12 Perfectly Legal Things That Should Be Illegal

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Is there something legal that you wish was not? I believe cars should have a price tag and sell at that price across the board. It is absurd that you must spend an entire day negotiating how much they want to screw you with instead of paying what the vehicle costs. Someone recently asked, “What is legal and should become illegal?” Here are the top-voted answers for everyday people online.

1 – Hiding Toxic Chemicals in Skincare

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We're not sure how toxic chemicals are included in skincare under the disclaimer of fragrance, but it's happening.

2 – Alcohol

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Many in the thread tossed in alcohol. Yes, there is a legal age, but let's not overlook how much this substance is abused. Some people would like to see it regulated more. Please drink responsibly. 

3 – Unnecessarily Bright Dipped Headlights

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There's nothing worse than driving at night only to be blinded by oncoming traffic. Usually, it's courteous to turn your bright lights off, but these are the normal headlights some drivers use. 

4 – Hiding Ingredients in Food

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You shouldn't be able to hide certain ingredients in food by calling them “natural flavors.” It makes life for those with allergies a nightmare.

5 – Convenience Fees To Pay Bills and Do Taxes

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We use credit or debit cards for just about every purchase we make. So why are we then being charged a convenience fee of up to $100 to use it to pay our rent?

6 – Child Beauty Pageants

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How is this still a thing? It's widely viewed as child exploitation, and what exactly do we get out of these?

7 – Advertising Prescription Drugs

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This is illegal everywhere except the United States and New Zealand. Many people who come to the United States from abroad are shocked to see so many commercials advertising prescriptions. 

8 – Siren and Horn Sounds on The Radio

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How often do you hear a car horn on the radio and start freaking out that you're about to cause an accident? Far too many radio commercials use car horns. 

9 – Subscription to an Email List Without a Previous Email Confirmation

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Anytime you enter your email address on a website, it comes at the risk of secretly joining a mailing list. Worst of all, to unsubscribe to them, you have to scroll to the fine print. \

10 – Volume Increases for Commercials

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The tactic of turning the volume of commercials higher than the actual program is against the law on broadcast television. However, the law doesn't cover streaming services, so the volume of ads while watching Hulu is much louder. 

11 – Civil Asset Forfeiture

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Being told you're free to go but unable to keep your car or money is, somehow, legal in 2023. 

12 – Lying Politicians

Feeling the Bite of Inflation? Here's Why
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Lying blatantly to voters while running for political office should be illegal. We call it fraud and jail people for lying to gain financially. Yet we call it normal and allow politicians to lie to gain votes for political offices, which benefits them economically and gives them enormous amounts of power to benefit and detriment others.

Source: Reddit

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