Pinterest Account Suspended, Learn What to Do To Recover it

I heard a lot about getting Pinterest account suspended
I did not give it any attention until this happened to me

frustrated from suspending my pinterest account

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Back on Sunday January 19th, 2020
I logged on to my Pinterest account as usual
Surprise, I found the message below

Pinterest account suspended

I received the Pinterest account suspended message without any shock
I was expecting this to happen the day before
Just bear with me any I will explain it below

What was confusing to me in the above image
The word that says “we previously sent you an email”
I thought that they warned me before and because of my repetitive spam action
Pinterest decided to suspend my account
Anyway I logged to my email and I found the email below

Pinterest email about suspending my account

Anyway I will show you how to activate back your Pinterest account
I will start now with the following

Why you need Pinterest?

At the time of writing this blog post
I have few keywords in the 60 to 80 positions on Google
This means no traffic from Google yet

What is awesome about Pinterest is that
You can get traffic from day 1
I bought 2 of the best Pinterest courses
But I will not list them here
As I refuse to get any affiliate sales

Why? because every single course try to convince you
To follow a system to increase your traffic or
They try to show you steps to get a viral pin
I believe that is all nonsense
I don't want you to waste money on any Pinterest courses
That's my reason not to promote any Pinterest courses

What I felt when I got my Pinterest account suspended?

I know you may think to yourself
Why I am writing about what I felt
When I got Pinterest account suspended

I should really write about what matters to you not me
Well what I felt at that moment can really help you
I will tell you why especially If you have a positive personality like me

I felt I will never get it back
Because I got my Adwords account suspended in 2008
Since that date I tried all the possible ways to get back my Adwords again

Starting from trying to recover my Adwords account
But unfortunately no luck at all
I even tried to move on and create new Adwords accounts
Every single account I created under my name will be banned

I even heard that Google suspend any new accounts opened under the same IP address
So you can be visiting someone and it can happen that
You log on to your Adwords account using the same internet connection
Only to find that Adwords suspended my account again

First I tried creating a new Pinterest account
I found that I am not able to claim my blog
Which is currently linked to my Pinterest account the suspended one
Don't do that as your first step

Because with Pinterest, it is totally different
I would say 9 out of 10 you will be able to restore your Pinterest account back
Just follow my steps below in details

What are the types of Pinterest account suspensions?

Before we start
We have to differentiate between 2 types of Pinterest suspensions
You follow the same appeal in both types

First type is Pinterest making a mistake or a glitch
Where your Pinterest account suspended by mistake
When they apply a mass spam updates
It happens that they collect your account by mistake

Second type is Pinterest detect that you really spammed your account
I heard that they can recover your account for up to 3 appeals
As if they forgive you up to 3 times
Again this is not confirmed it is just reported by Pinterest users

What are spam activities that get your Pinterest account suspended?

Here is a list not sorted by any order
Because nobody knows how Pinterest flags any account
This list covers bad actions from their terms and policies

  1. Pinning or carrying any activities using any unauthorized Pinterest tools, Pinterest allows one tool called TailWind to automate your pinning schedule, I highly recommend to stick to that
  2. Also pinning the same exact pin to the same board multiple times in a very short period of time, if you want to pin the same pin twice to the same board, I recommend you use the Smart Loop to do that for you
  3. If you do very high volume of pinning in one single day, you have to be reasonable e.g. if you have 5 boards and you pin 100 pins this is obviously a spam activity
  4. Also pinning other user's pins in other word stealing pins from Pinterest users
  5. Take care of pinning pins with a copyright images or stolen images from internet
  6. Pinning pins that lead your visitors to unrelated content
  7. Pinning hatred, discrimination or sexual materials of any kind
  8. Messaging a highly volume of messages to your Pinterest followers

How to get your Pinterest account suspended reinstated?

You have to follow the below steps in order

1. Calm down and relax

What has happened has happened already
If you are not victim of mass spamming of accounts
You have to think about your wrong action
Why you need to calm down
It can take you to a series of emails to remove your account suspension

Keep in mind that there is a Pinterest employee
Who acts on removing your Pintereest suspension
The way you compose your email and reply back has a major impact on restoring your Pinterest account back

2. Get help from Pinterest

Go to
Type the famous word “suspended”
Select the Account Suspension link as shown below

type suspended - Pinterest account suspended process

This link above will take you to a lot of documentation
Scroll all the way till you see a button at the end called Contact us

Pinterest appeal an account suspension

Be patient as Pinterest will ask you a fairly questions
Categorized into 5 screens called
About you
the problem

Under Overview
Expand Appeals and select Appeal account suspension

Pinterest what can we help with

Every screen has a continue button disabled if you are missing any mandatory field
It will be enabled when you satisfy the condition and fill up what Pinterest is expecting from you

Now fill up your first, last, username and email then click on continue button

Pinterest Who are we helping - Pinterest account suspended process

Under the problem screen always go simple with subject something like Pinterest Account Suspended
Look at the description and type something similar then click on continue button

Describe the problem in details - Pinterest account suspended process

Under the details section Pinterest will fill up this information for you
They detect your device and browser
Don't change them, you just need to confirm

Pinterest collecting device details

You have a last change if you like to attach any image to prove your case

Final step on Pinterest account suspension appeal

Final step will display all your fill up fields
If you are sure click continue for the last time to send your request to Pinterest

Next day I received this email
I got a depression and the Google Adwords scenario came to my mind
I felt I reached a dead end

Pinterest reply back regarding my suspension

WRONG, I believe this is an automated email
My Pinterest account suspended on Sunday and it was activated back on Tuesday
I am saying that because Pinterest user who got their Pinterest accounts suspended
They reported that Pinterest took 3-4 weeks to reply back to them

3. Send an email to creators-support

At the same time of sending your request on Pinterest help
Go to your email and send to

Write it in a polite way and keep in mind that
There are humans reading this email
Meaning I got a reply back from someone her name Misty

Pinterest activating my account

I believe but I have no proof of it
Whatever you spammed your Pinterest account or not
Pinterest support will always reply back with an email
Saying that good accounts get caught in the mix

Why I say that? continue below and you will know

How did I know I will be suspended very soon from Pinterest?

A day before my Pinterest account was suspended
I know I have 3500 followers and I decided to reach to most of them
I noticed I can email a bulk list of users by clicking on 3 dots as shown below

Messaging Pinterest followers
A feature in pinterest to message any user

I know I completely misused this messaging feature
As I kept sending messages to my followers until something weird happened
I started to see that any action I take gets reverted back

For example, I started to follow Pinterest users
Once I click on the follow button I see it turns back to unfollow
I tried logging off and on to Pinterest but same behavior
I realized that my Pinterest will suspend my account

Pinterest support will never tell you that you committed a mistake
As I mentioned earlier you get a message that says
Pinterest decided not to activate your account again
I recommend to ignore it and keep your polite tone with your communication

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