Make a Fabulous and Easy Fringe Photo Backdrop!

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

As an extreme party enthusiast (perhaps too much enthusiasm here) I am constantly dreaming up ways to make my next bash unique and fun. I must say, however, that the imaginary party bills can rack up when I'm browsing my Pinterest party board, so it's always my personal challenge to bring the “Wow” to my guests lips without spending more than I can afford. When I'm trying to create a crowd-pleaser, I go with a fantastic photo backdrop. For some reason, we love taking pictures of ourselves when we are out partying…and I aim to please! When a party calls for a photo backdrop on a dime, I use one of my go-to crafting supplies: plastic table covers! They cost $1.69 a piece. Let me repeat: ONE SIXTY-NINE! That's effing cheap. Now lets party.


DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

– Rectangle shaped plastic table covers. The size I prefer is 54″ x 108″. Each table cover creates 2 fringe banners. For this tutorial I used a table cover that is hot pink because that color shows up in images really well.

– String or twine or ribbon…you pick.

– Scissor (to cut the table cover) or you can get fancy and use a fabric cutting mat, ruler, and rotary fabric cutter.

How to Make a Fabulous and Easy Fringe Photo Backdrop!…

Step 1:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

Unfold the plastic table cover completely and lay the center seam on your cutting mat. When I say center seam I mean the seam that runs the long way down the table cover-hotdog style.

Step 2:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut down the entire center seam creating 2 strips of plastic table cover that measure 27″ wide by 108″ long.

Step 3:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

Take one of the plastic table cover strips and fold it in half the narrow way, or hotdog style.

Step 4:

DIY Fringe Photo BackdropDIY Fringe Photo Backdrop DIY Fringe Photo BackdropDIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

Now fold that strip in half the other way (hamburger style) several times until your plastic table cover strip is folded to be about 2 ft. long. (Is all this hamburger and hotdog talk making anyone else hungry?)

Step 5:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop DIY Fringe Photo BackdropDIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

We are done folding…I promise. Time to cut! using your scissors or rotary cutter cut strips down your table cover making sure to leave the folded edges uncut. What I mean is, once you have folded your strip in on itself several times you will notice that one side of your folded strip is a bunch of folds and one side is a bunch of unfolded edges. Cut the strips away from the folded edges, leaving two inches all along the folded edges.

Step 6:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

Now unfold you table cover…and tada! It's fringe!

Step 7:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

To attach my fringe to a bush or a tree I used simple white string. I think some bright ribbon would be adorable too. I simply took a strip of string and tied it to the end of my fringe in a double knot.

Step 8:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

And then I tied it to a tree. Not sure how to elaborate on that one :).

This is my absolute favorite fringe photo backdrop I have ever made:

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

I love how simple it is, but how the fringe adds so much visual interest to all the photos! And the guests loved it!

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

Image credit: A Ruffled Life and Samantha Kelly Photography

Now it is time for you to get crafting! I'm just dying to hear what photo backdrops you have made for your parties…

This post is by Alix Adams. Alix is a glitter user and ice cream enthusiast. She blogs at A Ruffled Life when she’s not kissing her baby’s fat rolls or covering antlers in glitter.