PayPal Surveys For Money – Discover Best Updated List In [year]

Finding survey sites where you take
PayPal Surveys for money is not hard
I made the homework for you below

I recommend to join as much as you can
Then filter out what wastes your time and pay less for you

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

PayPal Surveys for money

Anyway choosing a survey that pays through PayPal
Make sure, it doesn't screen you out during the survey
I used to complete like 15 minutes survey then,
I answer a question that disqualifies me for this survey

WHAT are you kidding me?
I don't get compensated for the wasted time
Keep in mind that it can happen with any survey site below
If it happens make sure it happens with one of
The highest paying online survey
Because if it happens your overall completed surveys
Rewards you for the wasted time you encountered

Anyway here is the list of surveys that pay through PayPal instantly

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a free payment gateway that lets you collect money from clients

Let's say you have a website selling phone accessories, did you think how your customers can pay you?

Although there are so many payment providers but when it comes to PayPal, it is unique because it is very secure and easy to use

Good news is once you get money into your PayPal account you can send it to your bank account for free


Swagbucks is a complete reward and loyalty program
Beside being an online survey site
Where you collect what is called SB Points

Swagbucks paypal surveys
swagbucks is one of the best PayPal Surveys for money site

You can do so many activities beside completing surveys
Like watching videos to collect SBs

Shopping on popular stores
You get rewarded around 3 SB for every 1$ you spend

Use Swagbucks search to earn SB and
Play their games to earn SB points too

You can redeem your SB points to PayPal
Plus so many other gift cards to choose from

What is really fantastic on the redemption page is that
You can redeem from the on sale rewards section
You can get gift cards with less SB points than the expected one

Swagbucks has a mobile app
You can earn on all activities on your cell phone

It currently supports the following countries
New Zealand


Very similar to Swagbucks beside being
Another competitive survey PayPal site
Also paying with lot of gift card varieties

Clixsense has paid surveys and cash offers
Where you get paid for trying new products and services
Downloading apps and signing up for websites
Also earning money by completing simple tasks
They call it figure eight tasks
You can also earn bonuses and participate in their weekly contests

Clixsense site - paypal surveys for money

ClixSense does not have mobile app
You can still complete surveys from your cell phone
I don’t enjoy this experience but it is up to you
As you have to scroll in all directions

It looks like Clixsense does not support these countries
North Korea


PrizeRebel is another survey site that pays using PayPal
You redeem the points to cash
You can redeem as low as 500 points which is equivalent to $5
The maximum you can accumulate is $100

PrizeRebel Survey site - paypal surveys for money

What is nice in PrizeRebel is that sometimes
They offer a discount redemption for their points
For example you can still get $5 for 485 instead of 500 points

Also you can redeem your points to
ESSO gift cards, Visa Prepaid cards and Amazon gift cards

PrizeRebel is available worldwide
But rewards are tailored for US, UK, CA, or AU

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a very well known survey company
It provides you with PayPal Surveys for money
You can make between $1 to $3 per survey
You earn points where 1000 points is equivalent to $10

Survey Junkie paying to PayPal

Survey Junkie has a mobile app
It currently supports these countries
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand


Respondent is not a typical survey site
I listed it here because you get paid by Paypal
It is considered the highest payout for all these paypal surverys
You can get up to $100 or more in one research or course of actions

Respondent does not have mobile app
I think I know why
Because you are not answering surveys here
You will be engaged in a research for about an hour
You will be rewarded generously for your time
Countries supported are worldwide


Cinchbucks is a reward site that offers tons of surveys to complete

They pay in what is called CB points for surveys you complete or games you play

It is kind of unique because not like other PayPal surveys sites

Most of PayPal surveys for money sites you wait for notifications about new surveys by email

With Cinchbucks you can log on and you will find all surveys waiting for you there

Also with Cinchbucks you see for each survey its CB points and time required

Best thing to do is look for surveys with highest CB and least time to complete

Also you can refer your friends with one of the highest bonus where you collect 20% of their earnings for lifetime

I believe this referral system alone makes Cinchbucks one of the best PayPal surveys for money site


InstaGC is an earning points websites where you earn points by watching videos, shop online, search the web and also complete surverys

This is a legitimate site with more than 320+ gift cards plus you can withdraw your money to PayPal account


One of the new PayPal surveys for money site that rewards you not only for completing surveys

But also for playing games, signing up at sites and installing apps

As per GG2U, you can expect to be paid out after few minutes of joining


Survey Time is another pure survey site with no other tasks

They made it easy by making all surveys with equal rewards of $1

You can redeem your balance to PayPal at any time with no threshold

Unique Rewards

Beware of this site – recently there are bad reviews that they don't pay their customers

