Pitching Your Story Ideas to Wealth of Geeks

Are you passionate about the world of personal finance, travel, autos, entertainment, sports, or geek culture? Do you have a unique perspective or a captivating story that you believe would resonate with our audience?

Your approved story could result in:

  • Money: Approved stories pay a starting fee of $150 and can go up depending on the length and/or effort involved.
  • Exposure: Your article will not only appear on the WoG website but could also potentially be syndicated with our media partners, such as MSN.
  • Social Media Clout: As a guest writer, your social media contact information and bio will be published under your story.

Pitch Guidelines

At Wealth of Geeks, we welcome contributions from talented writers, creators, and enthusiasts like you. Pitching your story idea to us is the first step to sharing your insights and experiences with our vibrant community. Here's a guide on how to craft a compelling pitch that stands out:

1. Know Our Audience:

Before pitching your story idea, familiarize yourself with the Wealth of Geeks audience. Our readers are savvy, curious, and interested in a wide range of topics, including but not limited to finance, travel, autos, gaming, sports, movies, and television. Choose one of these categories and include it with your pitch to align with the interests of our community.

2. Craft a Catchy Headline:

Capture our attention right from the start with a headline that is both intriguing and relevant. A compelling title sets the tone for your pitch and makes us eager to learn more about your story.

3. Clearly Define Your Story:

Provide a concise and clear summary of your story idea in 500-700 words. What is the main focus? Why is it relevant to our audience? Clearly articulate the key points and unique aspects that make your story stand out.

4.Showcase Your Unique Angle:

We value fresh perspectives and unique angles on familiar topics. Highlight what makes your story different from what our audience has seen before. Whether it's a personal experience, an in-depth analysis, or a fresh take on a trending topic, make it clear why your perspective matters.

5. Demonstrate Your Expertise:

If your story involves technical details, industry insights, or expert analysis, showcase your knowledge and expertise in the pitch. Conveying your authority on the subject enhances the credibility of your pitch.

6. Consider Multimedia Elements:

If applicable, suggest ways to enhance your story with multimedia elements such as images, infographics, or videos. Visual content can significantly enrich the reader's experience and make your pitch more appealing.

7. Highlight the Audience Benefit:

Explain how your story will benefit and engage the Wealth of Geeks community. Will it provide valuable information, entertain, or spark thought-provoking discussions? Clearly articulate the value your story brings to our readers.

8. Follow Submission Guidelines:

Make sure to review and adhere to our submission guidelines.

9. Be Professional and Concise:

Craft your pitch in a professional and concise manner. Avoid unnecessary jargon and focus on conveying your ideas clearly. Respect our time and present a pitch that is easy to read and understand.

10. Submit Your Pitch:

Use a Google Doc to create your pitch. Be sure to follow all of the guidelines above. Once your pitch is ready, submit to storyideas [@] wealthofgeeks.com. Be patient, as our editorial team carefully reviews each submission. If your pitch is accepted, we'll work with you to bring your story to life on Wealth of Geeks.

Please understand that due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to respond to every submission. We will only contact you if we approve your pitch.

We look forward to receiving your creative and innovative story ideas. Happy pitching! 

The Wealth of Geeks finished article guidelines are here.