Literally 25 Most Perverted Anime Series

Still in the festive spirit of recommendations week (oh yes it still continues), I still got something left for you all to present. But I guess you all already know what would be presented by me. Like, it is right there, on the title. There is no way you are going to miss it… read my last article Best Seinen Manga.

Okay, enough stalling. We are going to talk about the 25 most perverted anime series. Perverted stuff almost always happens in different anime. So much (way too much, if I am being honest), in fact, that anime fans got an ugly stereotype of us being somewhat lewd and perverted human beings, while we are actually intellectual, unique, knowledgeable, lewd, and perverted human being.

But joke aside, for me, when we talk about dirty stuff, no matter how mild or hardcore they are, it is still perverted stuff. You cannot change the fact that we talk about something that is not perverted (I mean you still can, but it is rather useless you know). So, this list is basically a bunch of entries that are quite random. You may agree with the choice, you may also disagree, it is fine, I do not blame you. 

I still take my reference from Myanimelist. I even included the rating too. But in this article, they do not matter at all because they are all literally all over the place (just you wait and see). Some of the “good stuff” is down there, while others that have lower ratings may be up there. Do not take this list seriously, okay? 

Alright, I am sure you all cannot wait any longer. Without further ado, let us start with number 25:

Most Perverted Anime Series

25. Crayon Shin-chan

Most Perverted Anime: Crayon Shin-chan

Rating: 7.73

You would not believe it if I said that this is an actual children show. But the perversion of this series is already more than you can think it actually has. The best part of this show is that the most perverted character in the series is actually the child, Shin-chan, who was (he is now like 6 or 7) 5 years old. I mean I could not imagine what he would become when he got older. Here I am just hoping that Shin-chan will not go into the darker side. 

24. Sergeant Keroro

Most Perverted Anime: Sergeant Keroro

Rating: 7.69

Another anime that is actually targeted for children, yet a lot of more adult viewers (like me for example) eagerly watch the show because of the… Plot. No really the story and comedy of this anime is actually kind of nice. And of course you will get some sort of perverted scenes because well… If there are not any I would not put it into the list. It is not as many as higher entries, but it is still quite perverted. 

23. Kill la Kill

Most Perverted Anime: Kill la Kill

Rating: 8.06

What? Kill la Kill is this low on the list? Well yes. Because you would not believe what is going on up there. It is total chaos and only the most experienced anime fans and the bravest one can actually survive in that kind of Wild Wild West (how poetic of me lmao). But real talk, the lewd stuff in this anime, is for me a bit mild and rather standard. So you can imagine how harsh it is up there for making this considerably ecchi show being placed down here. 

22. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Rating: 8.57

Most Perverted Anime: Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation

It is not the most perverted show. Not at all compared to the upper entries (oh just keep reading and you will find out). Most of the dirty act is executed by our boy Rudeus, who is actually a jobless old fart who is lucky enough to get a chance to live the life as a magical genius and surrounded by a lot of amazing female characters. Yeah, this makes you wish that you will be isekai'd to another world after getting hit by Truck-kun. 

21. Food Wars

Most Perverted Anime: Food Wars

Rating: 7.91

Yup… You will definitely expect this series to be on the list. The characters are not technically the most perverted, because they are actually decent human beings. But the fact that they strip everytime they eat something delicious (like literally every time. I do not understand either) is what makes this show kind of dirty and NSFW. If you ever find a man or woman who watches Food Wars without wearing any earphones, you need to salute him or her because that person has amazing bravery. 

20. Sankarea

Most Perverted Anime: Sankarea

Rating: 7.31

Have you ever heard of a person who gets turned on by a female zombie? Of course not (like can you really get horny because of zombies?) Well, not in this show, because that is the main premise. You read it right. A man who loves seeing a female zombie so much that he actually got his wish. And of course he eventually did some dirty, lewd stuff with her. Yup, I do not think it would be a good idea to spoil the party for you all. 

19. Grand Blue

Most Perverted Anime: Grand Blue

Rating 8.43

Ah yes, the diving anime. You can expect this show to have a lot of diving scenes, because it is a diving anime (and I am totally not lying). And of course you need to somehow get shirtless to be able to dive. Or at least to change your clothes into a diving suit. So I myself consider this as a little bit dirty. Well of course it is kind of objective, but still, compared to the upper ranks, Grand Blue is kind of mild. 