At least I told you so join and try it on your own risk

Although you can take surveys and get paid by PayPal
But when you visit their website you feel that they are old fashion site with interface from the early age of internet

Anyway they pay money for completing offers and surveys
Watching videos, listening to the radio, clicking Ads, shopping online and reading emails

They also have a good referral program for referring friends and family
Only available in United states, Canada and United kingdom
They don't have mobile app


OpinionOutpost is another free to join survey company
Just fill basic information like first name, last name and email address
You will receive a link to complete the registration process

OpinionPost Survey site

Not only they pay through PayPal
But they can issue a payment for a minimum of $10
Also you can get paid through Amazon gift cards, App stores and iTunes

OpinionOutpost does not have mobile app

Surveys are around 10 to 15 minutes to complete
You can expect to receive between 5 to 50 points
Each point is worth 10 cents
So as if you collect between 50 cents to $5 for each survey you take

It is currently supported in US, Canada and UK under the same name
While in Germany it is operating under the name MeninungsOrt (bold it)

Anyway the list of supported supported countries
USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain


It is currently closed
It used to be running under
The same company that runs OpinionOutpost

PineCone Research 

It is one of the top paying survey companies
But also they are looking for a specific demographics to join their survey site

What is completely nonsense when you visit their website
You won’t be able to find the sign up link
They won’t tell you that it is not available in your region
I searched online till I found the Join link
I believe they have to fix it for great customer experience
They regularly accepts registrants from US, Canada and UK

Pinecone Research survey site

Some users reported that they got rejected
It is worth for you to try signing up and check it
May be you will be approved

Surveys time between 15 to 30 minutes
They pay around 300 points
It is equivalent to $3
They pay as cash for the first 300 points
Through mailed Check to your home address
Then you can choose between PayPal or virtual Visa cards


It used to be called SurveyHead, it is a PayPal survey
Then they re-branded to be called after they mobile app IPoll
You get $5 when you sign up

As I mentioned earlier
They have a mobile app
They pay you through Paypal, Amazon gift cards or App stores and iTunes

iPoll survey site

Available only in US, Canada and UK

They pay low amount per survey
Sometimes you can get screen out during surveys
It can take you long time to make the minimum $25 amount

Ipsos I-Say

Another online surveys that pay through PayPal
They have a loyalty program which acts as a bonus

Available only for US and Canada
They have a mobile app

ipsos i say survey site

You get rewarded by completing surveys
You get up to 8 surveys per month
For each survey you get paid between $0.45 to $1.50

With loyalty after completing 5 surveys you collect 25 points
After you complete 50 surveys you collect 200 points

For each survey you complete
You receive a poll predictor with a chance to win various prizes
Every 4 months a draw for 10 lucky winners for a chance to win 5,000 points

Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is legit online surveys that pay through paypal
Minimum PayPal payout is $15

They have a mobile app
They have 200 countries
While the PayPal is the only payment method

It is good to take surveys there as they are short and not boring
They know that users get bored from
Long surveys and provide wrong answers

That's why they invested
What is called TrustScore
Its concept is simple
Don't fake your your demographics and traits
Always provide your honest opinions and
Don't change your mind frequently

The more you build your TrustScore
Thus the more you will get paid per question

Surveys take around 5 to 6 minutes to complete
The number of open ended questions are very limited


YouGov is an international survey company
They conduct surveys about politics, public affairs,
Products, brands and other topics of general interest

YouGov gives you surveys for money to PayPal or Prepaid cards
Also gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants
They also have mobile app

YouGov Survey site

List of supporting countries are
Hong Kong
Middle East
United Kingdom
United States

YouGov surveys are very short
Around 20-30 quick questions
Longest survey takes around 20 minutes to complete

You can redeem your points
When you reach a balance of 5,000 points
Equivalent to 25$
Typical survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete for around 400 points


Lightspeed company that owns GlobalTestMarket shut it down and
Replaced it with Life Points

Life Points

Another emerging company paying for
Completing surveys through PayPal

Life Points has a mobile app
You accumulate points and then redeem them
Through gift cards or PayPal
You have to accumulate 5,500 LifePoints to qualify for redemption
Sometimes they offer prizes in your country

LifePoints survey website

They have this list of countries
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States of America


Mindswarms is a video based survey company
This means you log on and record your answers
It may look like this is not the right survey site for you
If you want to stay anonymous
But each survey is 7 questions that takes around
20 minutes to complete and they pay around $50

Mindswarms survey site

Mindswarms has mobile app
You get paid for completing surveys through PayPal
It is one of the highest paying online survey site
Mindswarms are open worldwide

So question I heard it a lot

Is Mindswarms legit?

