PetSmart Fish Return Policy 2022: All FAQs Answered

Check out the latest PetSmart Fish Return Policy for dead or unwanted fishes in 2021.

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petsmart fish tank return policy

Fish including betta fish, goldfish, minnows, sharks, angelfish, platys, and many others are sold at PetSmart. Fish are very small animals, therefore they require special attention. A little negligence can cause their death.

What causes the fish to die in the fish tank?

Aquatic fish are most likely to die from stress. A fresh tank that is not cycled may cause difficulties. When the quality of the water deteriorates, fish begin to die.

Overfeeding: This is a simple mistake to make, but one that must be avoided.

Even after taking care of all the above conditions, if the fish dies, PetSmart offers Fish Return Policy within two weeks of purchase.

PetSmart Fish Return Policy In 2021

As of 2021, PetSmart offers consumers 14 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return pet fish for a refund. Additionally, sick, unwanted, or dead fish can be returned with a receipt and a picture ID.

If a fish is sick, can it be returned to PetSmart?

When returning sick fish to PetSmart, the fish must have visible or vet-identified illnesses. Even if you're over the 14-day return period, it's worth contacting PetSmart because they handle returns on a case-by-case basis. It should be noted that the staff has the final say on whether a return may be accepted or not.

Is it possible to exchange a sick fish for another at PetSmart?

Replacement is allowed if you have the original receipt to prove that you bought the fish within 14 days of its arrival. When you accept the sick fish's return, PetSmart will give you the choice of a refund or an exchange. If you want to get a new fish, you must request an exchange.

Can You Bring A Dead Fish Back To PetSmart?

If your fish dies, place the fish body in a tiny plastic bag or small box and return it to the retailer with the original receipt. You can return a dead fish to PetSmart if you return it within 14 days of purchase with the original receipt. To determine the cause of death, they may ask for a sample of water from your fish tank. The water will be analyzed to ensure that it is safe for other fish to swim in. The exchange of fish instead of a refund is especially important.

Return Policy for PetSmart Fish at All Locations

All live animals purchased in-store at Petsmart are eligible for a 14-day return policy. Is it possible to return a fish under this return policy? Sure, you can. While PetSmart sells a variety of animals and collaborates with 3,400 pet shelters worldwide to assist animals find their forever homes, they realize that circumstances arise that necessitate the need to return the animal. They make it easy for their consumers to return items.

What is the response time for a PetSmart refund?

You can expect a PetSmart refund to appear in your bank account within 3 to 7 days. Then you will receive an email from PetSmart confirming that your refund has been processed properly.

Conclusion: PetSmart Fish Return Policy

PetSmart is a customer-focused pet retailer that wants every client to be satisfied with their purchase and animal. The fish return policy is the same for both dead and living fish. A full refund or exchange will be issued within two weeks of purchase. Remember to have the original sales receipt with you when you return the item. You can return ill or dead fish to PetSmart by bringing them in a secure container along with a sample of the water for analysis.