18. Fairy Tail

Most Perverted Anime: Fairy Tail

Rating: 7.60

Fairy Tail is an action anime that is packed with a lot of fighting scenes. And if you are lucky enough, you may see some of the bombastic animation that will please your eyes. But if you are extremely lucky, you would perhaps see typical scenes that are not supposed to appear when you watch a “supposedly” action anime alongside your brother or maybe your parents (this is based on a true story of mine lmao). So yeah, be careful while watching this. 

17. Fire Force

Most Perverted Anime: Fire Force

Rating: 7.72

Just like Fairy Tail, Fire Force is also an action anime that has even more amazing actions. This show is very suitable for shounen anime lovers. And the best part (you are going to love this) is that it also has dirty stuff in it. This will become more prominent when a character named Tamaki Kotatsu appears on screen. Just wait for a few seconds and voila, you will get what you want in the most unexpected way possible. You can try to predict it, but trust me, it is useless. 

16. Oreimo

Most Perverted Anime: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Rating: 7.00

Well this list would not be completed without the legendary siscon anime. Well sure the dirty stuff in Oreimo is arguably less than some others, especially in the upper ranks (if you have a different opinion then it is fine). And it does not happen almost every time. But when the perverted scenes kick in, it is quite impossible to forget that such a thing did happen. For the final note, I really have to say that this series is less worse compared to the upcoming entries. 

15. Eromanga Sensei

Most Perverted Anime: Eromanga Sensei

Rating: 6.41

Fun fact (well not really a fun fact for some of you), Eromanga Sensei is created by the same person who also wrote Oreimo. If you have watched both of the shows you can see the resemblance between the two of them. Perverted? Most definitely. Siscon? Hell yeah. A lot of female characters? You got it. Both shows are shitty, but the difference here is that the lead female cast is still quite young, thus making this show more degenerate than Oreimo. 

14. Kiss X Sis

Most Perverted Anime: Kiss X Sis

Rating: 6.66

Fun fact, I have not watched all of these anime that I have placed on a lot of lists. But I do have some knowledge related to those anime, thus I can explain a bit to you all. But for the case of Kiss X Sis, I just read the synopsis, and I do not want to get in touch with anything about it (and I am serious about it). It is probably worse than Oreimo or Eromanga Sensei, and if I were wrong, I do not really care because how infamous this anime is among the fans. 

13. Keijo!!!!!!!!

Most Perverted Anime: Keijo!!!!!!!!

Rating: 6.96

Okay, I need to admit that this anime perhaps does not deserve to be placed on this list. But here is the thing. The main premise of this show is “butt wrestling”. Yes. Butt wrestling. If that is not some sort of plot for doing fan service, then nothing will. And no, do not ever think that it is a brilliant idea for a new sport in the Olympics, because trust me, it is not (seriously that stuff is worse than you think). 

12. Love Hina

Most Perverted Anime: Love Hina

Rating: 7.12

Ah yes, among one of the OG ecchi series on this list (oh yes there are others). This is one of those typical “I am sorry I did not touch your boobies it is just an accident” kind of anime. And in Love Hina, it happened quite a lot more than you think. Is it good? Well the rating speaks for itself. But is it worth watching? Oh yes definitely. All of these shows are worth your time. Do not miss it you all. 

11. SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

Most Perverted Anime: SHIMONETA A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

Rating: 7.27

(Oh look, it is the thumbnail) I mean from the title alone you can somehow have a brief imagination on what kind of show this would be. And yeah, there are a lot of sexy and dirty scenes in this anime. Way too much that it deserves a place on this list. And honestly I have not that much to talk about because it is kinda tiring talking the same thing over and over again. If you are already here, chances are you have some sort of interest towards this kind of topic. 

10. The Seven Deadly Sins

Most Perverted Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

Rating: 7.12

Apart from the bad animation that everyone cannot stop talking about (yes, even until these days), this anime is also known for the dirty scenes. Maybe it is just me, but it happened way more often than I thought that I cannot forget about it that easily. Meliodas is the main culprit of 99% of those scenes. And the fact that the female casts like Elizabeth and Diana did not do a single thing when their captain does a perverted stuff does not really help that matter either. 

9. Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Most Perverted Anime: Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Rating: 7.02

At this point, have you guys become smarter and can guess what the main plot of a certain series would be simply by reading the title? If you still cannot… (I want to joke around but this one would be so cruel. So let us just skip it) Anyway, I think this is the first anime on the list that has almost every female character being monsters. So that is a plus point for those who are bored seeing a human being targeted for dirty stuff, and want to see something lewd out of other species. 

8. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Most Perverted Anime: KonoSuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Rating: 8.30

People remember KonoSuba in 2 ways: either the comedy or the dirty stuff. If you are the latter, did you expect this to be on the list? Or even better, did you ever think that it would be that high on this list? Because for me, Kazuma is truly a perverted a**hole that deserves to be placed on the Mount Rushmore of shitty human beings for that kind of personality (at this point I literally have no idea what I am saying anymore). 

7. Golden Boy

Most Perverted Anime: Golden Boy

Rating: 8.02

Not many people know this anime. And I am not going to lie, I also just knew this not very long ago. But boy it is among one of the funniest anime ever. And also one of the most perverted too (duh, or else it will not get into this list). Just like many other entries, it is all thanks to the main character, Oei Kintarou, that we can get a lot of sexy moments in this anime, whether it is important or not. 

6. To LOVE Ru

Most Perverted Anime: To LOVE Ru

Rating: 7.31

What is To LOVE Ru about? I remember it has something to do with demons or monster girls, but I cannot really remember the rest of the story because I am a bit too distracted with the lewd stuff. And honestly, that is kind of concerning. I guess the creator of this show has managed to fulfill his (I do not think a woman would like to make this kind of series) main purpose when he created this: to make a show that is so dirty that we do not need to bat an eye on the story. 

5. High School DxD

Most Perverted Anime: High School DxD

Rating: 7.38

I need to mention this over again, but Issei is such a lucky guy having a girlfriend (alongside other girls) who have been so attached to him. To think this perverted human being is flocked by hot girls in his school. With that reason, we have found ourselves another candidate to be put in the Mount Rushmore of dirty, shitty, anime male characters. Like seriously Issei can eat sh*tt for every single good thing that has happened to him in the series. 

4. High School of the Dead

Most Perverted Anime: High School of The Dead

Rating: 7.09

Between number 4 and number 5 you can switch it depending on your preferences (as I said, this list is not a serious one so do take it with a grain of salt). But here I prefer to put High School of the Dead above High School DxD because of one thing: the legendary boobs physics that can never happen in any other anime. Kudos to Madhouse and the legendary anime director Araki Tetsurou for adapting such an amazing manga that was way ahead its time. 

3. Monogatari Series

Most Perverted Anime: Monogatari Series

Rating: 8.45

After Kazuma, Oe and Issei, I believe we got another candidate for being placed to be the most perverted anime character: Araragi Koyomi. He is not that shitty (I mean compared to those 3, he is rather decent). But keep in mind that this is the guy who was able to create a sexual nuance while brushing her sister's teeth. That is seriously something that is not supposed to happen in any kind of entertainment medium. But here we are, still remembering something that happened years ago. 

2. No Game No Life

Most Perverted Anime: No Game No Life

Rating: 8.13 

And of course we are going to have this anime on the list. 12 episodes (or 13? Who knows I forgot and could not be bothered to look for it) of them and almost every single one of them has something that makes us super focused. I mean unlike some previous anime, the main character is technically the most perverted or has a dirty mind, but to think that we got that much fan service without any reason is simply amazing. But I guess that is the main purpose of this show?? 

1. Prison School

Most Perverted Anime: Prison School

Rating: 7.54

With this show being on the list, we can finally complete our Mount Rushmore of perverted anime characters. Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shindo, Joe, and Andre deserve to be placed on that place if it existed. The previous characters? Please, I do not think they can come close with these 5 (and that is a straight fact). I mean just look for the main premise of this show. These 5 live the life of perverts. They live the life of Larry but even better.