People ask this question because
Some did not make money taking Mindswarms surveys

Epoll Surveys

Another paid surveys with paypal site
Also you can redeem your points with
Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks and iTunes gift cards

epollsurveys survey site

You can redeem a minimum of $5 to PayPal
Equivalent to 3750 points
Make sure to sign up to EPoll
Using the same email account in PayPal

Opini Surveys

Opini is another PayPal paid surveys company
It is innovative where they pay you per minutes range

For example from 0-2 minutes you get paid $0.16
From 3 to 4 minutes you get paid $0.24

Opini Surveys survey site

Opini Surveys has mobile app
It is tricky as their mobile app is called OpinionAPP
They operate in fourteen countries covering UK, North America and Asia Pacific
You can earn between $0.50 and $4 per completed survey.

Panel Champ

Panel Champ is another paid surveys though PayPal
You get paid when you accumulate a balance of $12.50
You can get Amazon gift cards if you are in US and UK

Panel Champ does not have mobile app
Surveys in average are between 7 to 30 minutes
They pay between $0.25 to $5 per each survey

Panel Champ Survey site

They have this list of countries
United States of America
United Kingdom
New Zealand

My Iyo

Another PayPal surveys for money site
You collect between 1000 to 3000 points
1000 points are equivalent to 1 Euro
Surveys are 20 questions in average and it takes around 12 minutes

My Iyo has a mobile app
They currently support the following countries
United Kingdom
South Africa
Russian Federation


Toluna is another paid surveys via PayPal instantly
Once you accumulate a balance of $30
However,  you can redeem a value of $10 to
Gift cards like as Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes,
Starbucks, Tango, Target and Walmart
Starting at 30,000 points which is equivalent to US$10.

Average surveys pay between 1,000–2,000 points
It takes 5–20 minutes
With Toluna sweepstakes
You can enter a draws for cash

Toluna has a mobile app
United States, Canada
Mexico, Brazil
United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Russia
Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea

Inbox Dollars

You get a bonus of $5 when you sign up
To request a payment you have to accumulate $30
You can earn $0.25 for 10 minutes survey
However, when you disqualify for a survey
You get to spin Billy’s Wheel for a chance to win cash prize or
More progress towards Scratch and Win

Inbox Dollars survey site

On the mobile version you can download apps
Earn between $0.10 to $3.50 for just downloading free apps, most importantly, it is another PayPal survey site
Where you can request payment through PayPal or Check
Along with gift cards like Amazon, Target, Walmart or Prepaid Visa card

Inbox dollars has a mobile app
Available for US residents only


Attapoll with 4.2 stars on Android and 4.5 stars on iPhone

Attapoll another paypal surveys money site

This means the app has solid feedback and hundreds of thousands of downloads

Although it is low pay surveys but there are so many happy users

They have a minimum cash out of $5


streetbees also pays your money to your PayPal instantly

StreetBees is a market research site located in UK offering surveys task

You can download it on Android and iPhone

They will ask you to complete short surveys which makes it one of the best PayPal surveys for money site

You expect to get your balance transferred within 1-2 days with no minimum threshold

Google opinion rewards

Who would believe that Google will invade the money paying surveys site with an option to get your balance transferred to PayPal

Google opinion rewards can send with as low as $2 accumulated to your account into your PayPal

Actually it is Google so go ahead and give it a try

How to efficiently organize your all PayPal surveys sites

  1. It is highly recommended to create a separate email for all surveys for PayPal sites, by doing that you can spot all surveys easily
  2. Make sure to white list all survey sites, most importantly, you don't end up losing surveys in your junk folder.
    Therefore, I recommend to stay away from Hotmail, certainly, it is really inefficient detecting spam emails
    Beside if you white list your emails sometimes some emails end up in your Hotmail junk folder
  3. I recommend you join all of them as you want to test what is paying you the most with reasonable time
  4. Download all mobile apps for the PayPal survey sites most importantly you can have better experience
  5. Configure your emails on your mobile, in addition, you can get notification on the spot

How to efficiently handle workload for all PayPal surveys sites

  1. Skim through each emails as some surveys are limited to 2-3 hours sometimes a day, prioritize those to be completed first
  2. Monitor the percentage of survey sites that screen you out where you get disqualified in the middle of a survey after wasting 10-15 minutes, you will notice a pattern of increase in certain survey sites against others, eliminate these survey sites from your agenda
  3. Be honest, you cannot be everyone and you cannot be single likewise, married with kids, that is to say, acting like that if you get flagged it can ban you from survey sites
  4. Try to read all questions and don't submit any answer just to save time, some survey sites add in the middle of surveys what is called attention questions like it tells you to select an answer let's say C or it sometimes ask you to select all fruits with one answer not a fruit

In conclusion, I showed you how to take control over your PayPal surveys for money, meanwhile, please share it with your friends using social media to the left or bottom (mobile)

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