt and a high chance of losing an item that is worse more than your loan

Pawn shop will never give you more than 25% to 60% of your collateral item

5- Finally if you have any money set aside like you built an emergency fund

Use that fund right away, it doesn't make sense to lend money while you have a reserved fund

Summary of lending quick cash in general

Nothing is better in this world than the feeling of being secured

Even if you are on low income

If you create a spending plan to manage your budget on low income

You would never have a shortage in cash

Start today to build your budget and save money for a rainy day


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