10 Worst Phrases Men Hate Hearing From Women

If you've ever had an unpleasant conversation with a spouse or close friend, it's likely you've heard one of the phrases mentioned below. They can be incendiary, aggravating, and grate on your last nerve faster than just about anything else someone can say. Take note, ladies, these are the top ten phrases men on Reddit hate hearing from women.

10. Do Whatever You Want

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This passive-agressive phrase is a not-so-subtle way of saying, “I dare you to do it your way.” It's a classic and men hate it with a passion. Redditor @SHDrivesOnTrack agrees. “It's not permission. It's a dare.”

Redditor @PrintMakerDay added, “I say this, but when I do it's because I really want my partner to make a decision. I hate being the one that plans literally everything and gets no feedback whatsoever.”

9. Be a Man

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If you're looking for a way to throw fuel on the fire of your argument, tell your male partner to, “Be a man!” Nothing will do the job quicker and with more explosive finesse. Challenging a man in this way is the fastest way to cut him to the quick by eviscerating his masculinity.

Reddit user @McCoovy takes issue with this phrase and feminism. “Everyone's a feminist until they want a man to do something.”

8. How Can You Not Think Anything, You Must be Hiding Something

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Not many women can sit and not think about anything. If we manage it, it's usually for a moment and then the moment's gone. Men don't usually have this issue. If you ask a man what they're thinking about and they say, “nothing,” take it at face value. Despite not understanding how this is possible, it doesn't really do much to question a man about it. They likely aren't going to elaborate and trying to figure it out will just waste your time.

As Redditor @Ray_Kramer put it, “In the context of just sitting there silently, frequently I'm actually not thinking about anything… I spend all day solving problems and thinking about stuff for a living, it's nice to have a quiet mind when I'm not on task.”

7. I Just Hate Drama

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If there's one phrase a woman can say that is usually a bald-faced lie, it's “I just hate drama.”

Plenty of women love to gossip and create drama, even when there isn't any. That's not to say that men don't enjoy a good gossip session, but that most of the time when a woman says she hates drama, she's usually in the middle of it all.

User @Starlordganemaster put it like this, “People who say literally talk other people's problems constantly.

Source: my mom says this a lot and talks about nothing but drama with her sister.”

If you don't want to be seen as a woman who denies loving drama, do everything in your power to exercise it from your daily life.

6. Oh, That's Quick

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One of the quickest ways to damage your man's ego is to comment on his stamina. Bedroom matters can be a highly sensitive topic, especially if your guy is on any sort of medication or struggling with any mental health problems.

Try boosting his ego next time and you might be pleasantly surprised. As user @chrzm commented. “It was really flattering watching her melt that fast, tbh.”

Not all intimacy revolves around the peak of sex. Invest in the intimacy of the moment and let nature take its course, no matter the outcome. Then enjoy the aftermath, no matter where you ended up on the climb.

5. Are You Even Listening to Me?

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Conversations can be boring, aggravating, invigorating and everywhere in between. When someone's engaged with you there are certain non-verbal cues. They make eye contact, smile or frown, nod and occasionally comment. Reading these non-verbal cues is the best way to know whether or not someone's listening to you.

Asking a man if he's listening to you is an almost surefire way to get him to stop listening. As Redditor @DaoMuShin replied, “I just respond with, I didn't hear you, what's up?

As statistics still say 93% of communication is non-verbal, reading these cues is your best chance to understand whether you're being heard by your male counterpart. Paying attention to them can mean the difference between a meaningful conversation and a nasty argument.

4. You Just Need to Put Yourself Out There

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Many a parent or good friend has given this unsolicited advice, thinking that they're offering encouragement. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually true. Putting yourself ‘out there' can be a complicated process that can be overwhelming when a man's being hounded by admittedly well-meaning family or friends.

As user @PopoloGrasso says, ” I struggle a lot with trying to please everyone and living in fear of rejection, so someone not reciprocating feelings, even if mild, blows the whole thing out of proportion.”

Adding extra anxiety-inducing stress to someone who is already anxious is not the outcome most are looking for. Sit back, relax and say “congrats,” when your friend or family member says they're dating/getting married, etc.

3. I'll Let You Know

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Men don't usually do well with indecision. They like yes or no answers and definitive results. Saying something like, “I'll let you know,” leaves them hanging.

As Redditor @weedboobz says, “Yeah it sucks to hear “I’ll lyk” when we both know full-well that the answer is actually a soft no.” They also added, “The best way to avoid discomfort in these interactions is to respect people’s boundaries, try to read between the lines, and understand that it’s a necessary evil in place to help make people feel safer.”

2. It's Such a Man Thing

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Using stereotypes to categorize a man's behavior is a surefire way to nix any meaningful conversation. If you want the man in your life to be open and honest with you, try hard not to put everything he says and does into neat little boxes. Letting him be a human with all his flaws and idiosyncrasies is a gift you can give him every day.

As Reddit user said, “…If I say something is a “woman thing” then I'm immediately labeled as sexist.”

We can't be hypocrites with the men in our lives, especially if we want them to be part of our lives for any length of time.

1. I'm Just Brutally Honest

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Hiding behind ‘brutal honesty,' just so you can say something nasty and hurtful isn't endearing. It's just mean. On the flip side, if your guy asks for your opinion, give your honest opinion. There is something to be said for tact and class, however. Widening your vocabulary so you can give your opinion without being a jerk is paramount to any honest, open, and blossoming relationship. No matter how long you've been together, there are constructive ways to criticize your partner while getting your point across.

Redditor @CutleryofDoom said it best. “…The whole point of being honest is, to be honest. If you’re brutal about it, it’s obviously not going to be well received. And sometimes people may need that kind of honesty to cut through whatever is going on in their life, but most of the time, it’s just not that hard, to be honest and polite at the same time. 

While this isn't an exhaustive list, it does count ten phrases that men can't stand hearing from women. Learning ways to communicate our differences without tearing one another down is the ultimate goal of any conversation. Gaslighting, evading and side-stepping issues aren't any way to get where you want to go. Going back to that open, honest, respectful dialogue is where growth happens and can have positive effects on all your ‘male – female' relationships.

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