Pet Anxiety Beds and Other Useful Accessories

Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, nervousness, apprehension, and obsession or concern about some uncertain event. And whether you're a dog, cat, reptile, or amphibian-loving pet owner, it's essential to know that humans aren't the only ones who suffer from anxiety. Recent research shows that nearly 70 percent of dogs suffer from anxiety. In cats, the number is around 25 percent.

Studies have also shown that reptiles are capable of experiencing mammalian emotions, including anxiety. Amphibians also seem to suffer from anxiety, although the numbers here still need more research.

These anxieties can be caused by various preventable and unavoidable conditions. Storms, changes in routine, travel, food changes, visiting strangers, and other factors can all contribute to your pet's stress level. Finding products to help alleviate some of that anxiety can ease the tension for your pet and make your life easier.

This leap in pet anxiety has prompted a considerable increase in searches for products to help ease anxious pets. One such product is called a ‘pet anxiety bed.' These beds are designed specifically to provide comfort and a calming atmosphere to give relief to your anxious pet. Designed to mimic their mother's fur, these beds offer the ultimate anxiety-relieving benefits. This allows your pet to relax in a safe, familiar place and offers contentment and a sense of peace in situations that causes stress.

Direct to Consumer

Most of the anti-anxiety products online today are fulfilled on a direct-to-consumer basis. Meaning that a company doesn't create the product until there's an order to fulfill. This cuts unnecessary inventory and allows the business owner to keep costs down, keeping prices low on their given product or service.

Best Friends by Sheri, a DTC company, has seen searches for anti-anxiety pet beds increased by 268% since September of 2021. The bed is so popular on Amazon that it generates a serious $70,000 a month.

Pet Health

COVID-19 became a force for change in more ways than just the human workforce. Pets also suffered from increased stress and anxiety. This likely prompted the explosion in searches for pet anxiety beds and Sheri's huge boon for Best Friends.

The pet health industry is a 40 billion dollar service annually. Drugs for pets currently comprise the most significant section of this booming business. Still, the natural pet health accessories section is looking to grow exponentially. As pet owners look for alternative measures to care for their favorite four-legged friends, this business booms.

Favorites for Every Pet

No matter your pet's age or their particular care needs, the pet health industry has something to meet that need. Specialized feeding devices, non-slip mats, incontinence pads, and just about anything else your pet might need can be found with a quick search.

Some of the most searched products are in the feeding sector, which allows for great variety when choosing a system that best meets your pet's needs.

  • Elevated food bowls – These specially made bowls provide neck comfort for pets during feeding or drinking times and are raised well off the ground level. This ‘elevated' position provides significant relief, especially for senior pets.
  • Slow feeding systems – allow for specified food dispensation. This is especially helpful when training puppies or dealing with specialized diet needs for your pet.
  • Timed Feeding Devices – These systems allow for scheduled feedings, which are especially helpful with taking care of feeding times when you're away from home.
  • Smart Dog Collars – These unique devices allow pet owners to track various metrics and will alert you if any of the set indicators change. These come in particularly handy with elderly pets or pets with special needs regarding their specific care.

While the pet health industry isn't new, the natural alternative side is still catching up to the drug therapy sector. This provides much room for growth and expansion as new technologies, systems and devices become available to the market. And suppose the results for Best Friends by Sheri are any indication. In that case, the market growth potential is massive for this business.

Factors like increasing disposable income, a more active awareness of pet health needs, and a demand for better products have caused an upsurge in product creation and availability.

So, the next time you're in need to shop for new food and water bowls, you're due to be away from home for a bit, or your pet has some special considerations; try conducting a search for the pet health accessories that might just make your life and the life of your pet that much easier and convenient.

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