‘Peaky Blinders’ Partners With Bushmills Irish Whiskey for St. Patrick’s Day

Taking place during the economic and political instability of Great Britain in the aftermath of WWI, the series Peaky Blinders chose an infamous real-world street gang to create one of the most shockingly violent and unpredictable shows in recent memory. Though full of moments that could make even the most jaded viewer wince, the incredible characterization, historical references, and top-notch performances have combined to make this series a must-watch for countless fans.

With its sixth and final season underway, Peaky Blinders is going stronger than ever as it rushes toward a conclusion that promises to be nothing short of explosive. With St. Patrick’s Day 2022 right around the corner, there is no time like the present to celebrate all of the jaw-dropping surprises the show has dropped on us over the years.

To that end, Bushmills Irish Whiskey has announced its status as the official whiskey of the series. In conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day and running through March 17th, fans of the show are invited to order a Shelby Sour from their local bar with Bushmills promising to foot the bill. The Sour is based on a traditional whiskey sour, with citrus and whiskey combining to create a smooth drink that still has a bite to it. Terms and conditions are available at the Bushmills website.

Peaky Blinders
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An official Peaky Blinders Whiskey may seem a little late in its arrival with several seasons in the bag, but attempts have been made in the past. Due to the series taking its name from a real-world historical street gang, copywriting has proved a complicated procedure. Case in point, Caryn Mandabach Productions spent half a decade in a legal battle with Sadler’s Brewhouse, who has used the term Peaky Blinder on a number of themed beers, gin, and whiskey. The production company sought to block this, however, found it difficult to do so considering the ambiguous nature of the title.

Still, as of January, Bushmills owner Proximo spirits applied for approval to make a themed whiskey through the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, and the rest is whiskey history. Like the Peaky Blinders, Bushmills has a lengthy history behind it, with more than four centuries of whiskey-making heritage following the brand. Overcoming 400+ years of conflict on the north coast of Ireland, this partnership seems like a match made in St. Patrick’s Day heaven.

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“The motivations of the Shelby’s are those of family, loyalty, and perseverance, which are the same qualities that have put Bushmills at the forefront of whiskey making for hundreds of years,” says Lander Otegui, Senior VP of marketing at Proximo Spirits, in a statement. “Over the course of our partnership, we are excited to connect with a new, dynamic generation of whiskey drinkers through collaborative content and experiences that speak to the history and heart of our brand.”

“What better way to welcome Bushmills as the Official Whiskey of the Peaky Blinders TV Show, than with a free whiskey cocktail for our loyal fans”, says Scott Shillet, VP of licensing and creative partnerships at Endemol Shine North America. “We’re excited to give our audience a first taste of the partnership this St. Patrick’s Day, and we look forward to keeping their attention as we anticipate the final season of this number one rated show.”

Though the St. Patrick’s Day promotion is short, Bushmills and Peaky Blinders co-production team Endemol Shine North America will continue a full-scale promotion featuring the limited edition bottle, co-branded content, a national campaign, and live experiences. Fans are encouraged to follow @BushmillsUSA on Instagram for Peaky Blinders-inspired St. Patrick’s Day activations.

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