33 Places That Hire 15-Year-olds

Various places that hire at 15

If you’re a teen in search of places that hire at 15, you have come to the right place! Since you’re here, it means one thing – you are ready to start earning real money. You may not think about it now, but you will always remember your first job.

There’s no better feeling than the satisfaction of receiving your first paycheck. I still remember my first job and paycheck vividly.

Fourteen is the minimum age that many businesses set for their employees. However, as a minor, there are limitations to the kinds of jobs you can take and the number of hours per day and week you are permitted to work. We’ll talk about those later.

Benefits of Working at Age 14 or 15

There are various reasons why 14 and 15-year-olds choose to get jobs. When you start high school, the expenses begin to add up, and you likely want to stop relying on your folks for an allowance.

Whatever the reason, working at a young age has a host of benefits that include helping you:

  •  Save money for college.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and a positive attitude toward teamwork.
  • Gain more independence and money management skills.
  • Learn valuable professional skills like time-keeping, customer service, and prioritizing.
  • Prepare for full-time employment by obtaining valuable work experience.

Do you have a difficult time finding jobs that hire at 15? Are you confused about what job you should take on? Fret no more!

This article will give you helpful information about employment opportunities for teenagers and how to go about applying for jobs to help you find a position that best suits your interests.

Labor Laws That Apply to 14 and 15-Year-olds

Since there’s no shortage of jobs you can get at 15, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has many laws in place specifically to protect workers under 16. First, children are legally allowed to work in the US from the age of 14 for most non-agricultural jobs.

At any age, however, teens may perform in television, radio, or theatrical productions; deliver newspapers; perform babysitting and other minor chores around their homes, and work in non-hazardous family-owned businesses.

The federal rules for working teenagers are stipulated in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This Act protects employees from unfair labor practices by their employers.

It sets wages; hours worked, and safety requirements for minors working in jobs. The US Department of Labor maintains a chart on specific state laws.

This means that statutes regulating employment for minors vary from state to state.

If the FLSA and state law overlap, the code that’s more protective of the minor will apply; check your state’s Child Labor Laws applicable to agricultural employment here.

How Many Hours Can a 14- And 15-Year-old Legally Work

The FLSA also determines the number of hours when school is in and out of session that a person under 16-years-old can work. You CAN’T work shifts during school hours.

As a 14 or 15-year-old, your working hours are limited to:

  • Non-school hours.
  • Eight hours on a non-school day.
  • Forty hours on a non-school/vacation week.
  • Three hours on a school day.
  • Eighteen hours in a school week.
  • Between 7 a.m.-7 p.m. per day, except for June 1st, where you can work from 7 a.m.-9 p.m.

If you attend private school, are homeschooled, or don’t go to school, a school day or week is any day or week the public school where you live while employed is in session.

When you hit 16, many of these restrictions are lifted.

How Much Pay Should 14- And 15-Year-olds Expect?

Several factors determine the amount of money a 14 or 15 old needs to be paid. The standard minimum wage set by the federal government is $7.25/hour, and all states are required to pay this.

Since you are under 20 years of age, you may be paid $4.25/ per hour for the first 90 consecutive calendar days under FLSA. After that, your employer will be required to pay you the minimum wage.

This is, however, not limited to your first employer. Every time you change jobs at 15, your new employer can pay you this youth minimum wage.

Some states have their own higher minimum wage laws than what FLSA requires. Others, like Wyoming and Georgia, have a lower minimum wage ($5.15/hour).

Businesses That Hire 14- And 15-Year-olds

It doesn’t matter where you live or your background, working as a teenager will help you develop essential life skills. Despite many employers placing significant emphasis on experience, there are still many places that hire at 15.

The types of businesses that give younger people employment opportunities include fast-food restaurants, entertainment venues, amusement parks, water parks, survey companies, and grocery stores. Below is a list of places that hire at 15.

Restaurants That Hire 15 Year Olds Now


For many young people, landing their first job can be a challenge. But with a little research and perseverance, it is possible to find employment even if you're still in high school. One option is to look for restaurants who hire at 15.

While the hours may not be ideal and the work might be challenging, getting a job at a restaurant can be a great way to gain some valuable work experience. Plus, many restaurants offer employee discounts, which can come in handy if you're trying to save up some money.

