Pink’s Reaction to a Fan Throwing Their Dead Mother’s Ashes on Stage During Concert


Concertgoers throw various things at their favorite celebrities as they perform on stage. Sometimes they throw flowers. Other times they throw their undergarments, especially if it's women doing that to male singers. Pink got something unusual from one of her fans: a bag of their mother's ashes.

A video circulating on Twitter showed the “Get the Party Started” singer looking understandably confused about her gift during a concert at BST Hyde Park in London as part of her Summer Carnival tour over the weekend. Pink, 43, paused her “Just Like a Pill” performance to pick up the ashes of a fan's mother who recently passed away.


“This is your mom?” she can be heard asking, addressing the fan in the audience. “I don't know how to feel about this.”

Pink then set the bag of ashes down toward the edge of the stage and continued singing “Just Like a Pill.”

Fans React to Pink's Ash-Throwing Incident on Twitter

Twitter user @AsAndrewSpeaks commented on the video in their tweet, pointing out that the fan did not understand the concept of boundaries concerning seeing their favorite singers in person, let alone at a concert. “Someone gave their mother's ashes to Pink. I need y'all to have boundaries, like, girl, what?!”

Another Twitter user, @missamyleigh, provided some context as to why the fan threw their mother's ashes on stage, saying she and her friends were near the concertgoer when it happened. “OK, so my friends were standing near this lady, and the backstory is..her mum couldn't get out much as she was so ill when alive, so this lady takes her ashes places. So she gets out now. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if it gives this woman comfort, then that's up to her. Not for me tho.”

Other users pointed out how Pink processed the random gift, saying she handled it in stride. “She handled it well 'cause I'd definitely be mad that someone handed me their mom's ashes. I just saw another video of a guy coming out to his mom in front of Bebe Rexha, so yes, boundaries! I understand why some celebrities are standoffish now,” @KayyKova said.

Another user shared a closeup shot of Pink's face, showing a look of confusion and grimace.

Other Celebrities Experienced Concertgoers Throwing Things Onstage

The ash-throwing incident at Pink's concert comes after many other reports of fans violating performers' boundaries by throwing things onstage, which have caused injury to the performers or forced them to walk off the stage.

Last summer, fans at Rolling Loud in Miami threw water bottles at rapper Kid Cudi, provoking him to have a nervous breakdown, yelling at fans to tell them not to throw things at him or his peers while they are performing, and walking off the stage.

According to USA Today, pop singer Ava Max said an audience member slapped her during a concert in Los Angeles last week, and fellow pop star Bebe Rexha was hospitalized earlier this month after a fan threw a phone at her while performing in New York City.

Pink later shared a recap video of her concert at the London venue, saying, “@BSTHydePark it is the joy of my life to play with all of you. I am never not grateful.” The video of the ash-throwing incident was not included in the montage.

Author: Cristina Alexander


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