How to Find Your Penfed Routing Number Fast

Penfed Routing Number: 2560-7844-6

If you have read my posts about paying off student loans I often talk about how we use a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) to make large one-time payments.

The reason I tell you this is because to make these payments I have to transfer money from my HELOC to a checking account… and every time I do this I have to find my Penfed routing number.

penfed routing

But there is a catch – you would think that by this point I would have it memorized – but I don’t.  So I figured why not write a blog post about it to help myself remember! For starters here is the ABA Penfed Routing Number:

Penfed Routing Number: 2560-7844-6

In the next four minutes, I will quickly show you how to find your Penfed routing number so you will never have to experience the pain and agony I have to go through when I go searching for my routing number.

In fact, if you apply this extremely secret knowledge (Insert sarcasm) you can find any routing number pretty quickly – not just Penfed’s routing number.

So if you happen to be at a local sports bar for trivia night and they ask, “Where do you find a routing number,” you can nail the question and go down in trivia history as one of the best players ever!

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Find routing numbers online

The simplest way to find your Penfed routing number (Or any routing number for that matter) is to simply go to Penfed’s website and scroll to the bottom. You should see, dead center in the page below, the APY and APR definitions, followed by a nine-digit number:

That number is your Penfed routing number!

penfed routing number

As you can see 256078446 is the Penfed Routing Number.

Another option is to login to your online banking account. Once you are logged into your Penfed account you can check your account number and routing number by tapping the little eye symbol to reveal your numbers.

Depending on the bank, they will sometimes post the routing number in the footer on their website… just scan your eyes to the bottom right and look for “ABA Routing Number” followed by a number that looks something like this: 4545-6767-9

However, because some banks have different routing numbers for different geographic regions, some will have different ABA numbers per state, thus making it a little harder to find it.

Luckily, Penfed doesn’t do this which makes it really easy.

2nd Quickest way to find a Routing Number = Personal Check

In the rare event you don’t have cell phone service or access to wifi – the quickest way to find your Penfed routing number, is to pull out your checkbook and look at the bottom left corner.

Every check has the bank's routing number as the first 9 digits listed on a check.

penfed routing number on check

You see that first 9 digit number sequence?

That is your routing number, which is sometimes referred to as your ABA routing number.

Your routing number is required so you can wire money from one bank to another bank. The whole transferring of money thing is a much easier process nowadays with the internet.  

So if you’re old school and still carry a checkbook the process is easy. Whip out the checkbook and look at the bottom – now you have your routing number.

Now, chances are you are like me and you don’t carry a checkbook around, considering it isn’t 1995.  So if you ever find that you don’t have any physical checks handy, luckily for you there is a thing called the internet.

(After the routing number, the 9 digit number to the right is your personal account number, followed by the 4 digit check number).

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Does Penfed have routing numbers by states?

Depending on the bank, some will have different routing numbers that can vary from state to state.

However, here is where Penfed is pretty simple, they have one routing number:

Penfed Routing Number

Talk about a pretty straight forward process. If for some reason you are confused you can always just contact Penfed!

Worst comes to worst, contact Penfed for your routing number!

If for some reason at this point you are still confused you can always checkout Penfed’s frequently accessed questions or their contact info below:

By Phone:1-800-247-5626

By Fax: 1-800-557-7328

By Mail: PO Box 1432, Alexandria, VA 22313

Penfed Phone Number:

As mentioned above, the Penfed Phone Number is 1-800-247-5626

One thing I personally like about Penfed is they are really easy to call! I have had issues with a rewards gift card one time and called while at a restaurant on a Friday night.

The lady who answered was really professional and helful

You can call Penfed by Phone at 1-800-247-5626

Want to know why banks have routing numbers?

Now maybe you are curious and you find yourself wondering, “Why do banks have routing numbers anyways?”

I am actually curious as to why you are still reading about Penfed’s routing number at this point… or maybe you just really like learning about routing numbers and the United States banking system (Feel free to read some cool stuff about how to leverage the bank against itself here with a HELOC).

Bank routing numbers, or RTN’s (Routing Transit Numbers) are used to identify financial institutions, in this case Penfed Credit Union.

Think of them sort of like email providers. You can use @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail and so on as your email provider, but what you put in front of them (Just like your bank account number) makes your email specific to you. The @gmail refers to the financial institution in this scenario.

By using routing numbers, this makes transferring money from financial institution to financial simple for financial institutions to identify one another, hence why they use routing numbers specific to them.

Want to know something interesting about routing numbers?

The first four digits of a routing number are the Federal Reserve's Routing symbol (One of 12 banks), followed by a 4 digit number to identify Penfed (Or any bank), and the last digit is a check digit – which validates the first 8.

At this point if you’re still reading this article I commend you… you really must like reading about routing numbers – I know it is not because of my witty writing.

Most people get the routing number and have since bounced, but for you, here are a few takeaways followed by some related articles to help with personal finance and money in general.

Take away when it comes to finding your bank’s routing number:

You most likely won’t have to look up your routing number for your Penfed account again, unless you are either:

  1. Creating a new checking account
  2. Enrolling in automatic bill pay
  3. Have an error with your automatic bill pay
  4. You like Googling routing numbers for trivia night
  5. You have wayyy too much time on your hands
  6. You are helping someone else with their routing number

So don’t worry about writing it down on a sticky note somewhere because you probably won’t need it.

But if a coworker asks you one day,  where to find a routing number…. Boom, share this link! You will be a hero.

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