Plant-Based Chicken Options From Beyond Meat Have Arrived in The UK

Beyond Meat has become a staple in grocery store frozen sections, backyard BBQ parties, and kitchens. Even many serious carnivores give their meat alternative burgers the nod of approval. 

Now the meatless trailblazer is responding to the growing demand for their product by launching plant-based chicken options in the UK. Brits will see how to go further beyond meat. Beyond Meat can try their new Beyond Burger Chicken-Style, Beyond Fillet, and Beyond Nuggets. Say that twice. 

The new tantalizing creations are just now arriving on the market in the UK. Shoppers can Beyond Burger Chicken-Style at select Waitrose locations, and all of the new plant-based chicken options will pop up in select Sainsbury’s in early May. 

Beyond Meat’s new chicken inventions follow in the footsteps of their classic Beyond Burger in that they’re fine for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. They’re also substantial and mouth-watering enough for full-time carnivores. Each is made using plant-based ingredients, with crispy outer breading surrounding tender meatless protein that resembles real chicken. 

But with the Beyond Chicken-Style range, they’re trying a new approach to meatless protein to get as close to the real thing as possible – and it all comes down to the fava bean. This nutrient-rich legume helps Beyond Meat imitate the flavor and texture of chicken. So they’ve made their chicken-style products with a combo of wheat protein and fava beans.

Steve Dalby, Regional Sales Manager UK at Beyond Meat, says, “Innovation is at the heart of Beyond Meat, and our delicious new plant-based burger, fillet, and nuggets will allow people to continue eating what they love, no sacrifice required.”

The new chicken-style offerings are also as easy to prepare as Beyond Meat’s current plant-based beef and pork product range. They cook quite similarly to real chicken, making the burger, fillet, or nuggets perfect for the oven, frying pan, or even air fryer. And let’s face it, clean-up is much easier with meatless foods, making the new Beyond Meat chicken line perfect for UK families who want more variety in their everyday meals.  

The Growing Demand for Meat Alternatives

In a recent study by the Good Food Institute (GFI), they found that sales of plant-based food in over a dozen European countries, including the UK, grew by 22% between 2020 and 2022. Many are trading in real beef, pork and poultry for the animal-friendly, sustainable solutions now available in stores. Beyond Meat is answering the demand by giving consumers more enticing and healthy choices.   

“In our quest to make plant-based meat more accessible, we’re constantly adapting and refining our portfolio to meet different European taste preferences. After launching beef and pork-style products in the UK over the past years, we’re delighted to be introducing Brits to our tasty new Chicken-Style range.” – Steve Dalby

Vegan or vegetarian Brits will appreciate the timeliness of the UK launch of the Beyond Chicken-Style range. With the King’s Coronation coming up, many people will enjoy Coronation Chicken, a dish easily recreated with plant-based chicken. Beyond Meat is helping the kitchen with prep guidance for Beyond Coronation Chic-King Sarnie by No Meat Disco. They also offer a variety of tasty recipes using their other meatless products. 

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or just love what Beyond Meat is all about, keep an eye out for the new Beyond Chicken-Style products hitting the shelves in the UK.

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