So if you're 15 and looking for a job, don't rule out restaurants as an option. With a little effort, you may just land yourself a great gig.

Baskin Robbins

If you’re searching for summer jobs for 14-year-olds, try Baskin Robbins. Individual franchises hire teens as young as 14. The restaurant has 3000 branches in almost all states; this means that there’s probably a store near you.

You’ll likely start serving up fresh ice cream, cakes, sherbet, and frozen yogurt or help at the cash register.

Ben and Jerry’s

If you’re familiar with Chunky Monkey ice cream, then you’re probably familiar with Ben and Jerry’s. With 4000+ branches in the United States, this company has a minimum hiring age of 14 and 15 for some positions.

Dairy Queen

Jobs in this restaurant vary by location. With 4000+ branches, you can “create unbelievable moments in everyday lives.” Expect to find jobs like cleaner or cashier. The minimum hiring age to work at most Dairy Queen locations is 14.


Arby's is a quick-service fast-food restaurant chain that is famous for premium Angus beef and slow-roasted turkey sandwiches.

With 3300+ branches, you can apply for crew member positions. Here, you can clean tables and counters, prepare food, and take food orders.


Also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it’s the world's second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald's.

With 4200+ KFC restaurants distributed across all 50 states, you can work as a team member (cook or customer service attendant).

Burger King

Burger King is an American global chain of restaurants specializing in hamburger fast food. Though they mainly hire from 16 for most entry-level jobs, Burger King also considers applicants as young as 14 depending on job availability and permit requirements.

Boston Market

With 450+ locations nationwide, Boston Market hires kitchen crew and counter staff starting at age 15. You can prepare food, serve customers, and take orders at the registers.

Browse their website or visit your local store in person to find out if there’s a vacancy.


Chick-Fil-A is a popular fast-food restaurant using chicken as their preferred sandwich. The restaurant has 2000+ branches in almost all 50 states and offers teens under 16-year-olds a variety of jobs, most entry-level positions.

You can apply for a dishwasher or kitchen staff position. They’re closed on Sundays.


McDonald’s is one of the most popular places for 14 and 15-year-olds to get a job. With 14000+ branches in the United States, it is arguably the most prominent restaurant.

You might be looking at one right now. While the restaurant franchises have varying policies, many hire teens in states that allow it. You can be hired to serve, cook, or clean the restaurant.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a world-famous American restaurant chain that is best known for its Italian-American cuisine menu, including pizza, pasta, desserts and side dishes.

As long as you have a worker’s permit and your parent's approval, the minimum hiring age is 15. As a team member, you can be the smiling face that greets and serves hungry customers.

Rita's Italian Ice

If you're interested in working at Rita's Italian Ice, the first thing you should do is check with your local store manager to find out what the hiring age is. In most cases, it's as young as 14, but it can vary depending on the location.

Once you've confirmed that you meet the age requirements, the next step is to fill out an application form. You can usually find these online or in-store.

Grocery Store Jobs That Hire At 15
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Grocery Stores

Many major national grocery store chains hire 14 and 15-year-olds. Since most grocery stores have extended hours, it will be easier to fit in shifts during school days. You can work as a cashier, cleaner, or grocery bagger.

You can also deliver orders and help customers carry their bags to the parking lot. Without experience, expect to earn a minimum wage of $7.25/hour.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle has branches in 5 states -West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Indiana.

The 400+ branches employ 14 and 15-year-olds for different positions such as shopping cart attendants and bakery clerks. Check your local grocery store for available job information.


Safeway hires 14 and 15-year-olds for some positions. There are 894 Safeway Locations in The United States.

If greeting customers, doing cart runs, and bagging items is something you might enjoy doing, you should consider Safeway for your first job.

Giant Food

With over 150 stores spread across the eastern part of the US – Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia, this American supermarket chain hires under 16-year-olds.

You can work at an entry-level position as a bakery associate, stocker, bagger, clerk or cashier. Application forms are available both in-store and online. For more details, check with your local Giant Food store.


In addition to their 2700+ branches in the United States, Kroger also owns other stores such as Fry’s, Smith’s, and King Scoopers.

Where state laws allow, the branches may hire 14-year-olds as baggers or stockers. Confirm with the branch in your area whether or not they hire at 14.


With 1100+ branches in 7 states – Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina, Publix has positions for under 16-year-olds for the roles of clerks, baggers, service desk clerks, and cashiers.

Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie has 500+ branches in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Most branches have a hiring age of 15-year-olds.

Check in with the nearest office in your area to confirm whether or not they’re hiring.

Amusement Park Jobs You Can Get At 15

Other Businesses

There are a number of businesses that hire at 15, so if you're looking for a job and are still in high school, don't despair. Many places that deal with the public, such as restaurants and grocery stores, are required by law to hire workers who are at least 16 years old.

However, there are other businesses that are not subject to this rule and will hire employees who are younger than 16. Places like movie theaters, amusement parks, and bowling alleys often hire workers who are as young as 15.

So if you're looking for a job in one of these industries, be sure to check the age requirements before applying. And remember, even though you may not be able to work in some places until you're 16, you can always start building your resume by volunteering or doing internships.

Amc Theatres

I have yet to come across a teenager that hasn’t at least considered working at the local Cineplex. If you love movies and popcorn, then working in a movie theater may be the perfect job for you.

With over 600 theater locations in the US, most of AMC Theater's branches' hiring age is 14 or 15-year-olds. You can work as a cashier, concessionist, or usher. Confirm with your local office if they have any job openings.

Six Flags

With 25 water parks and amusement parks in North America, you can get a job at your local Six Flags amusement park as a game attendant, food service employee, host/hostess, lifeguard or merchandiser.

Job offers vary by location and from season to season. For more info, contact your local Six Flags. If there’s no Six Flags office in your area, you can try another local water park or amusement park.

Paper Route

Maybe you’ve seen it in the Disney classic movie “The Paper Brigade,” and you can’t wait to be a paperboy yourself. Even though it is not as popular as it was a few years ago as many newspapers are shutting down, a paper route is a great way to earn some extra cash above your allowance.

In addition to your contractor's pay, you may also receive handsome tips. You’ll be required to pick up papers from the distribution center, carry them on your bike, follow a pre-planned route, and leave them on clients’ doorsteps.

Inquire from your local newspaper if they have delivery openings.


With Care.com, you can create a parent-monitored account and see the available jobs in your area. You can search for jobs by location and type of care.

You will come across after-school tasks such as house sitting, pet care, lawn maintenance, laundry services, babysitting, and more. Apply for a job that matches your skills and schedule.

Dog Sitting Summer Job For A 14 Year Old
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Service Jobs You Can Do at Age 14

While most businesses have a hiring age of 16, you can begin working earlier. The trick is to talk to individuals and local businesses, instead of approaching large companies.

You can also start your own business. Of course, you don’t have to wait till you’re an adult to become a successful entrepreneur.

You can read about teens who started successful businesses at a very young age.

Here are some service jobs you can try out.

Youth League Referee/Umpire

Do you love sports? How about turning that passion into a business venture? You can offer refereeing services for a fee.

Your job duties will include observing game rules, imposing penalties, awarding points, determining results, verifying scoring regulations, identifying infractions, announcing winners, and ensuring participants follow safety regulations.


By 14, you have probably had some experience caring for a younger sibling. You can put your newly acquired skills to good use by finding work as a babysitter.

You can start to offer your services by asking your parents to share with their friends or colleagues that you’re available. It is best to stick to working for people you know in the beginning.

Pet Sitting 

Today, there’s a sitter for pretty much everything and everyone. If you have pets of your own or have looked after other family members’ pets, that’s all the requirements you need for this job.

You just need to prove to the pet owner that you are responsible and reliable. The pet owners may be busy workers who don’t have the time to monitor their pets.

Dog Walking

Dog walking can grow into a fun little part-time job. If you love pets and there are lots of dogs in your neighborhood, you can offer your services to neighbors when they are out of town or on vacation.

Do a great job, and soon referrals for more work will start streaming in.

Lawn Mowing

Many people, love presentable back and front yards but lack time to do regular maintenance. Lawn mowing is one of the most popular summer jobs for 14-year-olds.

If your state prohibits employers from letting minors use power equipment, you can still earn some money by becoming a helper. If your state allows it, lawn mowing is a doable starter job. You’ll be able to set your rates and hours.

Concession Stand Worker

This is a position in the hospitality and food industry where you’re left in charge of all aspects of a stand.

