PIP International’s New Tasteless Protein Shake Makes Waves Internationally

The North American market saw a surge in its agricultural sector in recent years, becoming one of the world's top producers of red meat (beef, pork, lamb) and vegetables.

The protein market continues to grow in 2023, but consumers are shifting toward a more balanced diet and lifestyle.

With new global trends emerging and healthy lifestyles becoming normative, accessing protein had to evolve from raw meat and spread towards naturally produced vegetables and superfoods.

The demand far exceeds supply in the USA and Canada, and the products are heavily exported.

However, mass production sometimes sacrifices quality. With that in mind, PIP International has become one of Canada's leading brands.

Christine Lewington, the visionary CEO of PIP International, has spearheaded a game-changing revolution in plant-based proteins.

What Is PIP International?

PIP is an agriculture-technology (agri-tech) company commercializing cutting-edge technology and is already impacting the industry, with purchase orders totaling nearly $7 million CAD in sales.

In less than twelve months, Christine's ambitious project went from ideas to reality as she managed to repurpose and commission a $20 million USD pilot facility. It's no wonder why many are praising Christine for becoming one of this era's most innovative business leaders.

The demand for PIP's pea-based protein-based shake has investors across the globe abuzz. Christine already has 39 companies testing or entering contracts to use the pea protein for their product development.

You're not alone in wondering what makes this new product so desirable. For many, it's the taste-free factor. This highly sought-after, appealing quality, taste-free protein could revolutionize the market and provide a vital source of high-quality nutrition for consumers everywhere.

Christine points out: “People have communicated they want to actually enjoy the taste of the protein shake they consume, and it is something that has not happened.” She says that “over 70% of new plant-based products on the shelf are failing, especially in the protein shake industry branch, and mainly because they taste terrible.”

For PIP International, customer retention is everything. The company has a strong vision of defining the perfect consumer and believes in keeping customers satisfied and treated fairly.

Christine says that “the first purchase from a customer is more often trying on novelty.”

So she focuses on developing a product that has people looking for more: “the second purchase confirms that the quality and taste of the product is there.”

What About Future Plans?

PIP International is no ordinary start-up. The company goes beyond just developing pea protein.

Lewington and PIP strive for excellence by investing in premium media content and creating compelling narratives that appeal to potential investors looking towards making an impactful entry into this burgeoning industry.

Christine's ambitious plans for her company show a clear mission to make the company an international leader in plant-based protein processing. They are actively seeking investors and raising funds to build new facilities worldwide.

Major milestones are planned in 2023, with future expansions planned within their home turf, and also into major markets like Europe and South Korea.

With these efforts, Christine is confident that PIP International will be able to dramatically impact the supply availability of proteins globally, thereby opening up many more options for consumers.

Protecting the Planet

The technology used to produce this novelty pea protein is also revolutionizing the protein market. It doesn't just taste great – its production positively impacts the environment.

Sustainable production provides excellent sources of sustainable protein, making PIP International's version more eco-friendly than other options.

Seeing as this concept is becoming increasingly popular among consumers worldwide, this innovative offering looks set to become an invaluable resource for investors looking to invest in sustainable products.

Sustainability is one of PIP International's core values, and Christine stands by it. And it's not all fluff – “sustainability… is positioning the company to be more stable and enabling us to expand our operations significantly by reinvesting our cost savings,” Christine points out.

Overall, the company is making a huge impression on the international market. There has been great support from the government and investors, helping to secure their position as an emerging leader in the agri-tech industry.

Through producing high-quality products, constructing efficient factories, and opting for greener alternatives that sustain our planet – it would be no surprise if PIP becomes one of the leading names in the industry very soon.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.