Pixar’s Best Pictures, According to Fans

Notorious for the anthropomorphic lamp that graces the screen before each film and its stunning, progressive animation, a debate is circulating the internet about the beloved animation studio otherwise known as Pixar. What is the best Pixar movie? Out of its 26 feature films, Redditors shared their thoughts on the cinephile debacle. 

1. Wall-E

The last robot left on Earth spends his days completing menial tasks, passing time the only way he knows how. One day, a probe named Eve, sent from a ship (Axiom), crosses his path. Axiom homes hundreds of thousands of humans who rely on robots for their every move. 

User R/LotusBlooming90 wrote, “When my son was four, he loved watching Wall-E, and I couldn’t figure out why. Obviously, it’s an amazing movie, but he never really watched or liked movies at that point. He’s on the spectrum and, at the time, nonverbal.

Then one day, it clicked. Walle had a very limited vocabulary and mostly emoted and gestured like my son did. He was watching a character not only communicate the same way he did but also seeing that character explore the universe, make friends, fall in love, and save the day. Big feels.”

2. Toy Story 

What’s a kid without a favorite toy? Toy Story revolves around a boy named Andy and his myriad toys. When Andy is out of the room, the toys come alive. 

Toy Story is lauded for its technological advances in the animated world. The story became the first full-length animated film to implement CGI, and the animation alone stunned the audience when the film first dropped in 1995. 

Filled with several metaphors and hints at the meaning of life, Toy Story reminds viewers to always be themselves, be a good friend, and show love to loved ones. 

3. The Incredibles

A misconception is animation is for kids. Sure, some movies market themselves as children’s films, but The Incredibles appeals to everyone. The Incredibles tells a tale of banned superheroes forced to live “regular” lives to blend into society. Of course, in superhero movies, some kind of evil needs to ensue. Determined to save the day, this family with incredible superheroes steps up to the plate. 

The Incredibles does a fantastic job of establishing well-rounded characters in an already blossoming world. Other Pixar movies fall flat in this regard, seeming to begin and end within the film. With The Incredibles, we know that the Parr family had a life before and after the film.

4. Coco

Coco is a sensitive piece aimed at those who’ve experienced profound loss in their lives, those who struggle to find closure, and the quest of this wondrous journey we know as life. Plus, it has the best soundtrack in Pixar history. 

Coco follows 12-year-old Miguel, who is set on uncovering the truth behind his family’s musical embargo. Miguel slips into the Land of the Dead, where he discovers some revealing information about his family’s history. 

Pixar was long overdue for diverse representation, so it was so refreshing to witness such a beautiful, authentic portrayal of culture with Coco.

5. Soul

Soul is my favorite Pixar release. The meditation between music and death offered such an interesting lens not explored in Pixar before. 

User U/Archer-Simple

“All the other Pixar movies are excellent, but Soul gets to a lot of what I feel about my own life as I've gotten older. Am I the person I'm supposed to be? Do I truly have a purpose? Can these things be discovered at any time, or is it too late? Life is amazing, and I hope we all get a chance to do it again, no matter what our current outcome is. It's a powerful and beautiful movie.”

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