As a concession stand worker, you will carry out duties such as taking orders for food/beverages, welcoming guests at the concession stand, processing cash payments, presenting guests with prices and packing options and ensuring that the stand remains clean and sanitized.

The average salary for a concession stand worker in the US is $10.89 per hour.

Selling Crafts

If you have a crafty side, you can make some extra income by selling crafts.

Some of the crafts you can make and sell for profit include pottery fruit bowls, mosaic picture frames, beaded bracelets, flower crowns, wire-wrapped bead rings, velvet pillows, coasters, and much more.

If you don’t have your own crafts, you can help someone sell theirs at school, flea markets, consignment shops, and craft fairs.


You can help make the neighborhoods beautiful again by working as a landscaper. Landscaping is growing to become a favorite job for many teenagers looking to sink their teeth into the labor market.

Look out for landscaping businesses in your area in search of new people to add during the summer.

Editing or Creating YouTube Videos for Online Businesses 

Many businesses would love to create or edit marketing videos, but finding the time is difficult. This is what makes video creation and editing one of the best jobs a 15-year-old can get.

If you are passionate about video editing, why not take on some of that work yourself? You need a fast computer, the right software to edit awesome videos, and a keen eye for detail.

House Cleaning

Let’s be honest: house cleaning is not the most glamorous of jobs. But at your age, you are probably used to doing chores around the house.

House cleaning will give you a chance to make money doing the same thing but as a part-time job. To earn more, try finding a specialty rather than offering general cleaning services.

Surveys That 14 And 15 Year Olds Can Take

Surveys for 14 and 15-Year-olds

Maybe you love staying indoors with your laptop. That’s okay; you can start earning right now by completing online surveys.

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, it’s now possible to make money from the comfort of your living room!

Most online jobs have something in common- they pay via PayPal. So request your parents to set up a PayPal Student Account for you. Here are surveys that you can take right now!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a survey site that provides feedback to consumer research companies. Businesses use this market research data to improve their products and services.

When you answer surveys, you earn points. A point is equivalent to 1 cent. Most of the surveys in Survey Junkie take between 5-20 minutes to complete and are worth between 100-200 virtual points.

You can redeem the points for e-gift cards or cash via PayPal. You need a minimum of $10 to cash out.


When you join Swagbucks, you earn cashback for activities such as answering surveys, completing polls, and watching entertaining videos.

There are lots of different kinds of online surveys, including brand recognition surveys, advertising effectiveness surveys, surveys about services, and product appeal surveys.

You can then redeem your points for cash back through PayPal or gift cards. After registering with an email address and creating a password, you can get paid for taking surveys on the Swagbucks iPhone and Android app.

How much you’ll earn will depend on the number of surveys you attempt and complete.


If you are not familiar with MyPoints, then you are truly missing out on a great thing. You can join MyPoints today for free and start taking paid surveys.

The site is owned by Swagbucks, so the two are very similar. When you take your first five surveys, you will earn a $5 bonus.

The amount of money you get depends on the number of surveys you take. You can redeem points for PayPal cash, gift cards, or travel miles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Do You Have To Be to Work at Dollar Tree?

The Dollar Tree is a great place to work if you're 16 years old or older. It’s easy to apply for a job on Dollar Tree’s website.

Can You Work at Walmart at 15?

Walmart requires that all employees be at least 16 years old. Sam's Club has an age requirement of 18 for both part-time and full-time work opportunities.

What Jobs Pay The Most at 15?

According to Indeed, the highest paying jobs for teens is a dog walkers, youth sports referees and babysitters. The national average in these positions is between $15-$16 dollars an hour!

Where Do Most 15-Year-olds Work?

In 2020, food preparation and serving-related occupations were the most commonly held jobs by high school workers. This is not surprising, as many teenagers take their first job in the food service industry.

Restaurant work offers a flexible schedule that can accommodate school and extracurricular activities, and there is always a demand for new employees. In addition, many restaurants offer employee discounts, which can be a big perk for high school students.

Summary of Places That Hire at 15

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to places that hire at 15. It can be challenging to create a balance between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and work.

It is vital that you still have the time for school work and get enough sleep. When you find the correct balance, this can help you realize your potential and mold you into a mature, productive, and responsible person.

So go out, get a job, and make that money! You'll be surprised at how much you earn and learn.

What other jobs would be suitable for 14 and 15-year-olds? Let us know in the comments section!